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My name is Edward Cullen, and along with my brothers, Emmett and Jasper, we are Pure Religion, the chart topping Christian rock band. I don't want to give you the wrong impression of us though, we do have our faith and beliefs and we may've been raised in a good, southern, Christian home, but overall we're pretty normal guys.

I'm the baby of the family, but we're all only a year apart. Mom and dad had a busy few years. Emmett was the first to come along and is now twenty-two, followed a year later by Jasper, then lastly me. I turned twenty just a few months ago, in June.

Our dad is a Baptist preacher in our hometown church, while my mama is the mayor of that very same small town. It's a tiny blip on the map, just a post office on the side of the road really. Meansville, Georgia̶—what a name for a town, huh? What did they do, segregate all the mean people to that section of the county back in the day and when they started naming towns, decide it'd be dubbed Meansville? I have no idea, but it makes for an interesting conversation piece sometimes. If that was the case, it's made a drastic change. There's nothing there really, just a small community of good God-fearing people nowadays.

Since it's such a small town without much to do, we spent a lot of time on our music. My mother taught us piano when we were younger, and all of us were blessed musically. It didn't take long for us to pick up other instruments, and our love for music grew.

Being that we spent a lot of time in church, we wanted to honor the values our parents instilled in us from the time we could talk. We started out playing traditional gospel music, but as we got older we discovered we really enjoyed rock, so we started playing Christian rock and it became our niche. We decided to infuse our love for God into our music.

I write all of our songs, and while we praise God, we also sing about real life—either experiences we've had or things we dream of.

We also made a vow.

It's a vow between brothers, and while our parents love that we've chose that path, we chose it for ourselves, not them.

Growing up playing and singing in the church brought us attention. We went to high school like all other teens, but we had a different perspective, one where we saw what true love was every day at home, so we decided we'd settle for nothing less. When we started getting noticed, and boy did the girls notice us, we decided to make a promise to ourselves and each other.

We vowed to save ourselves for marriage and wanted that to be the message for our group, something we hoped to inspire by our words and actions. Some scoff and think it's a gimmick, but it's not.

I will save myself for the woman I intend to spend the rest of my life with. There's no doubt I can follow through on my promise to myself, my brothers and God.

For a while now we've been living in a condo in Atlanta, wanting to be in the big city. When most kids headed off to college, we decided to make a move toward trying to get our music out there.

