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Seven years. It's been seven long years since Cell's defeat and the fall of the androids. Gohan is currently enrolled Orange Star Highschool, his first time being in a public school. Hiding his powers has been tough, the first day alone he made many mistakes, most of which were during gym class. How he dreaded gym class, it was extremely tough for him. Most people thought he dreaded it because it was to tough, oh how they were wrong. With a simple flick of his wrist he could throw a fastball half way around the world. If he actually tried he could through it all the way around. He tried this once, it took about 6 minutes for the ball to complete its journey. Currently he was just letting his mind drift, never staying on one topic too long, while he was changing into his gym clothes. He was the only male that always seemed to wear baggy clothes. Where most would find it hard to compete in such attire, he seemed to do it with ease. Whether it was finishing a mile long run in just over 6 minutes, or completing an obstacle course. He never had any problem, and it always seemed to have been done with a certain ease. Of course the only one to pick up on this fact it was done with ease was a certain black haired girl.

"Better hurry up Gohan, you don't wanna be late. Then again, you are just a nerd so maybe you do," laughed Marker, the big Tight End for the school team, as he walked out the door.

Gohan ignored him as usual, still lost in thought, reflecting on the past few days. Ordinary things like flying from his home to school had become a bit more difficult. Not because of Videl, although she was an occasional nuisance, it was that it took more effort to do it. He had been slightly winded from the trip today, and he had no idea why. He shrugged it off and decided to see Bulma after school, and maybe have her run some tests.

Gohan finished changing, and walked out the door and down a hall way and then out onto the field.

"Mr. Satan, there's a telephone call for you on line 2. A Mr. Beaker," said a secretary through the intercom system. She punched a few buttons on the phone and hung up. Across the mansion in a room decorated by trophies and a large television sat Mr. Satan, savoir of the world. He picked up the telephone and spoke into it

"This is Satan."

"Ah yes, good Mr. Satan. I have been waiting to speak with you, I have. For you see, I have created the ultimate sparring robot. And since you're the world champion, I though you might be interested in it, yes I did," the voice was strange, never really staying at one pitch for very long.

"Now you listen to me, I'm the World Champion, I don't need help with my fighting. I am the best there is!" boasted Mr. Satan.

"You misunderstand me, yes you do. I will give you one of my creations, in return, you help me promote it, yes you will."

"I don't need any help, I'm the World Champion."

"How about this then, I give you the robot, plus let's say $1,000 zenni on each robot sold. I think you will like this more, yes you will."

"Hmmm." Mr. Satan seemed to be in deep though 'heh, this way I can save face and maybe have a shot at become as strong as those guys from the Cell Games'

"Well, do we have a deal?" squeaked the voice.

"Sure. Just bring one of those things by so I can take a look. How soon can you be here?"

"I am already here. I knew you would not say no. Just open the main gates and I will bring in the robot." This was followed by a dial tone.

"Some people," muttered Hercule. He used the intercom to the tell the secretary to open the main gates. He walked down several long hallways until he reached the main entrance. A white van was parked right at the curb, the back was open and all he could see was two legs, as the rest of the person was blocked by the open door.

"Could you please give me a hand here," asked the man. Hercule was immediately alarmed. This was not the same person on the phone. He walked around to the back of the trunk, but far enough away so he couldn't be grabbed and stuffed into it. But all he saw was back of some kid with brown hair wearing jeans and an old T-shirt struggling to move a large wooden crate.

"Well?" asked the kid, "you gonna help me or not."

"Uh, sorry, I was expecting some old scientist guy." Replied Hercule.

"That be Beaker, my boss. He designed the Robot and wrote the software that runs him, but I am the one who put him all together. As long as the software works, this thing will run, I will guarantee you that much."

They eventually moved the box to the indoor training ring, and the man informed Mr. Satan that his name was Gearshift, or atleast that's what he liked to be called. Gearshift produced a crowbar and jammed it into the side of the box. He struggled for a bit, but the front fell off with a thud. There stood a perfectly rebuilt Android 19. Mr. Satan had never seen Android 19, so to him it looked like a fat albino with bad clothes and gold earrings. Still, in a way he looked majestic, in another way, he totally creeped him out.

"Uhh, are you sure this thing can fight? He looks awful.uhhh.fat," asked Mr. Satan.

"As long as Beaker programmed him right. I must admit his design is genius, far more then I would expect from him."

