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Only a handful of Silverwings decided to follow Amon, most of them curious about the south and its jungle.
Frieda accepted mostly because she cared about Stella, but she also knew that bringing the young one back would probably calm the owls. Even though they were able to spend a peaceful month in Hibernaculum, their threat was always present.
This winter was rough and cold, the snowstorms strong and violents at times. Amon informed the troup that he could find a fast and warmer way for them to travel, essentially thinking about the rats' tunnel.
He knew the place would be unguarded, making it the best solution available.

Artemis followed without hesitation. Ever since she knew about the Silverwings' predicament, she knew Stella wouldn't be completely safe if she were to return here. Yes, she didn't like that the young bat was living with the Vampyrums, but she couldn't also let her be given to the owls, if that was ever a solution the colony would think of...
Was Amon acting for the sole purpose of being a father wanting to retrieve his daughter, or was he only thinking of his own security?
Either way, the Brightwing knew her friend wasn't the same anymore...

Brutus shook his feathers, letting snow fall off of them. At least this night's snowfall wasn't too heavy...
His plan to make the Silverwings pay had to be put on hold ever since king Boreal's daughter went missing. His troops had to search at every corners of the forest in hope of finding her, but so far the task seemed impossible.
He knew that once she'd be back to the king, he would strike straight at the bats' home.
Wherever was Stella Silverwing hiding, her colony would pay for her rebellion.

''A bomb,'' started Axel, pacing left and right, anxious. ''Do you think it could be of any help?''

Voxzaco was occupied in collecting some plants around the jungle, but at the bomb's mention he stopped, his big eyes going straight to the young banished.

''How did you get such thing?''

''Stella and I found a northern owl and she was carrying one, from the humans. Stella said she'd be hiding it at the pyramid, but I don't know where exactly. … Maybe it could help me against Jarod.''

The priest smirked, an idea already germing in his mind.

''Maybe, yes. If we time our plan perfectly, the humans going through the jungle could scare the king and right after, the bomb could be the ultimate weapon to end him.''

''But how can I bring him to them, to that conclusion?'' asked the young male, unsure.

Voxzaco's smile seemed larger than usual.

''A war.''

Axel gulped with difficulty, knowing that solution was somehow inevitable...

''You can be a general,'' continued the old one, walking around the banished, observing him. ''Simply imagine: the great Axel, leader of the rebellion and killer of kings! You were born to lead, boy.''

Axel frowned: ''I'd prefer to leave that job to my father, he has more experience than me...''

''Forget about him,'' snarled the priest. ''There's no time for doubt and you can't go back now. … I will retrieve the bomb and hide it for your clan. After that, everything will be in place for your victory.''

The young male wanted to smile, but deep inside he didn't know if he really was ready...
Now that the opportunity was near, he had the feeling that he wasn't ready. … When would he be, though? Now was better than never and he couldn't wait anymore. He had to act.

The bomb looked heavier than it looked, which made him wonder how the Silverwing was able to bring that all by herself... Goth guessed he had to be careful when carrying it around, already going towards the pyramid.
He wasn't really keen on the idea of bringing it to Jarod, but the prince couldn't deny that he needed advice.
Leaving it gently on the royal chamber's floor, Goth already found the king near the table, studying its symbols. The prince knew his father was still searching for a way to drive the gods' souls away, and he could only feel grateful for that. For a long time he thought that trusting the older bat would be a mistake … looks proved to be deceiving!


Jarod sighed, slightly annoyed, leaving a claw to where he was reading so he wouldn't lose his progress. He lift his eyes to were the other was and as soon as he spotted the metal disk, his eyes grew big.

''Where did you get that?'' he asked, his fur poofing a little.

''Stella found it...''

''That stupid Silverwing, what does she think she's doing?'' commented the giant, snarling a little.

He approached the bomb, circling around it, unsure about touching it.

''That's why I came to you,'' started Goth, frowning. ''Father, I had a vision about this.''

Jarod seemed surprised, rising a brow as he gazed upon his son.

''Did Zotz showed it to you?''

''No, it was a bat, a dead one... She told me about an eclipse and how that bomb could destroy the pyramid. … I don't want that to happen and I don't know where to hide it. I can't just simply make it explode! Who knows what damages it could provoke and if a fire starts out of it, it could as well spread in the jungle and get to us.''

