It was supposed to be a beautiful day for sure… Anyone would always think that weddings would be of nothing but happiness and joy for those around her though this young woman didn't think so… Her beautiful long blue hair was pulled up in a loose bun with two curls at the sides of her face. Her lips tinted pink as a cherry blossom on a beautiful spring day. Her lavender coloured eyes shined with unease. She wasn't sure why that was the case, this was a wedding, her wedding and yet she felt scared…

Taking a look up, the young woman saw her father. His hair brown and left down like it always was. He wore a simple black suit, nothing really special about it though his eyes seemed happy though she wasn't sure what it was that would make him happy when she hasn't seen him this happy before. In fact, the more she thought about it the more the young woman knew that her father had always been against the idea of her being with any man for that matter.

"I am so proud of you Hinata… you found a wonderful man that I can be proud to call my son-in-law." Said her father, causing Hinata to look up in shock and confusion. No, this still can't be right! How is it that her father was still so happy about this? The more she looked around the more she knew that it was a nightmare.

The sky was red as blood, the air was hot as flames as if it was licking at her skin but didn't leave scorch marks or even burned her clothes thank god. Taking another gaze around, the young woman saw that there were pillars of stone and others were made of fire. Was this supposed to be some kind of hell or was it something else? She wasn't sure, though it installed a great deal of fear within her heart.

"Father, who's my groom," asked Hinata with a hint of worry.

"Do you not remember Hinata? I would think you would know who you are about to marry." Answered her father with a hint of surprise. It was as if he was surprised that she would forget who it was that she was about to marry, maybe he thought that she was crazy that he would even think of such a thing. No, if she knew who it was that she would marry than wouldn't she have remembered? Oh god please let this be nothing more than a dream and nothing else! This was making her scared; the thought of not knowing what it was that was happening around her, it scared and frightened her to no end.

"I can't do this father! I don't know who my groom is and this is nothing but a nightmare!" shouted Hinata, she tried to run but it was as if her feet were forced to keep walking forward. Looking ahead, the young woman saw that she was walking into a black building that almost resembled some kind of hellish version of a church. The walls were bitch black and looked like they were made of brim stone… The roof had weird spikes atop of it that almost made her think of horns or even fangs. Gulping, the young woman grew more and more frightened.

"You were the one that wanted to marry him Hinata. You wanted to go through with this marriage." Said her father as they made their way through the doorways of the 'church' and it sent chills up her spine. No, she just couldn't do this but no matter how many times she tried she just couldn't walk or run away.

Breathing rapidly, Hinata looked up and stared in horror. Standing there was the so called 'groom' and all she could see was a tall figure. He looked normal from behind so that had to mean something right? Tilting her head, the young woman just didn't see anything wrong with him though the closer she got the more his form started to change…

His legs changed into hind legs, like that of a dog or some other fur covered animal. His body before, seemed small, but had a small build to it though now it was bulky and looked almost like he would rip out of the tux he wore at any given moment. His hair was spiky and blonde though she could make out some red through the blonde locks that streaked down the back and to the long crimson ponytail that touched the ground… Atop of his head were a pair of pointed furry ears though the young woman couldn't figure out what kind of ears they were… only that they belonged to an animal.

Gulping, the young woman kept on walking forward and saw nine swaying tails behind the man though she couldn't make out the colour… though maybe she wasn't meant to at all…

Taking a gander around the room, Hinata saw the seats in the church were empty… that was rather odd. Soon, Hinata reached the man and that was when her father had disappeared… That didn't make sense to her, where did he go?! "Father?!" cried out Hinata as she reached out for her father, only for a big clawed hand to grab a hold of her. Gulping, Hinata looked up slowly; she didn't want to stare at the man that was holding onto her hand only to stare into the face of a monster. The man had deep crimson eyes, black slits for pupils, his fangs over lapped his lower lip and his hair had a wild look to it. In fact, he looked like a downright monster!

Eyes widening, Hinata couldn't believe this, this man was a monster. His face was so close to hers, the young woman wanted to say something but her lips wouldn't move. In fact, the man was the first to speak… "I hunger for you my beautiful bride…" he said as he leaned in closer, his fangs more apparent the closer he came closer… and that was when Hinata let out a terror filled scream.