We've played in every possible venue around and finally got ourselves signed with a label, New Moon Records. Our first album went straight to the top of the Christian rock charts and our notoriety sky-rocketed. Girls stop us on the street just to take pictures and ask for autographs. It's a surreal experience, but also one we've been hoping would happen. You're not popular 'til people start recognizin' you, right?

~~~~~POP RELIGION~~~~~

I'm sitting here at the condo, waiting to hear from our manager.

Our first album, "Pure Music," has been a bigger success than we ever dreamed. Since it's done so well, New Moon Records decided we needed to go on tour, which was also part of our original contract. We signed on to make one album and follow through with all promotional duties, including a tour if they deemed us successful enough.

The label and our manager are setting up all the details, and we're exhilarated at the prospect. To tour the country playing our music at huge venues and getting our message out, what more could we ask for?

Emmett walks through the door with the mail in his hands. "Hey, bro, what's up?"

"Just hangin' out, waitin' on Aro to call with news on the tour."

"I know man; I'm so excited, gettin' ready to rock this country!" Emmett's a little exuberant. He's a huge muscle head with the heart of a teddy bear.

"Slow your roll there, Em," Jasper inserts as he walks out of his bedroom. "We haven't heard for sure yet."

"I know, man, but how could they not want us to go on tour? We've got the beats, the looks and lead boy over there has the women hangin' on his every word."

"True," Jasper says, while I roll my eyes at their antics.

I mean, yeah, I do have the women drooling but it's not like I encourage 'em. I just get so lost in my music that they can feel my passion for it. Apparently it makes for a heady mix, if I go by some of the comments that are thrown my way after a performance. You'd think I was singing about hard-core sex, the way they act sometimes, instead of my love for life and my beliefs.

We knew music was our passion and would gratefully have toured around small towns playing at church events for the rest of our lives if that is what needed to happen, but thankfully it didn't.

Some big wig from New Moon attended an outdoor Christian festival that we played in Macon and invited us to the label hoping to sign us and get us recording our first album. Long story short, here we are, our album at the top of the Christian charts and a big tour possibly looming in the future.

The phone rings, breaking me out of my musings, so I take a peek at the caller ID ... both my brothers give me a look waiting to see if it's our call.

"Yep, it's him," I tell 'em while getting ready to answer the phone. Hopefully, after this call our near future will have some direction.


"Edward, I'm so glad to be making this call." Aro Volturi is our manager and negotiates everything between us and New Moon. We didn't have any specific demands for the tour since we were so excited at the prospect, so we pretty much told him to negotiate it for us.

"Aro, do you have news for us?"

"Of course, dear boy. You know I've worked my magic on them."

Aro sees himself as the best possible manager on the planet, but we barely tolerate him. He tries to act like he's religious when we're around, but I can tell he's only putting up a front.

When we were first discovered, the label recommended we get a manager and gave us a few names. He seemed like the lesser of the evils at the time, but sometimes I wonder if we made a mistake in choosing him.

"Well let's hear it then. Hold on, let me put you on speaker."

"Oh yes, all you boys will want to hear the deal I've cooked up for you. Is everyone on so I can spill the goods?" Aro asks us sounding absolutely giddy.

"Yeah, lay it on us, old man," Emmett tells him while giving us a wink.

"Emmett, you only wish you'd be as fabulous as me when you get my age," Aro says after a laugh. "But anyway, boys, down to business."

"I've secured you a fifty-city tour that spans nine-months. You'll have a luxurious tour bus and an after-party at the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta after the final stop, which will be here, at the Georgia Dome."

Emmett starts whooping and fist pumping as Jasper lets a slow smile spread across his face. I feel excited, but a little apprehensive too.

Nine months sounds like a long time to be out on the road, night after night, riding from place to place only to stop to perform and move on … and fifty cities? That sounds like we'd be traveling more than performing. But I guess I'll take what I can get and be happy to have it.

I want to tour, I want to perform for the big crowds and I want to spread my message to other young people and hope I can influence even one of them.

Not that I'm the moral or virtue police, but all the meaningless sex going on in my generation is uncalled for. I'm a normal man who appreciates women and gets turned on, but with all the diseases to be caught and hearts to be broken with that style of life, I want to express a message … that it's possible to live a full happy life without spreading yourself around like butter. It's much better to honor God, your future spouse and yourself by staying pure and true.

"Nine months? Sounds like a long time to be out on the road, Aro," I say to him, just to be sure, he thought this through for our benefit and not just the benefit to his pocketbook.

"Oh, Edward, my boy, it will be all through the US and a few cities in Canada, along with some in Mexico, too. Basically a North American tour." As he speaks I picture my brothers and I exploring a little while on tour, getting out and seeing the world, well part of it anyway. Maybe other continents will come later on. Do Christian rock bands even tour overseas? I'll have to ask Aro about that another time.

"How'd you swing somethin' so lavish for us, Aro?" Jasper has a way about him of asking the right questions, but still staying so laid back about it that it doesn't seem like an accusation.

"Well there are some other details we need to discuss, in person, and some contracts that need to be signed. Can you boys come into my office tomorrow at, shall we say, eleven o'clock?"

We exchange a look, and my brothers gave me a nod. "Sure, Aro, tomorrow sounds good."

"Excellent, I'll see you then."

"Alright talk to you later, Aro," I tell him as I end the call.

"Boo-yah, we're headed on tour!" Emmett's over the moon. You'd think he's a girl for all the happy-dancing he's doing.

"Calm down bro." Jasper tries to rein him in. "We still don't know all the details, and nine months is a long time to be away from home for the first time."

"Yeah it is,"—I shrug at them—"What should we do about the condo? Do we even want to pay for a place for nine months while we ain't livin' in it?"

"Good question," Jasper reasons. "I don't think we should. What about you Em?

"I'm all for stickin' our stuff in a storage shed and hittin' the road!" He's still a little over-excited in my opinion, but he does have a point. A storage shed is cheaper, and we don't have much stuff since the condo came furnished and some of our clothes will be going with us.

"Yeah, I have to agree with Em about the storage shed. It'll be cheaper and we only need a small one for the stuff we have here in Atlanta."

"Alright then, a storage shed it is," Jasper agrees and the topic is closed.

~~~~~POP RELIGION~~~~~

I open my eyes to the bright sun shining in my window. I enjoy the morning time and do my best to get up pretty early every day. The clock shows ten after seven, perfect time for my morning run. I crawl out of bed and put on gym shorts and a white wife-beater, put my Atlanta Braves hat backwards on my head and hit the elevator.

I love being in the city, all the buildings and people around make me seem I insignificant. We do get recognized occasionally here, but in a city this size it's easier to get lost in the crowd.

