Chapter 2

The following day for Naruto consisted with check ups and tests things like his eyes sight, hearing, blood pressure, height, weight and reflexes which weirdly just meant having his knee hit with a small hammer back in Konoha you just had to hit or dodge small bags thrown at you so this was a bit down graded but then he was asked to run on a 'treadmill'.

He didn't know what it was until it started moving then he got the idea of it 'man Gai-sensai and lee would love this thing knowing them they set it at the top speed and then try and find some way to make it go even faster'. He was then asked to use different weight machines and finally to give them a sample of his blood, he was not happy about that last one cause as far back as Naruto could remember he HATED needles thing was it was way before the fight with Haku but that particular experience didn't help so with a great amount of reluctance pushed down Naruto let them take his blood, after the test where done with they told him he would be released tomorrow if they found no problems.

Dojima had stopped by later that day to tell him that he had been able to get him a placement at Yasogami high school as well as a few new clothes, turned out that the one's he had been in where in complete disrepair not surprising with all they had been through luckily his headband had survived the ordeal but he figured he would keep that long time memento at Dojima-san's house seeing as walking around with a headband on would make him stick out more so than he already did.

It seemed that natural blond hair wasn't something that was see a lot around the area along with blue eyes apparently people with natural blond hair on this side of the world were rare and most of the time people with hair that colour where thugs who dyed there hair to look intimidating and stand out, now the standing out Naruto could understand but the intimidating part not so much but hey who was he to question how people viewed things.

Also according to Dojima his new high school life would begin the day after tomorrow he had no idea what to expect but figured it would be an alright place to pass the time plus it seemed that other people his age where going as well so he wouldn't be alone.

Tomorrow was also the day he would get to finally see what Inaba looked like and it was going to be the day he would meet dojima's daughter Nanako he was told she was a bit shy around people she didn't know but that was expected she was only 6 after all but from what Doujima had told him she could be really mature for her age but she was still a little girl when you got down to it so Naruto plan to try his best to give her a great first impression of him in all honesty this whole situation would probably be very strange to her.

As Naruto turned in his hospital bed he couldn't help but think of how much Dojima had done and was still doing for him taking him into his home giving him new clothes and getting him into a school, by all rights Dojima didn't have to do any of these things but still he did.

Naruto knew he had to find a way to repay this kindness 'but that will have to wait till tomorrow' and with those thoughts Naruto drifted off to sleep... or so he had though.

The next thing Naruto knew he was sitting up right with what he could only describe as piano music with a women singing in the background knowing something was wrong his eyelids shot open and he leapt to stand!...only to hit his head again and end up sitting back down "Ow! ahhh...ok seriously what is with me and hard objects lately first the floor now the ceiling"

( In a much more experienced written world Crypt looked to the sky...well he would if he wasn't inside, but you get my point. "someone had made enemy's with the floor and the ceiling, I MUST FINED THE ENEMY TO MY ENEMY AND FRIEND AND SHOW THEM HOW TO TRULY DESTORY THE EVIL WHICH IS THE FLOOR AS WELL AS SHOW THEM THE ERROR OF MAKING THE CEILING THERE ENEMY, THE CEILING IS THE CEILING IT'S THE OPPOICET OF THE FLOOR WHO IS THE CEILING OF OPPOSITE WORLD BUT ONLY EVIL!" and with that Crypt leapt to the ceiling and began to tunnel believing he would find his ally/enemy/person he had to enlighten to the ways of the ceiling/possible new ice cream flavoured haired friend/next victim/Oh penny!)

' I don't know why but I suddenly fell sorry for my self as well as extremely terrified for the rest of the world' with that strange thought done Naruto started taking in his new surroundings he seemed to be in a long narrow room one that he seemed able to stand up in if a bit hunched.

The room itself had a refined décor there where small windows on either side of him giving him a view of a densely foggy area that seemed to be moving past him the windows he noted had there own small blue curtain on both sides of them, that looked to be made from a very soft fabric, intricate light blue wood design on the celling that was a darker shad of blue but in the centre of celling was some sort of lighting in a shape Naruto couldn't really identify from his sitting positon (seriously is it a bird or butterfly or something I'm basing the decryption of the places based on the game and I never got a good idea of what that celling light was) and even thought he couldn't tell what patter it was he could still tell what it was doing and that was casting a light... blue light on the room.

