The rest of the former day had gone normally, and once again we see everyone's morning rituals.

At the Ishtar residence Mars had to drag Malik out of bed again.

In the Ryou household Bakura was eating breakfast again while his yami had shut himself in the basement with paper, pens, and a phone.

At the Turtle Game Shop Yami Yugi watched as his hikari ran frantically about getting dressed, attempting to brush his hair, and then nearly tripping on his way down the stairs.

Oh yes it was mostly a repeat of yesterday.


But once the Hikaris and Yamis had gone separate ways, mass plotting began once again in both parties (minus one Pharaoh of course).

For one, the Hikaris had neglected to say they didn't have school today so the yamis weren't expecting them home until around three in the afternoon.

People on the streets parted way for the three Hikaris, if only their yamis could see them now, they'd be proud.

Clad in black and dark colors, they walked with a taller boy on each side and the shorter one in the middle.[1] They walked liked they _owned_ the city.

Striding into the mall the crowds continued to part for the three boys as they made their way to the mall's spy gadgets store..

The three lights had then done their shopping and then went home like normal little boys, NOT.


Malik went home, and then after checking to make sure he was alone, began placing cameras in every room except the bathroom, and always in places he was sure no one would expect.

After wiring a tap into the phone he picked up a walkie-talkie.

"This is Malik, everything's in place."


Yugi was on the roof of the school where their equipment had been set up. Hardly anyone went up there and since there was no rain on the forecast they figured it'd be fine.

Malik's voice rang out from the walkie-talkie propped against one of the many TV screens.

"Good, your house is coming in fine Malik. Bakura?" Yugi had done his own house before going to the school to make sure everything got set up properly at the other's, especially since it was their yamis who were known to cause trouble.


"I'm almost done.." Bakura was currently standing on the kitchen counter placing a tiny camera where one of the kitchen cabinets met the wall.

"Okay we're all done at my house!"


"Great. We're set then." Yugi smiled as he shut a laptop and the two boys on camera did peace signs.


[1] I drew a picture of "Spy Bakura". It turned out good in my paint prog but when I uploaded it onto the net it was hard to see his clothes properly...well anyway he's wearing a dark grey-ish/black shirt, dark grey-ish/black jacket, and dark blue jeans. The pic can be found at:

I was going to put what the Yamis were up to in this chapter too, but after following the Hikaris around it just didn't feel right to put the yamis in the same chapter. Also I'm sorry it took so long but I had hit a road block in my plot that I had to work out, and I think it's fixed now. See ya guys!