The king left a hand on Goth's shoulder, squeezing it gently as they looked at eachothers.

''Son, I am impressed...,'' said Jarod, his tone sincere. ''You are already showing wisdom of a true king, but you still have plenty to learn about... I will help you with this bomb, you don't have to worry.''

''What will you do with it?''

The prince voiced his concern in that question, frowning once again.
This time Jarod's hand squeezed a little harder, weighing the other down a little.

''That matter doesn't concern you. I will put it in a safe place...''

Both males looked at eachothers, as if testing their will. Goth knew something wasn't right at that time, although he couldn't tell exactly what.
He moved his father's hand away, regaining a straight stance.

''… Don't make me regret my choice,'' he began. ''I'm putting my faith in you. All I want is the colony's safety.''

''And you will have it,'' answered Jarod, showing his fangs a little.''There's no point doubting me, my son. I am the king: my responsability is to protect my people.''

''Well, sometimes it doesn't look like it,'' commented Goth, nonchalent.

''What do you mean?''

The king could feel some rage boil inside of him, unsure of why his own child would put him down like this.
Goth faked thinking:

''Let's see..., many say that you are power hungry, arrogant and short-tempered. It's been a long time since you've held a council with chosen members of the colony only to see what they might need. You spend your days observing that damned table … and you once almost decided to sacrifice mother only because you were obsessed with Zotz.''

Jarod's fur was now spiked.

''I admire you,'' continued Goth, serious this time. ''You are my father and you're the strongest Vampyrum I know. … But I will – never – be like you.''

''Get. Out.'' barked the other male.

Goth's ears were now lowered, surprised by the sudden outburst, although he kind of predicted it.

''You ungrateful, stupid, child,'' spat the king. ''You're just like your mother: you believe you're better than anyone else! Oh but don't worry, Goth, one day you will be just like me, that I can promise you with every ounces of my soul. Power will change you, it will burn you. One day you will realize the full extent of your power and you will be merciless, a monster just like me!''

The prince didn't know how to react, his eyes blocked on the other who looked so imposant now, filled with rage.

''We are cursed,'' added Jarod. ''Cursed to be who we are, Zotz's servants! One day he may ask you the same he asked of me, to kill who you love in order to gain power. He will ripp everything you have good in your life, he will destroy you. He-...''

He stopped there, uncertain.

''Father...,'' tried to reason Goth's voice, calm.

''Get out,'' growled Jarod. ''I'll take care of the disk. Get out of my sight.''

The prince didn't need to be told twice, getting off into the air, not even looking back.
Jarod puffed, trying to clear his mind. … What was he getting on about with all that rambling? Was he doubting Zotz? … Was he seeing the failure in this cult?
The Vampyrum shook his head rapidly, chasing the thoughts away. He grabbed the bomb with him, already taking flight towards the Vultures' home.

It was easy to sense the tension in the Hole, Vera noticing how Goth and Stella would barely speak to eachother for some days now.
She had asked the prince what was going on, but the male simply brushed the matter away, saying that the Silverwing was only being a brat and that she'd probably get over it one day. … Even though he did nothing that could change the matter.
As for the small female, Vera had tried to speak to her, but she would always fly away, stating that she didn't want to talk to some spy. She probably thought that Vera would betray them, which was absolutely not the case, but the Silverwing was smart – in a sense – and Vera admired that.

Although, one night, enough was enough. All three were in the Hole, tending to their personal business: Stella brushing and cleaning her fur, Goth 'trying' to clean his band, only grumbling and mumbling to himself. Vera looked at one after another, expecting them to talk and have some silly banter, as they used to do.

''Ah, madre de dios!'' finally let out the female Vampyrum, done with it. ''Okay, one of you better start talking or, I swear to Zotz, I-''

''There's nothing to say,'' cut Stella, her frown already apparent.

''Then why aren't you talking to eachothers?'' wondered Vera. ''Something clearly went wrong and this tension is killing me. Speak up.''

''I took care of the bomb.''

Stella gasped in surprise, turning to the male. Vera, on her part, cocked her head to one side, not even understanding...

''You better be happy,'' grumbled next the prince. ''I won't talk more about it.''