'Okay... I think I'm starting to see a colour pattern here' and if to just prove him wrong for the heck of it the next thing he saw was a dark brown drink carbonite of sorts...with a blue interior 'alright I can't claim that I'm an expert when it comes to home decorating but seriously shouldn't there be at least 2 maybe 3 other colours in here, oh well at least there's something to drink and this seat is pretty comfy'.

And that's when he sensed them as if materialising from nothing he was no longer alone in the room the first one he noticed was a woman who looked only 8 year's his senior but the way she carried herself even while sitting down made her seem that much older at least in the sense of maturity and intelligent her physical appearances was lack of a better word perfect, platinum blonde hair that almost made Ino's seem fake, pale porcelain skin with not a single imperfection to be found, and while she may be sitting he could tell she had an amazing figure.

Which brought him to realize she (unsurprisingly) was wearing a dark blue long sleeved uniform which from what Naruto could tell was just a large dark blue jacket with a very large and think belt with a golden buckle around her waist making the bottom half of the jacket act as a long skirt the jacket and make shift skirt both had 4 large circular rings 2 on either side of the front of her body, Naruto also noticed that she had on black stockings and a pair of dark blue high heels to go with her jacket.

Year's of training alerted him to her slight movement as little as they where he fixed his eyes back to her face and found a pair of golden eyes opening and just continue to stair forward, thinking she was perhaps looking at something Naruto followed her gaze only to stop and take in the appearance of the other new person in the room almost forgetting there was more then 1 other person here.

This person was male elderly if his reseeding white hair was any indication of his age his facial appearances was one many would find difficult to forget for how bizarre he looked he had sharp pointed ears, what could be the world's longest nose, eyebrows that if Naruto had to guess where almost as thick as Gai-sensai's and Lee's but had a wild root like patter to them near the end, his eyes where closed and if Naruto didn't know any better he could almost swear he was asleep.

He was dressed in a black butler (reference not intentional) like suit with his hands folded on top of each other in front of his face, and then his eyes open...kami Naruto had never seen eyes like that before they where wide open unnaturally so to the point they looked like they would fall out from there sockets they where also bloodshot as if he hadn't slept in days maybe weeks and he didn't have iris's just a pair of black dots looking at not at him more like at his soul as if this old man was judging his souls very worth and then he spoke in a calm almost...friendly? manner apposed to what Naruto assumed was sure to be crazed and threatening.

"welcome to the velvet room" the strange old man greeted with a wide toothy smile which actually surprised Naruto 'wait haven't I been kidnapped or something' Naruto wondered to himself. Unaware of his guests thoughts the strange old man continued on "Ah... It seems we have a guest with an intriguing destiny... *chuckle*" that snapped Naruto back to reality as he finally realised he should probable find out where he is and who theses people are "who are you" at this the man's smile seemed to widen if at all possible "My name is Igor...I am delighted to make your acquaintance" "uh... thanks I guess but where am I"

It was pretty clear all around him that he was NOT anywhere that was normal... well normal by this new worlds standards, heck maybe even by his worlds standards "This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter..." 'Dream and reality... mind and matter... what the heck dose that even mean' "It is a room that only those who are bound by a "contract" may enter..." now there was something that caught Naruto attention 'Contract? I don't remember any contract' "It may be that such a fate awaits you in the near future." 'wait... so I can only come here, where ever here is if I bound myself to a contract...then why am I here now if I haven't done it yet?' "Now then... Why don't you introduce yourself...?" "Hun?, Oh! well my name's Naruto Uzumaki nice to meet you!" it was then Naruto realised that he didn't hesitate with his name like he had with Gisho-san. 'Hun guess deep down I'll always be an Uzumaki' Naruto thought with a small smile "Hm... I see" Naruto was about to ask another question but it seemed Igor as he called himself wasn't done "Now, let's take a look into your future, shall we?" "My future?" Naruto couldn't help ask aloud.

It was then that Igor extended his left hand forward towards the small blue table in front of him, it was also at that time that Naruto took notices that Igor arm's was quite long, most peoples arm's were around the length of there upper and lower torso not counting there hands 'so that mean this guy is probably a lot taller then he looks... how can he stand up in this place?'.