Hinata shot up in her bed with a scream, her skin pale losing all the pink that even dusted her lips naturally. Taking a gaze around, the young woman saw that she was in her room; at her home… it had only been a nightmare, nothing more. Breathing deeply, Hinata ran a hand through her tangled blue hair… The young woman's lavender coloured eyes were a little dazed and still filled with fear from her nightmare though maybe that was normal after all.

Shaking her head, the young woman pushed herself up out of bed and walked over to her dresser. It was still early so she had enough time to have a shower, eat and go to her classes for the day before doing her job. This was going to be a long day though it would be nice if the day would get her mind off of the nightmare that had plagued her…

"I just hope that's the only time I'll have that nightmare…" mumbled Hinata before making her way to the dresser and grabbed her clothes before making her way to the shower. Should she tell Sakura about the nightmare or would that make her even stranger to the other students that were in her med school? There was something rather odd about the nightmare, she has never had a nightmare like that before in her entire life… or maybe it was because everyone tormented her and said she would never have a guy interested in her unless he was from some other world…

"Am I that strange…?" she whispered to herself before letting out a soft sigh. No matter what she just couldn't have any kind of normalcy for her life and this was just how it was perhaps. Letting out a soft sigh, the young woman stripped herself down and walked into the shower as she started to wash her body. It would be nice if she could have at least one other person other than Sakura be nice to her though she highly doubted that would be happening any time soon though she wasn't going to complain about it.

There were so many things that she wanted to do, get a good paying job, find a nice guy and get married and have a lot of children. Though, people are normally turned away by the way her eyes are. Everyone in her family don't have lavender in their white eyes while she did, something she got from her mother whose eyes were a beautiful shade of lavender. Hers on the other hand was white with small hints of lavender within the white depths.

Though that was the only thing odd about her… it was her eyes. Frowning a little, Hinata shook her head while she started to lather up her hair and frowned all the more. Ever since she had moved out of her father's home, life had been one thing after another. In grade school and high school, everyone had respected her because of who her father is… though now, no one gave a crap about her because she was no longer within her father's home and they didn't care about her enough if she cut herself or anything. The only people that care about her at all are the teachers or her best friend Sakura.

"Maybe I'm meant to be alone…" whispered Hinata before she rinsed her hair of the suds and finished up the rest of her shower. Right now, she should focus on the good things in her life and nothing more than that. So, right now she would have to put her focus on her enjoying her day and nothing more than that. Smiling brightly, the young woman took a deep breath as she stepped out of the shower and started to brush her long blue hair and tied it up in a high ponytail before she threw on her lavender blouse and her black shirt that reached her knees.

Yawning into the back of her hand, Hinata made herself a bagel to eat then grabbed her black high heels and made her way to the car. It was time for her classes so she had to make sure she hurried up and make her way to get to classes on time. Or else there would be trouble for her once again… Rubbing her shoulder, the young woman could still remember the pain in her shoulder when she was late. Someone showed up at the gate and had dislocated her shoulder. Thank god she went to a med school or else she would be in pain for a long time before she had managed to get to the hospital.

'Why do they always do bodily harm to me?' thought the young woman before taking a seat in her car and took a bite of her bagel and started to drive on ahead. She still had enough time to get to classes though she would have to make sure that she could get a good parking spot then make sure she got to the classroom before the teacher showed up.

Mhm, there wouldn't be any problems at all, and for that she couldn't help but smile. Maybe today would be a good day for once and for that she would be thankful for that. Though at the same time she wasn't going to get her hopes up, there would always be something that would go wrong today. Frowning, Hinata sighed loudly as she started up her car and took a bite out of her bagel and started to drive on ahead. At some point she knew that she would have to accept her fate to always be some center of accepting pain when that was all she would ever get besides what she learned that day. That was all the days were filled with and no matter what it would always cause some kind of permanent harm to her like her shoulder, would always hurt now and again when it would rain…

"I should still keep moving forward though I guess… maybe I could get lucky though; there is always the odd chance that I could get lucky right?" Hinata said with a big smile on her face.