Mr. Satan grabbed the android's hand and took a look at it. It felt surprisingly real, and looked real, as it even had fingernails. He turned to over so the palm was facing up to see how real it was. He was a little camera like thing in the center of the palm.

"Pretty stupid place for a camera, all it will record is his closed fist," commented Mr. Satan.

"It's not a camera, that much I know. I do not know was it is though.. I know it's an input thing, kind a like a camera is but I can't figure out what. Beaker put that part in and hooked it up. Wouldn't tell me what it does," Gearshift said while shaking his head. "Well, shall we turn this thing on have see how she runs?"

"Turn it on. Probably won't be much of a challenge cause I am the World Martial Arts champion, but not every one can be as strong as me. Wha Haha HAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Mr. Satan.

Gearshift reached behind the left ear of the android and pressed the skin right under the ear lobe.

Stating Primary Operating system version 2.3.done

Loading Visual Recognition software.done

Opening Eyes.done

Initiated Power Level Scanning..done

Access Battery levels.done. Battery levels at 25% capacity. Sufficient power for 1 month of constant running.

Detect power levels of nearby life forms..done

Display power levels of life forms.done.power level of human#1 is 5, power level of human#2 is 30. Note: Android 20 transponder beacon not found. Conclusion: Dr. Gero has been killed.

Scanning for closest primary target...done

Access data on primary Target.done. Primary Target is Gohan Son, male age 17. Current power level is 10,000. Probability of concealed power 99%. Estimated max power level 5,000,000. Probability of defeating target at current battery level 100%. Target will bring battery to full. No other note worthy targets within 100-mile radius. Engage target at first opportunity.


This was all done within the first second of the androids' activation. The next few seconds consisted of him stepping out of the box and having is visual data and dept perception adjusted. Gearshift was speechless, the day he had long dreamed of had finally arrived. The robot he helped to build was working. Mr. Satan was also speechless, but his lack of words was for a different reason. He was witnessing a moment in history that would live forever. A dawn of a new age. The Android smiled at them both. The grabbed them with his hands covering their mouths. In a matter of seconds they where both asleep. Android 19 had stolen most of their energy, but left a little in a show of thanks for giving him life. He blasted through the ceiling and was off to his first target.


In Gym class, they were currently playing baseball, one of the hardest for Gohan. Simply because even bunting with a slight push the ball would go well over the fence, never mind swinging the bat. Fielding was even worse, at least when he was at bat he didn't have to swing, but when the ball was hit to him he had to throw it. And when that happened, gloves had a tendency to break, if the person could actually react in time to catch it. Needless to say Gohan usually accounted for most of the teams errors. But this time he had the chance to be their savior, as he was on second base in what would probably be the final inning of the game due to time constraints. Sharpner was at bat and Videl was pitching, she started her windup and was about to pitch when an earth-shattering scream was heard. Gohan turned around to see who was screaming and why but he was greeted by a fist to the face. He managed to keep his balance but slid on the gravel about half of the distance between second base and the pitchers mound. Before he could react two hands were clamped down on his arms. He tried to turn his head to see who could have possibly done something like that. He didn't need to look any more because a voice that he will never forget said "I have you now, and soon I will have all your energy." The childish voice of Android 19. Every one was frozen in fear, a fat albino man was holding Gohan, and no one knew how he had got there. Gohan slammed his elbows back into the chest of Android 19 causing him to grunt in pain.

"Until I have all your energy I will never let go," said the Android.

Videl tried to help as she pulled one of the androids' arms, but it was to no avail. With a simple jerk of his arm he sent Videl went flying back. Gohan was forced to turn Super Saiyan, but he managed to break the hold, but he was breathing pretty hard in doing so. It was at this point when every one fled the scene, except for Videl, who was struggling to regain her footing.

'What the hell, I shouldn't be worn down this much. What the hell is wrong with me,' thought Gohan.

Android 19 charged at him and the two began to trade blows, kick for kick, punch for punch. Slowly but surely the android was wearing him down, as the two continued their battle in the air. Soon Gohan found himself at the loosing end, taking far more damage than he was giving out.

'I can't believe this android is going to make me go to the next level. Have my skills become so dull in the past 7 years that android 19 is forcing me to go level 2?' thought Gohan as he ascended to the next level of super Saiyan.

The battle remained even for a few minutes until the android again began to win. Once that happened Gohan started to spiral downward fast, as the android pounded him with a knee to the gut and then a double fist to the back. They floated to the ground, Android 19 holding Gohans' arms at arm length, just as before, except this time Gohan was facing him.