''Fine,'' replied Stella. ''Then … will you tell me about my mother.''

''There's nothing to say,'' copied Goth, snarling towards the Silverwing.

Stella looked offended.

''Why are you being such an asshole about it?'' she started. ''Why won't you tell me more about her? She's my mother, for Nocturna's sake! I've never seen her and the first thing she decides to do is come to you?! Am I that non-important for her?''

A sob surprised the two Vampyrums, now seeing the Silverwing that tried so hard to retain her tears.

''I- … I want my mom,'' she mumbled, her voice squeaking a little.

Vera was the first one to move, gently attracting the other female in her wings. Stella didn't move away this time, easily getting in and now giving way for her sadness to surface.
The spy was calmly petting the child, soon looking up to Goth with huge eyes, reprimanding him. She looked angered, gesturing towards the small bat with a nod of her head. 'Tell her' she mouthed.
Goth sighed in defeat, cursing all the gods.

''… Destiny, your mother, first had Nocturna's soul. She was the one supposed to meet me, back in that northern city, but a single error on her side changed everything.''

Stella moved her head away from Vera's fur, now looking up to Goth, awaiting for him to continue.

''Nocturna told her to have no ties in the north, no family. But it all changed when she met your father. … She got pregnant and your goddess was furious. She drived your father away and promised Destiny that you would get her soul and be more obedient to her.''

True, Stella always had profound faith in Nocturna. All the stories her colony would tell, Frieda, the Elder, teaching her about the goddess and her promise. … Stella always wanted to believe that she would see the prophecy be fulfilled; get to see the sun and live her life without fear.
But now that she was living in the south, she often wondered if the goddess's plan wasn't all but a gimmick, terrorizing the northern bats to not engage combat against the owls...

''She chose to give her life to you, knowing the two of you couldn't live together,'' continued the Vampyrum.

''So I'm the error,'' mumbled Stella, lowering her ears.

Goth was now near both females, gently leaving a claw under the Silverwing chin and lifting her head up so she could look at him again.

''No,'' he answered, a small smile on his face. ''You never were and will never be. … Your mother is proud of you and she loves you. And I thank her for her sacrifice, or we would have never met.''

''She would have most probably been a better guide than me though,'' softly laughed the small female, slightly feeling better.

''Maybe,'' added Goth, entering the game. ''But it's best that I found you rather than nobody.''

Vera was pleased to hear that things were now starting to cool down. The information was surprising, but at least the two of them were now making peace.

''Now that's what I call progress,'' said Vera with relief, releasing the Silverwing. ''I knew you two could sort it out!''

Stella still had a small smile, her eyes on the male.

''Thank you for telling me this,'' she started. ''… I needed to hear that.''

''You don't hate me anymore now?'' joked the male.

The Silverwing closed her wings around her, chuckling for herself.

''Yeah I still do, because you're a jerk and you'll always be. … But I'm glad to be with you, too.''

Goth laughed with a growl, attracting the girl with a 'come here', shuffling his fist on top of her head. Stella laughed harder this time, trying to push him away but still letting him do.
Both relaxed afterwards, smiling at eachothers.

''You two are absolutely cute,'' commented Vera, visibly touched. ''… You really changed, Goth.''

The prince's ears perked up, surprised. He looked up at the spy.

''What do you mean?''

''She probably mean that you look less stupid and horrible,'' added Stella, jokingly.

Vera instantly laughed as Goth was now showing a sour and annoyed look. He had to agree, in a sense, he did feel different...

The Silverwing couldn't deny that hearing about her mother did inspire her. Stella knew that she had to be up to such legacy...
If Destiny had been able to sacrifice her life for another, then why wouldn't Stella do the same? Also, being one of those 'soul warriors', maybe it would grant her more strength or anything! She didn't know, but in her mind it was worth a try.
For some days she tried to get information around the pyramid about where those bombs and northern animals were coming from. She got her luck with some small birds lurking around, saying that they had to move to another part of the jungle, their home being destroyed by those human schemes and weapons.
Stella knew she had to go there and try to find some souls to save. She felt like she had to!
Although she knew she had to do this alone and not tell anyone, fearing that they might stop her... The Silverwing was getting stronger every days, she knew she could handle this.

