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"Settle down people!" shouted the sensei, making the class go quiet. Gouenji stared at his teacher with a bored expression, really not wanting to be here.

"Today, we have a new student with us." she said before going towards the door and sliding it open. In walked what Gouenji would call a beauty. She had gorgeous wavy platinum blonde hair that was a similar color to his. Salmon pink orbs that made her eyes sparkle and a peachy colored skin that looked really soft. But what stood out the most was her gentle smile.

"Please tell your name and where you come from." the adult ordered the new student. The girl nodded at her new teacher before turning towards the class. "My name is Afuro Miyu, and I come from another school nearby called Kaijuro High" she softly replied. Everyone started murmuring about her and Gouenji heard part of it: "Isn't that the school very talented people go to?" a male asked one of his buddies, who nodded in response.

The flame striker looked around, spotting some of the males drooling at Miyu and some of the females glaring at her.

It made Gouenji jealous when the males gave Miyu hungry looks, but he shook it away. 'I have a girlfriend' he reminded himself. But then again, his girlfriend flirted with other guys and he wondered why he was still with her.

"Are there any questions for Afuro-chan? If so, please raise your hand, and if she points at you, state your name, okay?" the professor said while looking around. Some of the people in the class started to raise their hands.

Miyu scanned her new classmates and pointed towards a female with auburn hair, who stood up and sweetly smiled at her. "First, hello! Welcome to Raimon High! My name is Inoshishi Chikai and I have a question: Are you and Afuro Terumi..." she began and gestured at a male with long blonde hair, "...related?".

The platinum blonde nodded: "Yes, actually, we are twins." she informed Chikai, whose mouth formed an 'O' shape. Chikai sat back down next to a male with green hair.

After that, Miyu dealt with other people's questions. Some were inappropriate but she answered them truthfully. Then the sensei informed the new student of her name: Tsutsumi. "Please take your sit next to Gouenji Shuuya." she told the new girl, pointing at him. Miyu agreed, looking at the male her professor had singled out and walked towards him. Slowly pushing the chair out of her new desk, she sat down and scooted closer.

She turned towards the ace striker and gave him a small but cute smile. "Hello, it's nice to meet you." she mildly said and held out her hand. Gouenji gave a small sign with his head, and, taking hold of her surprisingly soft hand, he shook it gently. "The pleasure is all mine." he calmly answered. Both turned to the front as Tsutsumi began to teach her lessons.

The day quickly went by and it was then lunch time! Some of the people stayed in class and ate their lunch while the others like Miyu went outside.

Chikai, who walked beside her, showed her some parts of the school. "Oh, and this is the soccer club my boyfriend is in!" she excitedly said. Miyu listened attentively to her with a kind smile. "May I meet this so-called boyfriend of yours?" she gently asked. Chikai happily bowed her head, and, grabbing hold of the platinum female, she began to drag her towards the soccer club.

"Hey guys!" Chikai called out to a group of people on the field. Half of them said their 'hellos' or just simply nodded. "This is my new friend, Afuro Miyu, she's new to this school." she told her friends who greeted her or said 'welcome to Raimon High!'

Miyu felt welcomed as half the team started to talk to her. "So, are you and Aphrodi related?" Endou asked the salmon pink-eyed female. "Yeah, they are!" Chikai said for Miyu. "Why did you suddenly want to join this school?" Kidou asked Miyu. Aphrodi's little twin sister smiled before spotting her famous brother coming her way and she ran towards him.

"Onii-chan!" she happily cried before giving him a hug. Aphrodi was so lost in his thoughts that the hug caught him by surprise. "Yui-chan! W-What are you doing here?!" he questioned. Miyu smiled and began to nuzzle her cheek against his. "I want to be closer to you, we've been drifting apart… Plus didn't talk to each other anymore!" the wavy fair-haired female exclaimed.

Aphrodi sighed before kindly patting Miyu's head. "I'm sorry Yui-chan, I understand how you feel." he said with the saddest hint in his tone. Miyu who smiled brightly, wrapped her arms around her brother's neck and almost squeezed the life out of him. "C-Can't... Breathe...!" he tried to explain his sister as his face turned a mix of blue and purple.

"I-I'm sorry, onii-chan!" she apologized after quickly letting go of him. Aphrodi fell to his knees and gasped for air. "I-It's fine... Yui-chan..." he weakly said while looking up at his sister with a meek smile.

The group watched the scene, some were sweat dropping while others cracked up laughing. Chikai, who was happily grinning, grabbed her boyfriend's arm while dragging him towards the twins. Miyu helped her slightly older brother up and looked at Chikai.

"Is this your boyfriend?" the blonde female asked her new friend. "Yep! This is him, Midorikawa Ryuuji!" she replied before giving the green-headed male a side hug.

Midorikawa glanced at his girlfriend with a sweat drop before looking back at Miyu. "It's a pleasure to meet Chikai-chan's new friend." he nicely said, holding out his hand. Miyu stepped forward, gently grabbing and shaking his hand. "It's nice to meet you too, I can see that you make her very happy." she softly observed.

The onyx-eyed male blushed from embarrassment and scratched the back of his head. "I hope I am." He looked at his girlfriend who brightly smiled back at him. Leaning down, Midorikawa gently kissed Chikai's forehead. As he did, wolf-whistles and a few giggles from the girls were heard.

"Whoa! You and Mama met each other in adult school?" Yui asked with sparkles in her eyes. Gouenji nodded, chuckling: "We sure did, but at that time, I didn't understand what love really was." His child tilted her head slightly to the side. "What is love, papa?" she innocently asked. The male gave his daughter a small but gentle smile.

"Family love is that you're always there for each other, you trust one another, you support each other, or if you fight, you end up making up in the end and you'll never stop loving the people you care about, no matter what their health issues are or what they did in the past" he told his child whose mouth curled in an 'O'.

Gouenji tenderly stroked his daughter's cheek and kissed her forehead. "Now it's time to go to bed." he informed his child who whined in response. "B-Bu-!" Before she could complain, her father cut her off: "No buts, tomorrow we're going to the soccer reunion, and don't worry, I will finish telling you about this story tomorrow night." he added before tucking his daughter into bed, watching her eyelids slowly closing.

"I love you papa..." she sleepily said. Gouenji gazed down at her and chuckled. "I love you too", he quietly replied before walking out of the room.

Soccer reunion is when the Inazuma Japan team members come together for a get together.

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