"Soon I will have all your energy," laughed the maniacal Android 19.

Gohan could do nothing but groggily look up at him, and wonder how he could loose to this mechanized monster.

"Let go of him you monster!!!" yelled Videl as she charged at them.

"No.Videl.get away from here." he struggled to say, and then he passed out.

Suddenly Android 19 went flying and crashed into a nearby tree.

"You'll spill no Saiyan blood today," yelled Vegeta. His leg was out stretched in front of the now collapsed Gohan. A green man with weird ears and two antennas holding a large staff suddenly materialized next to Gohan. He turned Gohan onto his back. Videl stood still and watched, unsure of what to do. On one hand that beast had sent her flying with out any effort, then this guy showed up and made the aforementioned beat go flying with one kick, the odds were certainly not in her favor. She chose the cautious route, slowing moving towards the trio without making any sudden moves.

"I am so sorry Gohan. If only I had paid more attention to you. This is all my fault, I figured you wouldn't need my help at all," said the green man. He placed his hand on Gohans chest and there seemed to be a bright glow around them. Suddenly the man who had saved Gohan charged at her with incredible speed and she braced for the blow that was sure to come. But it didn't, as the man seemed to pass right through her without even touching her. She quickly turned just in time to see that thing that attacked Gohan get punched in the jaw and go flying again.

"Vegeta, I am taking him to Capsule Corp. Bulma still has the antidote for the virus," yelled the green man as he and Gohan phased out of sight.

"NO WAIT!!!" yelled Videl as she closed her outstretched hand in a vain attempt to grab the duo as they vanished before her eyes. 'That's not possible.' she thought to herself, as she turned to the one man who could provide answers. She looked around and she couldn't find him, and she wondered if he too had vanished, but something told her otherwise, and that same voice was telling her to look up. She obeyed and found her target, the short man with hair like fire, just kind of floating in midair with his arms crossed. It almost looked as if he were standing on an invisible platform. She looked over and saw that beast rise, as if he to were standing on some sort of invisible forklift. This was truly turning out to be a mind-bending day.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Android 19," said a smirking Vegeta.

"Vegeta," replied the android.

"Tell me android. Your battery is not full yet is it?"

The android just continued to stare at Vegeta, so he took it as a 'no'.

"I'll tell you what," Vegeta said started to grin, "fill your batteries with this."

"FINAL.......FLASH!!!!!!" Yelled Vegeta as fired the energy beam right at the android. The Android 19 put his hands out and absorbed the energy beam. He was now at full power. Vegeta couldn't be much of a problem.or could he? He launched an attack against him, but Vegeta dodged every one of his blows. Android 19 backed off a bit, as Vegeta was stronger than he originally had thought. He used more of his battery boosting his power, and charged head on and swung at Vegeta with his right fist. Right after he started to swing, Vegeta phased out, and gave him a double fist to the back. Android 19 crashed into the ground, creating a large crater, sending dust and debris to the surrounding area. Videl shielded her eyes with her forearm, but her eyes were locked on the battle. Never had she witnessed such feats, sure she had seen them on TV at the Cell Games, but those were just tricks.right? She was starting to doubt her fathers' claim; these seemed too real to be tricks. Suddenly sirens could be heard off in the distance, and Vegeta cursed at them.

'Looks like my fun will be cut short. Damn police. I can't even blast them or I'll be on the couch for a long while,' thought Vegeta.

Android 19 slowly rose out of the crater he created, and floated till he was at about the same height as Vegeta.

"It looks as if I need to end this quick. You weren't a challenge seven years ago, and you weren't one today. Its time for you to die, and I promise its going to hurt," said Vegeta with a certain element of pure arrogance in its tone that only Vegeta could pull off. He phased out and reappeared behind the android, and grabbed his arms, much like the android had done to Gohan earlier. Vegeta then pulled the arms away from the body, and the Android cried in pain. He kept pulling and eventually they broke off, sending some small debris tumbling to the ground bellow. Vegeta dropped the two arms and the android turned its head. Its face had a look of pure horror, one that only appears when one sees his entire life come crashing to an end. Vegeta put one hand one the androids back, and a beam of energy came out of the his chest. The android fell to the ground and Vegeta lowered his hands so his palms faced the ground. By now the sirens were loud, Videl guessed it was only a matter of a minute or two before the police arrived. Vegeta fired several more energy blasts at the android, annihilating every last bit of him. He smirked at Videl before blasting off to Capsule Corp.

End Of Chapter 1.

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