It started out as an innocent trip to another planet but Rose and the Doctor soon found themselves surrounded by Daleks and began running for their lives.

They had made it to the TARDIS but the Daleks were catching up to them.

"Exterminate! Exterminate!" Their mechanical voices yelled sounding closer louder.

"Doctor, hurry!" Rose cried.

"I am!" He yelled struggling with key.

Finally the door opened just as the Daleks were firing.

"Get down!" He shouted pulling them both to the floor; laser could be seen above barely missing them.

The Doctor turned and snapped his fingers closing the door but the Daleks were determined.

"We will get you, Doctor!" It growled.

They felt the TARDIS starting to shake.

"Doctor what's that?" Rose panicked.

His eyes widen with fear. "They're trying to take the TARDIS!"

He jumped up and frantically pulled levers and began pushing buttons.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Putting her into overdrive, it's our best chance of escaping." He said.

The Doctor had never done this before but right now he didn't have a choice.

"But won't that take a majority of her power supply?" She asked.

"Yes but it's the only way now hold on to something." The Doctor ordered.

"But-" She started to say.

"Do it!" He yelled.

Rose immediately grabbed the rail and closed her eyes tight.

The Doctor quickly double checked the console.

The Daleks were sounding closer, he didn't have much time.

He took a deep breath and made sure he was close enough to grab the rail.

"Okay, let's make this quick." He muttered.

The Doctor pulled the last lever but he underestimated the speed and power of the jolt and was thrown against the console hitting his head.

The TARDIS shook and jumped violently as the pain pounded through his head, his vision was blurry and he struggled to focus but soon he lost consciousness.

A few minutes later he heard Rose's voice, it sounded distant.

"Doctor are you okay?" She asked.

He groaned as Rose carefully helped him sit up.

He slowly opened his eyes but everything was dark but the lights were on because he could feel them.

The Doctor shook his head and looked around confused.

"Doctor?" Rose said sounding worried.

The Doctor was starting to feel scared; he could hear Rose but couldn't see her.

Nervously he put his hands in front of him; he couldn't see them.

The Doctor quickly realized he couldn't see anything.

He panicked and grabbed on to Rose.

"Rose, Rose!" He cried.

"Doctor what's wrong?" She said.

The Doctor started sobbing and shaking his head.

She had never seen him so scared and held him as he cried.

"What is Doctor, please tell me." Rose begged.

"I can't see! I can't see." He sobbed.

Rose looked at him puzzled but slowly reality started to set in; the Doctor was blind.