At that moment a flash of light cause Naruto attention and when the light subsided it revealed what looked like a stack of cards with an interesting image of a face in a circle with spikes he guess coming from the edge of the face there where also harps in the corners with vines that had some leaf's on them spreading along the sides to the other harps the face itself was half white half black with the spikes and circle following much the same patter "Do you believe in fortune telling?"

Igor asked and with a wave of his hand the cards spared out across the table ending with a total of 7 cards 1 staying in the middle 1 above and 1 below with the other 4 being in diagonal positions from the first (really did not know any other way to describe it) "Each reading is done with the same cards, yet the result is always different..." 'That makes senses, its kind of like a fight you can pit two people against each other but the winners not always goanna be the same guy' "*chuckle* Life itself follows the same principles doesn't it?" "hehe I guess it dose" Then with a snap of his fingers the card on the bottom right side flipped over revelling an image of what looked to be a tower that was just struck by lightning with the top part of it still in the air while two people fell from it, at the bottom of the card were letter XVI Naruto briefly wondered what they meant but was once more pulled back by Igor begging to speak again.

"Hm... The Tower in the upright position represents the immediate future. It seems that a terrible catastrophes imminent" "What!?" Naruto nearly shot to his feet when he heard that he had just gotten through a war, no he had just got through the closest thing his world had to Armageddon and now something ELSE wanted to start something up.

Despite his outburst Igor continued on almost as if Naruto hadn't shouted at all but if one where to look close enough they would almost see his smile get even the tiniest bit wider '*chuckle* this guest doesn't seem to mind letting his true feeling show what he's thinking interesting...' "The card indicating the future beyond that is..." once again Igor snap his finger and another card turned over this time showing a crescent moon in the centre of the card weirdly it had a face stranger still was the...crab? wait no lobster above it and the two black L with red dots in them on either side of said lobster (I know the L's are actually dogs but really who would know that the first time seeing the card) and at the bottom of the card there where the same letter only there where 2 more I making it XVIII.

"The Moon, in the upright position" ', not the moon, I just got through dealing with that rabbit horned psycho don't tell me she's already free again?!' "This card represents "hesitation" and "mystery"… Very interesting indeed" when Naruto heard hesitation and mystery he actually felt some relief for one thing if it was Kaguya then there would be no need to mention hesitation cause that fact was plain and simple that even with no chakra he would still fight, he had fought people with almost little to no chakra before its just this would be possible more difficult and who knows if she did come here she might have to loss all her chakra to pass through the same portal in which case she would be nothing more that a long white haired, rabbit horned, kimono wearing, three eyed psycho bitch with a goddess complex wanting nothing more than to end the world. (kind of like those crazy cat women ((NOT the sexy cat women)) and those religious nuts out on the corners of streets)

Second it wouldn't be much of a mystery if it was her so Naruto felt a little at ease with that and soon he was completely calm when he heard Igor's next words "It seems you will encounter a misfortune at your destination, and a great mystery will be imposed upon you" 'whew well a least I'm not fighting any kami forsaken goddess' (oh god it's goanna be funny when you find out, pissed off people are always funny to watch) "In the coming days, you will enter into a contract of some sort, after which you will return here" 'Okay, well at least that explains the contract thing, so I guess that means that there just giving me a heads up, still I wonder how they got me out of the hospital' "the coming year is a turning point in your destiny... If the mystery goes unsolved, your future may be forever lost" "ha...well no pressure then hun?, I don't suppose you'll be giving me a hand in this will you?"

Honestly Naruto half expected for Igor to tell him that this was something he could only do by himself or something like that but he was actually quit pleased to hear the contrary in a way "My duty is to provide assistance to our guests to ensure that does not happen" then with a wave of his hand the cards on the table vanished 'wait what?, what about the other cards?' (was I the only one who wondered what was on those other cards?) "Ah! I have neglected to introduce my assistant to you" turning to face said women Igor began his introduction of the silent beauty "This is Margaret, She is a resident of this place, like myself" and for the first time since Naruto got here the now named Margaret spoke her voice just as elegant as she looked "My name is Margaret, I am here to accompany you through your journey" "Nice to meet you Margaret-Chan" at this Margaret simply raised if only slightly a single brow, wondering to herself why this guest would greet her so familiarly.