Her plan was now in motion.
She waited until Goth came back from his hunt that night so it wouldn't rise any suspicions.
Sleeping in his wings, as it became a habit, Stella tried to act as normal as possible. They spoke of some trivial things at first, emptying their minds so they could sleep without any worries. The Silverwing could feel the prince soon falling into slumber as his answers became shorter and more hushed. He wished the female goodnight, tightening his wings, one of his hands petting the girl's hair.
Then he stopped and Stella knew he was asleep.
She waited some minutes, looking for a slow and recurring breathing pattern before she slowly began to move, getting one limb at a time out of the Vampyrum's wings. She only had a wing and a leg to move out that she heard the other's muffled voice:


She froze, looking straight at the cannibal in fear. He tried to look at her, but his eyes kept closing as he mumbled: ''Sleep...''.
He was back to a tight sleep, Stella sighing internally in relief. She finally got out, moving gracefully and without any sounds towards the exit; towards the night, her realm.
The air smelled of rain, guessing that it would probably pour down later tonight. Stella gave no care, already taking flight towards the direction the small birds told her about.

It took her at least an hour or two before she began to spot something weird with the vegetation. A lot of it seemed burned, hardly alive anymore... Looking down, deep in thoughts, she suddenly jumped in fear as a lightning bolted in the sky, flashing the jungle. Scared, Stella tried to regain her composure. This couldn't be easy..., she thought, shifting her flight around so she could scout another area.
A low grumble echoed in the sky, soon followed by the weird sound of a never-stopping growl. Confused, the Silverwing looked up to the sky, rain first meeting her, and that's when she also spotted a large shadow, way up in the sky.
It went by rapidly, but on its way it let go of tinier spots, quickly falling towards the ground. … Was these the bats that carried bombs? Stella was about to fly up to look out, but a mass landed not too far, hitting the ground. She didn't hear this familiar 'thud', instead a bright flash exploding with a roar, heat devouring the air all around.
The bombs were already getting to the ground!
Panicking, Stella did her best to fly towards the jungle, the rain sadly slowing her movements. Panting hard, she heard another explosion, mixed with thunder. This was a nightmare...

''Look out!''

That was the only thing she heard before being strongly pushed into a tree's cavity, her claws going through some sort of wing material in fear.
Then a loud explosion rose outside, deafening and blinding the Silverwing. She was clutching whoever pushed her through that hiding spot, feeling the tree suddenly tilting towards the ground and finally falling with a loud bang, instantly blocking the hole's entrance with the soil.
She didn't move for a while, her respiration going at a frantic pace, same for her heart. When she finally started to hear the rain again, she could use her echolocation to scan the place, observing that she was stuck in here. She felt the body she was clutching on moving, trying to calm its breathing too. Wondering who it was, she backed up, echoing towards the stranger only to find out that it was none other than Jarod.
She gasped, backing much farther, fearing for the worst. The Vampyrum suddenly hissed in pain, holding his left wrist. With little examination he found out that there were now holes in his wing, obviously created by the young female. He frowned, looking in her direction:

''Look what you've done you pathetic child! My wing is now ruined!''

Stella cocked her head to one side, confused.

''Ruined? What are you talking about? It's your fault if that happened. Why did you even pushed us here? Now we're trapped!''

''A bomb was about to fall on you, I just spared your miserable life. Be grateful.''

''Why should I be? It's not because you spared me that one death that I will not believe that you will try to kill me later.''

The king laughed, grinning: ''True! You're not so dumb after all.''

The Silverwing threw him a death glare, but the giant didn't get to see it as he moved towards the blocked hole, suddenly trying to lift the tree – even though he knew very well that there was no way for him to do that -. He yelped, holding once again his left wrist.

''What are you even trying to accomplish?'' asked Stella, her tone showing some mockery.

Jarod snarled, turning back to the female.

''I can't stay in here. Unlike you, I'm trying to find a way out!''

''I would like to help, but I know that I don't have your strength and you shouldn't be working your wing like that. The best we can do is wait.''

''Wait for what?!''

''I don't know,'' replied Stella, trying not to show her fear. ''Either for help to come or for your wing to hurt less.''

The king was still showing his fangs, but his ears soon catched the sound of rain, shifting his attention.
He sighed, somehow defeated:

''… We can wait for the rain to soften the tree's bark or something,'' he proposed. ''It will be easier for me to dig into it.''