Hinata sighed softly as she walked down the halls. As soon as she got to school someone had thrown fists and kicks at her. No one was around at the time so no one really knew who it was that did it. At least with bruises she could hide them with make-up so that was something at the very least. As she was in the bathroom applying her cover up the young woman stared at her reflection… Her left eye had a black underneath as if she hadn't had any sleep in days though only for that eye… Her right cheek had a big bruise that she knew she would have to cover it up carefully.

Though she let out a wince when she took too deep a breath and placed a hand gently on her ribs. There had to be possible bruising between ribs though that was to be expected at this point. Looking back at her reflection, Hinata saw that she looked better now that she has cover up on her face to hide the bruises… It was just a shame that she couldn't hide it the ones that covered her stomach, sides and possibly her ribs.

"Why can't my life be normal?" asked Hinata before grabbing the glasses from her purse and slipped them on. She didn't really need them, but they made her look smarter and more professional. Giving herself a soft smile, the young woman slipped the glass case back in her purse and turned around only to blink when she saw a woman standing behind her with her arms crossed over her chest. Green eyes staring at her as if asking her what had happened. The woman was tall, didn't have many curves though had strength in her small arms. Her short pink hair was pulled back in a high ponytail with two locks framing her face.

"Hinata, what happened to you?" asked the pink haired woman as she moved her arms away from her white blouse, her black slacks clung to her though was baggy below her knees and to finish her outfit she wore black dress shoes.

Hinata looked at the pink haired woman for a moment before looking away. She couldn't do it could she? Though at the same time it almost seemed impossible for her to be able to hide it from her best friend… Sakura just knew that for sure and it was just impossible to hide anything for any of this in the first place. They've been best friends since they were children and both wanted to be doctors… Inhaling gently, Hinata said "it wasn't that bad this time I promise Sakura…"

The pink haired woman walked over to her friend and held onto her face with a stern grip before leaning close then sighed. "Hinata, you have bruises again, though I'm thankful that they didn't break anything again. You can't go on like this Hinata." Sakura said with a frown before pulling her hand back and crossed her arms then smirked. "Though, if you want I can kick all of their asses. You know that I could take them!" Hinata laughed at that but winced a bit from the pain and grabbed her rib cage. Damn it that hurt so much…

"Come on Hinata, let's go to class… I can try to get you some ice on our break okay?" Sakura said with a smile, hoping that would be enough to make Hinata smile at least. It worked, for the most part though she still couldn't be a hundred percent sure if it would be enough to get her through the rest of the day but at least it did help to cheer her up a bit.

For the most part, the day went on like usual. She sat down at her desk and couldn't help but stare at the boy that sat a few rows in front of her. Kuro Yukimura… He was the best looking guy in the class… Short black hair, icy blue eyes, pale skin and he wore a black shirt and black pants with a white doctor's jacket.

Her heart thudded loudly in her chest as she had a soft smile on her face and a small blush on his face. Ever since he joined the class, Hinata had been attracted to him though… she had never even had the courage to ask him out but… maybe this was the day! Class didn't start yet so she had enough time! Pushing herself up onto her feet, the young woman made her way down the stairs and toward Kuro. Thankfully he was at the edge of the row so that made things easier than before.

He turned his head and gave Hinata a bored stare; it was easy to see that he didn't really show his emotions very often. Taking a deep breath, wanting to hide her pain the young woman said "Kuro, I was wondering if you wanted to go get a coffee with me sometime?"

Kuro just stared at Hinata, his icy eyes piercing her soul as if he was trying to think if she was even worthy of him though it did not take him long to give him her an answer. "Sorry, but I don't go out with people like you." He said with an icy tone of voice.

