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Chapter 2: Tedious Tutorial

Welcome to Sword Art Online. Please select your player name and your avatar's appearance.For some reason he couldn't explain, Ichigo decided to name himself Mugetsu. He didn't want to waist time on his avatar so he merely tapped to randomizing button. 『You will not be able to change either later, are sure about your choice?』With a click he put yes. 『You will now be ported to the starting plaza on floor 1.』As the blue light engulfed him, his surroundings change.

When everything came into focus he stood in a large plaza with many other people. Since he hadn't chosen his avatar's appearance he checked a nearby window for his reflection. Surprisingly his facial features were mostly the same. The only differences were that he had red eyes and long, black hair that reached his mid back. 'Why does this look so familiar for some reason?'

Regardless, what he needed now was someone to show him the basic. 'If I remember correctly, there were some beta testers for this game.' As he looked for someone who seemed to know there way around he spotted two guys speaking in a small ally. 'Maybe one of them knows how things work here.'

"Hey!" Both turned around. One had a red bandana around his head and the other was shorter with black hair. "Does one of you two know how to play this game? It's my first time using a nervegear."

"What a coincidence. Name's Kirito and this is Klein."

"Hey there."

"Klein here asked me to walk him through the basics as well."

"Then would you mind helping me out also. To be honest this my first time playing an online game." Since he normally had to work to keep his grades up and got into fight on his way home, Ichigo hardly had free time to play. And when he became a shinigami that time had all but disappeared.

"Well, Klein here also asked for help. It's the first day so I gues's it wouldn't hurt to show you two how things work." And with that the three made there way out to the fields.

Half an hour after they started all three had already reached level 2. At first it was slow going since Ichigo and Klein didn't know about sword skills. But once Kirito told them how to use them, the cleared out the field mobs within a few minutes.

"Wow, you two sure are good at this. Why don't we take a break and meet up later."

"Actually, I ordered a pizza for 6:30. So how about at around seven."

"Sounds good to me. I don't really have much to do back in the real world. So I'll stick around a little longer. How about you Kirito?"

"Well I ate before coming her and it'll be about an hour before my sister and mother return so..." Before he could finish Klein had grabbed him by the shoulders.

"You have a sister?! How old is she?" Kirito started to back away from Klein but failed to get free.

"Sorry but she doesn't like games. And I'm pretty sure she she wouldn't date a gamer." Before Klein could say another word, Ichigo decided to help Kirito get Klein off him. He chose to do so the same way he did with Kego and his father, by kicking him in the face.

"OW! What the hell was that for!" He said while glaring at Ichigo.

"You were starting to become a pain in the ass! Beside you should be glad, if I didn't stop you, you'd miss your delivery."

Looking at the time, Klien realized that what Ichigo said was true. "Oh crap! My pizza! Well, guess I'll see you two later." As both Ichigo and Kirito waved him off, Klien paused and asked a surprising question for the two of them. "Hey guys, how do you logout?"

"What are you talking about? The logout button should be at the bottom of the menu."

"I know that already! What I'm asking is why isn't it there?"


Soon both Kirito and Ichigo had their menus open looking for the logout option.

"The hell!? Why can't I find the damn thing?" said Ichigo with an angered expression.

"Thats what I've been asking you! *sigh* Maybe it's just some bug. These thing happen often with new games, right? Man, I bet the game managers are freaking out right now."

"I don't think so," interjected Kirito. "If it was just a bug, the game-masters would have fixed it by now."

"Wait, just what are you trying to get at?"

"I'm saying, what if this was intended to happen?"

" Oh c'mon, you can't be serious. Wouldn't that cause major problems for the company?"

"In any case, shouldn't we try and think of a way to logout," said Ichigo bringing the conversation back to the problem at hand.

"Mabye, we can try removing the nervegears," exclaimed Klien. "Like this!" He put his hand on his head in a way that seemed like he was trying to remove a helmet suck on his head.

"That won't work." Both Mugetsu and Klien turned facing him and asking why. "The nervegear was designed to intercept all impulses from your brain so to stop you from moving in the outside world. The only way to remove it is if someone were to remove it for you. My family should notice that something's up if I'm late for dinner, so I don't have much of a problem. How about you two, do you live with anyone?

"I live alone," said Klien.


Before they could continue trying to figure out how to log out, a blue light surrounded them as they watch their surroundings change.