Their breathings were now echoing, giving such a heavy atmosphere...

''Why are you even here?'' questionned Stella, frowning. ''Were you following me?''

''Why would that matter to you?'' growled the king.

''Gee, I wonder!'' answered the female in a fake amused tone. ''You tried to get information out of me without my consent, you hurt me and you're evil! … You frighten me, but I will never let my guard down when around you.''

Jarod chuckled: ''You are strangely wise and brave for such a little pest...''

''That's because I'm a soul warrior! One day I'll be stronger than you.''

The Vampyrum looked surprised for some seconds before he exploded in a new laughter.

''Ay, muchacha! Where did you learn about those 'soul warriors'?'' he asked, trying to calm himself.

Stella hesitated.

''… Goth told me,'' she began, bringing her wings around her for comfort. ''Ever since I told him that my mother died after giving birth to me, he told me that's what I am.''

The male puffed, somehow amused: ''Heh, the world is small I guess. I too lost my mother at birth.''

''Oh … I'm sorry.''

''Sorry for what?'' Jarod was confused.

''For your loss,'' answered Stella. ''… I know how it feels.''

Both were now looking at eachothers, some unspoken words being passed down as they realized they weren't much different after all. Jarod shrugged it after a while, grumbling:

''Pah, no need to feel sorry for anything. Mourning the dead is such a stupid thing to do anyway.''

He explored their 'cell', scratching here and around, trying to find a weak spot so they could get out of there. Occupied, he tried another conversation subject, somehow feeling uneasy in this silence.

''Tell me,'' he started. ''What's the deal with Nocturna anyway? How do you northern bats praise her?''

''Why do you ask?'' said Stella, perplexed.

''I've been learning a lot about the north in these past few years,'' added Jarod, still scratching some wood. ''I have a … 'correspondant' with whom I can exchange information and I never really asked him any details about this mediocre goddess. And since you have her soul, I guess you must be pretty loyal to her.''

Stella sighed. Where to begin? She decided to go the same way Frieda did when she was way younger.

''… Long ago, Nocturna's wings formed the night sky, bringing the moon and the stars upon this land. One by one, she fashioned many creatures to live in her domain. One day she brought up the sun and back then … we were allowed to fly under its light! Until the birds and the beasts rose into a vicious war, tearing eachothers apart.''

Jarod had stopped, now listening carefully.

''The bats took no part in this bloodshed,'' continued the small female. ''And because of such decision, we were banished. … The birds and the beasts chase us to live underground, without any light, forced to only fly out during the night, our eternal kingdom. Nocturna was angered by such decision, granting us gifts such as our echolocation. … But her greatest gift was the Promise.''

''And what is that Promise?''

Stella tried to hush her small chuckle.

''For us to see the sun!''

She continued to laugh. … This promise was so flawed now. She, a Silverwing, was now able to fly in plain daylight!

''This is ridiculous when I think about it,'' she added. ''Here I am, living in a world which gives bats access to such gift. … Does it mean that the jungle is this Promise? My heart tells me no, but at the same time I wish everyone back home could see this place.''

Jarod stayed silent. Could it be that the Silverwing was also doubting her deity?

He shrugged.

''If you wish for your specie to die quickly, well yes, bringing them in the jungle would be a perfect thing!''

''You're a monster, I hope you know that,'' mumbled Stella, annoyed.

''Yes, and proud to be!''

Never did she have the occasion to talk that much. Especially with someone she hated from the bottom of her heart. She was somehow surprised by how easily she could speak to him. As much as they had nothing to do too...
She talked to him about her childhood at Tree Haven. The Vampyrum laughed at some moments when she told about her misadventures and her misfortunes, but he strangely seemed to show her pity, knowing she had lived for most of her life alone, without knowing her parents.
She talked about Frieda and Chinook. What could have happened if she hadn't follow Goth and Throbb down south.
As for the king, he talked about his dreams of power, to see his god get out of his hell and, to satisfy the young Silverwing's curiosity, talked about his childhood.
As a pup, Jarod wasn't really tall. He was a runt and most Vampyrums laughed at him for his height and his obsession for Cama Zotz. Young Jarod could stay days and nights in the royal chamber to observe the stone table.
At first he wanted to become a high priest, but his father's power was attracting him more.
He wanted to surpass those who ridiculized him. With Zotz's power he grew, becoming the strongest and tallest of his kind. Everybody feared him and respected him, which was a feeling he longed for many years.
Then, at Stella's demand, he talked about Goth, what he thought about him.
The king thought his son ressembled him on many points. He wouldn't let anyone surpass him and knew how to obtain things he wanted. But the prince's spirit was more like his mother's, Lluvia. Goth was a tad less cruel than the king, it could be felt.
It was rare for him to love, but his son had a small place in his rotten heart as he was his only child and heir.