Hinata felt her world shatter… did he hate her because she was weird or was it because of her family's power over part of the town? Either way, it had broken her heart and she returned to her seat, where she remained for the remainder of class. The only thing she really did though during that was take notes and answer questions when needed or asked to. Other than that, she didn't really do anything… Hinata never knew that she could feel so much pain before in her life though that was to be expected, after all she did like Kuro and now this had to happen. Maybe it was just the way this was meant to be…

Once class was done for the day, the young woman started to walk out of the building, not sure if she wanted to keep going to this med school. Though she knew that this was the best med school in the world. Inhaling softly, the young started to walk to her locker as she grabbed a few things and started to put things away hoping that she could just get home and do some homework then relax for a little while.

Frowning a little, Hinata sighed softly as she tried to ignore what it was that was happening in her life though up to this point. She had hoped that Kuro would at least want to get coffee, to see if they did connect at all for that matter though nothing happened. Sighing, Hinata put her books in her purse before she started to walk out of the school. At least that was always something to look forward to. But that was pretty much it since there wasn't much of a point since he didn't like people like her.

Running a hand through her hair, the young woman removed her hair tie from her hair and just decided to let her long hair fall over her shoulders as she walked. There had to be something that she could do in her free time after she finished her homework. If she wanted to be a great doctor, then she had to do this right? Sure, she would ask Sakura to hang out tonight but sadly, the pink haired woman had plans with her boyfriend so that was a no go.

Looking up at the gates, Hinata knew that she would have to think of something else. Maybe read a good book or even pull out her old game system that would cheer her up at least. Crossing her arms a bit, the young woman wondered if that would work for her. There had to be at least one book in her house that she hadn't read yet though no matter what there just wasn't anything much that she could do at the moment.

Shaking her head, Hinata figured that maybe it was for the best that she was alone. After all, all the other guys that she had liked in the past were either jerks, lairs, or gold diggers. Other times they just didn't find her interesting so that made her a little upset making her think that no guy would want to be with her. Looking up at the sky, Hinata wondered if this would be how it was meant to be…

Yawning into the back of her hand, the young woman stretched her arms above her head as she tried to make her way over to the gate and toward the parking lot. It would be a bit of a walk for her though it also gave her some time to think. If she did her homework first, then maybe that would give her some time to cook dinner beforehand and it would have to be something quick to make so that way it will give her time to do homework or she should get her homework done first and then make herself something to eat.

"Ugh this is confusing…" mumbled Hinata before running a hand through her hair once again. This was just giving her stress and that was the last thing that she needed right now. Maybe she should just keep focusing on her studies and that way she could just enjoy herself afterwards. After all, when she's a doctor she won't have as much free time on her hands and that would only cause her more stress by then though be worth it at the same time.

After all, she would be saving lives and that would be enough for her, even if she wouldn't be able to have any children of her own, she would still be able to save lives of those she helped. Smiling at the thought of it, Hinata couldn't wait for the day when she became a real doctor that would be nice, that's for sure. In fact, it made her giggle at the thought of that happening… that would be a dream come true for her and for that she would be very happy.

Just as she turned the corner, Hinata blinked when she saw something hidden in the bushes. "What the…?" Hinata whispered before carefully making her way over to the bushes. Wanting to make sure that whoever was there, that she didn't scare them. That was something that she didn't want to do, for whoever it was, they could cause her some serious harm… Tilting her head to the side, Hinata pushed aside the bushes and couldn't believe at what she saw…

It was a man, maybe around her age… He had long hair; the hair on his head was blonde and spikey, while the rest of his hair that was held back in a ponytail was straight as her own. He wore an orange shirt with a long black jacket that held orange flames on the bottom. Next she saw that he wore leather boots that matched his black pants, at least in colour, not material. His skin was a little pale though and that was when she saw it… There, digging into his neck was some metal ring with sharp edges that broke the skin around his neck.

"Oh no!" she rushed over to him and carefully removed the ring, wanting to make sure that she didn't cause any more harm to the man than what already has been done. As soon as she removed the ring, she saw the blood that oozed out of the wounds though it wasn't quick so that meant something, the wounds didn't look deep and it didn't appear to hit anything vital… "He'll be okay… but I'll have to treat him though…" she whispered softly before then, she saw a pair of ocean blue eyes looking at her, though she saw no danger, only curiosity…

She had never seen such eyes before in her life… though one thing went through her mind… 'Who is he…?'