Back home we're treated like royalty from the local crowd. Girls fawn at our feet hoping to make one of us fall off the train, and they usually don't even care which one of us it is, or they try to seem like they're the perfect wife material.

I look at it this way though: I think I'll just know when I've met the right woman. That's how mom and dad said it happened for them, and I've never seen a better marriage.

I exit the condo and head out to Piedmont Park; this has been my newfound jogging trail since coming to Atlanta. Running clears my mind and keeps my body in shape.

I think over the tour we're about to embark on and can't wait 'til we get more details from Aro–what cities we'll be headed to and what different venues we'll be playing.

The sun isn't overhead yet, but there's still enough heat on this September morning to have me drenched in sweat by the time I get to the end of my run.

It's barely eight thirty when I re-enter the condo and it seems both my brothers are still in bed. I get the coffee pot going and head to the shower.

The water feels soothing to my skin and serves to loosen my muscles. I wash my hair and begin soaping up, only to notice my not so little friend perk up at the attention.

Hey, I'm a man, not a saint!

Just because I vow to save myself don't mean I can't have an orgasm.

I rub down my stomach and take myself in hand. My body is quick to catch on and hardens even further.

Like I said, I'm no saint. I do appreciate a beautiful woman and can get turned on just like any other man. Times like these, when I'm taking care of my own needs, I try to imagine the woman I'll end up with someday.

Sometimes she looks similar to a woman I've seen on television or other times I picture a faceless woman I can only see as I take her from behind … long brown hair, the sides of breasts that I can almost imagine feeling in my hands, a small waist, curvy hips I want to grab and long toned legs.

I've seen my fair share of porn, and while I do feel awkward and at times even guilty for watching it, I'm not that much of a good boy that I avoid it entirely.

I close my eyes and imagine bending my brunette beauty over and sliding into her from behind. I grab her hips and begin to pound into her while my hand starts to pump faster and faster … tip to base, then back up to the tip again. Inside my head I can hear the moans and gasps my girl is making.

It isn't long before I feel that familiar tingle and my balls start to draw up. I squeeze even harder as I imagine how good it would feel to have her clenching around my dick. With one last twist at the top, I come all over the wall of the shower.

I'm so spent I can barely stand and have to lean against the wall to brace myself. Soon the water starts to run cold and I know it's time to get out.

Hopefully, neither of my brothers will be in need of a shower right away. If so, they'll be stuck with a cold one. I smirk to myself as I dry off and get dressed, only to leave the bathroom with a smile on my face.

Heading to the kitchen I smell bacon in the air. Jasper must already be up. When I get there, I grab a skillet and the eggs out of the fridge.

"You got the toast started or you want me to get that too?" I ask him while cracking eggs in the pan.

"Nah, you go ahead."

"Bacon smells good, man."

"Yeah, figured a good breakfast is in order for today. We're finally goin' on a real tour. This is somethin' we've dreamed of since we were boys."

I pop some bread in the toaster then turned to him. "I know, man, and I'm as much anxious as I am nervous."

"I feel you, man, but we got this. It's time to make our mark."

"Heck yeah!" His confidence gives me a little boost. I finish scrambling the eggs and butter the toast as it pops up. "Guess I need to go holler at Em. You know he'll sleep til twelve if we let him."

I head toward Emmett's door with a small smile on my face. "Hey, Em," I yell while banging on his door. "We got breakfast ready. Get up and come eat."

I hear a muffled sound from the other side of the door and know he'll be out in a few. Returning to the kitchen, I see Jasper already setting out plates on the breakfast bar.

Emmett joins shortly after and we eat in relative silence, all lost in our own minds.

It's almost ten by the time we're done, so Jasper and Emmet head off to shower and change, while I just sit around in the living room pondering what this tour might bring to our lives.

I don't necessarily want fame, but I do want recognition. I want to spread a message and share my music with the youth of today. I want to make an impact. Hopefully this tour will help with that.

We head out to meet Aro at his office with both excitement and a little fear in our blood.

This is real.

We're going on tour: it's barely sinking in. It's nowhere near the same as cruising around Georgia in my mama's old minivan playing shows for the church crowds and events. This is the big time, and yeah, we already hit the big time with our album, but this tour is going to get us out amongst the people.

That's a whole 'nother level.

Upon arriving at Aro's building, we head on up to the twentieth floor, where the elevator opens directly up to his secretary's desk just as you step off it.

"We have an eleven o'clock with Aro," I tell the redhead sitting behind the desk. She looks up at me with a smile and tells us to have a seat while she lets him know we're here.