Soon the two bats could hear rain tapping much more violently on the tree trunk in which they were prisonners, same for some thunders.
Stella's ears lowered, never appreciating that sound. Without thinking, she scooted over to Jarod's side, the only one with her. The Vampyrum was surprised first, wanting to push her away, … but he only took her in his wings with a sigh, listening to the rain's melody, closing his eyes.

The sound of a howling monkey woke him with a startle that morning. He yawned widely, soon remembering he was still stuck in that damned trunk with the Silverwing.
The Vampyrum wanted to return to his primal objective that was to get out of here … but as soon as he tried to move, he remembered the small bat still sleeping at his sides. Oh … he could still sleep a bit.
Suddenly the tree trembled after a loud thud was heard, almost making the bats fall from their roost. Stella screamed from fear, rapidly waking up. Another hit came and Jarod recognized a familiar growl; a jaguar. He cursed, guessing the predator had smell their odor and thought they were the perfect snack.
A black paw broke the dead, water-soaked, trunk, creating a large hole. Not waiting anymore, Jarod rapidly flew outside, leaving the Silverwing alone.
Stella was terrified. She always knew he was a traitor, he always cared for himself!
She backed the most she could, fearing for the worst. But she soon heard the jaguar growling with surprised intonations. Then she heard the Vampyrum yell: ''GET OUT, NOW!''

The young bat peeked outside and saw the other one flying around the cat's head, trying to capture his attention so she could get away. Stella soon flew out, trying to get to the nearest tree. On her way she could feel the predator's jaw trying to grab her, but the cat was soon stopped by the Vampyrum clawing him.
Jarod got to her side, rage and concern showing on his face.

''Go faster!'' he commanded.

The jaguar was following them on the tree's branches, getting faster at each jumps. The Silverwing soon had difficulties to follow the king, her wings not being as large as his. She wanted to scream for him to wait, but her voice lost itself in her throat, too scared of the situation.
Stella could feel the large cat's breath behind her, horrifying her. Her heart stopped when she wasn't able to see Jarod anymore. She thought he really had abandonned her this time until she flew near twisted branches and something grabbed her. Her captor held a hand to her mouth, preventing her from shouting. She finally recognized Jarod, still holding her in their dark hiding. He backed away when the jaguar got near, but the beast continued his way, believing the bats were further.
The bats' respirations slowed down. When she was released, Stella looked up to the king, a huge smile on her face.

''You saved me again!''

Jarod looked back at her, slightly amused.

'''You saved me again','' he imitated in a mocking tone. ''No, señorita, … I simply helped you.''

''Still … thank you.''

The Vampyrum was actually surprised this time. He tried to hide his smile, getting out of their hiding spot, the Silverwing right behind him. Without any words they simply flew towards the pyramid, feeling some awkwardness between them.

Before they could get too near the pyramid, Jarod suddenly pushed the Silverwing against a branch and began to threathen her: ''If you ever tell anybody about last night, you'll put yourself in deep guano, I can assure you.''

Stella shivered a bit, but held a small smile.


Jarod growled another time at her.

''And if you think that we'll become 'friends', you're putting your wing right to your eye, muchacha.''

''It isn't my intention to become friend with you, Jarod. Yes, I appreciated our night, I never talked that much to someone... But you must know that I mostly hate you for who you are and for what you did.''

The Vampyrum smiled, patting her head.

''Good girl.''

He deployed his wings, taking out to the air another time. But he stopped in mid-air, looking back at the Silverwing. He seemed uncertain, finally mumbling: ''Oh and … I'm a Protector...''

Jarod rapidly flew away, leaving the young bat speechless.