Aro strides out of his office a few minutes later with that same giddy smile on his face. "Boys, so good to see you. Please follow me to the conference room where we can get down to business."

"Good to see you too, old man. Now give us the goods," Emmett exclaims as we take a seat at the large oval table Aro escorts us to.

"Patience, dear boy, all in good time. Now, we have much to go over to get the ball rolling and get this thing started. The first date is scheduled for one month from yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning at eight a.m. providing all contracts are signed and faxed today."

"Shoot yeah!" Emmett, ever the exuberant one, fist pumps.

"Wait a min, Em. We need a lot more answers before we can start fist pumpin'." I chuckle, wanting more details before I get too excited.

"Edward, my boy, you know I have your backs. This is an excellent opportunity to get crowds like you never imagined. We expect every tour date to sell out the same day the tickets go on sale."

"Wow, why would you have reason to think that? I know we have a followin' but you're talkin' fifty cities and sellin' out every one." It seems as if the other shoe needs to go ahead and drop. Something's brewing in Aro's giddy eyes, and I want to know exactly what that is.

"That, Edward, is the very best part."

"Well, don't keep us in suspense." I'm fed up with his vagueness by now. "Just spit it out, Aro."

"Well, of course you'll be touring with another act, a main act to be more precise. You boys will be the opening number."

"Okay," Jasper says stretching out the kay. "We expected somethin' like that. No shocker there."

"Yes, and this is where it gets good. You, my boys, will be touring with none other than … Issa Swan! And get this; the tour will be titled Pop Religion! Isn't this exciting, boys?"

Speechless, that's what we all are. I have no idea what's going through Jasper and Emmett's mind but mine is spinning. In what world does pairing Pure Religion and Issa Swan for a tour make sense?

She's a famous pop star who sells sex for a living. Don't get me wrong, her songs and voice are pretty darn good, but her performances scream sexiness.

Yeah, I'm a good ole boy but not unwise to the world.

Everyone knows who Issa Swan is; if they don't they have their head buried in the sand. I'll even admit that she may have starred in a few my fantasies. I know it ain't right and I'm embarrassed by my ungentlemanly thoughts about her, but I know I'm not even close to the only person that's imagined her that way.

That seems to be her whole thing … making people fantasize. The sexy moves she does and the clothes—if you can even call them that—she wears are enough to leave any man drooling.

Even though I don't follow tabloids, it's impossible these days to not hear about all the parties she attends and every guy she's seen out with. It's almost a daily occurrence on the entertainment news shows Emmett's always watching.

"Aro, I think you've made a mistake," I tell him as he sits there vibrating with excitement. Just from the look on his face I know this is no mistake.

He's set us up to tour with Issa Swan.

"Nope, no mistake, boys. This tour will be bigger than Beyoncé."

"Jasper, Em, say somethin'! We can't do this! What does this say about us if we tour with her?" I feel like I'm going insane, and neither of my brothers are saying a word. I can see it now: I'm trying to impress abstinence on young minds and she'll be trying to promote free sex.

"Well, Edward, let's stop and think about this for a second here," Jasper says, trying to play the level head.

"Think about what?" I yell hoping to shock some sense into him. "What's there to think about? We're not gonna do it, nope, not happening!"

"Boys, I'll step out and give you a few minutes to yourselves, but think seriously before you consider not signing this contract. You've already committed to a tour for New Moon, and this is the one they want you to do. It doesn't pay to upset the label; you might not get another opportunity if you turn this one down. Remember, the label can send you on a tour, or not. They have all the power in this situation. You'll have more exposure for your music and your message, it's what you've always dreamed of … don't be stupid," Aro says getting up from his seat to leave the room.

"Yeah, but not the kind of exposure I wanna be associated with," I tell him as he reaches the door.

Turning to me once more, Aro replies, "The type of exposure it brings is up to you. You boys can turn this to your advantage and it could be more than you ever imagined. Talk amongst yourselves, I'll be back in a few." That's his departing remark as he turns and closes the door quietly behind him.

"Wow, Issa's hot." That's first thing Emmett's uttered since the bomb was dropped. I smack him on the back of his head.

"What, Edward?" he defends, trying to move away. "Can you imagine the reach we'd be able to accomplish with a tour like this? Think about it: perfect age range, she'll get the guys in the audience and more people than we ever hoped will hear us."

"He has a point, and Pop Religion? I like it, perfect mix of us both," Jasper tacks on, and I can see that both my brothers aren't only considering this but they've basically decided.

This tour will be happening, and we have less than a month to get ready and hit the road.


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