"We shall attend to the details another time" 'Oh ok so wha-' "Until then farewell..." 'Wait farewell, but I don't know how to ge-' and just as those thoughts creeped into Naruto's mind the world around him slowly turned to black, only to then be assaulted by a bright light and music, the light coming from his recently opened curtness and music coming from the T.V. "I'm tired of diets, enough with going to the gym, good thing there's something even I can handle, hehe" "Slim down this summer with the refreshing taste of calorie magic" "And were back, now on to some juice new the 'Mayumi yamano scandal' ".

"Rise and shine Naruto-kun today's the day you get to leave and see Inaba for the first time in over six months" one smiling Gisho told the now slightly groggy waking teen "yawn... ah, morning Gisho-san" 'man talk about a realistic dream, but... was that a dream?' as far as Naruto understood dreams could only have things that the person dreaming had see, read, heard, experienced or imagined and Naruto was sure his imagination wasn't good enough to just create people out of nowhere "And a good morning to you as well Naruto-kun now I hope you don't mind but I've already asked one of the nurses to lay out a set of clothes for you to wear today and to put the rest in a bag for you to carry for when you leave to go to Dojima-san house, also breakfast will be coming by in a few minuets so I hope you're alright with hospital food first thing in the morning" Gisho lightly joke's "he, no problem" 'it might not be Ichiraku ramen but hospital food beat's Ma toad's cooking any day'

(Minutes later(Honestly I could not think of a follow up and just wanted to get to the leaving the hospital part))

Once Naruto was finished with his breakfast he got changed into the clothes left out for him which where a simple white snort sleeved shirt, blue jacket, black jeans and a pair of black, white and blue trainers (with socks of course) Naruto was a little disappointed that there was no orange on any of the clothes that he had but he supposed he could fix that later right now there was a duo waiting for him at the front desk, so following Gisho he made his way there.

When Naruto arrived he was able to spot Dojima standing next to the chairs at the front desk where he was talking to a little girl, who he guessed was Nanako she had brown hair tied into twin pigtails she was wearing a white sweater with a pink, red and brown dress over it as well as little pink shoes to go with her dresses, it seemed she was a bit nervous evident by her fidgeting and the worried look on her face.

'she must be a bit scared knowing that a complete stranger is coming to stay at her house, well time to show her she has nothing to worrier about' so with that thought in mind Naruto walked towards them giving a small wave and smile as he approached "Dojima-san".

This seemed to catch the attention of the father and daughter duo as the both turned to see who had called out to them, seeing Naruto walking up to them the older Dojima returned the greeting with his own smile while the younger one stood up and got behind her father.

"Naruto good to see you up, how are you feeling?, not sore anywhere I hope" when Dojima asked if he was ok it was clear that he was genuinely a little worried for the former Shinobi "naw no sore spots, a little sleepy but nothing serious" Naruto answered back trying to reassure Dojima that he was perfectly fine with some light humour.

Smiling at the answer he got Dojima decide to move thing along "well that good to hear we just have to sign you out and then we can head on over to the house, oh and speaking of "we" let me introduce you to my daughter" here he turned slightly and put his left hand behind Nanako's back encouraging her to come forward "come on Nanako introduce yourself to our guest" seeing that she was a little unsure Naruto decided to help a little.

Getting down to her leave he said his hello with another short small wave "Hi there, Nanako right? my name's Naruto I know all this is a little strange but I hope you and me can be friends" here Naruto lifted his hand up to shake hers.

Nanako looked at the hand a little hesitantly but in the end shacked the larger rougher hand while giving a quiet "...lo" before going back to the safety of behind her father's leg.

This got a chuckle out of Dojima "haha what are you so shy for"

this just made Nanako pout and smack her father on his leg causing Dojima to wince from the unexpected hit but still he just laugh through it all.

"oww" while this all happened Naruto just watch the father and daughter and found himself smiling at there little interaction with each other.

"ok, ok now that introduction's are over lets get you back to the house and settled in after all you got a big day tomorrow so you should probably get some things organized"

"right" and with that they all headed out the door, not knowing that this would be a day they would all look back on and remember as the start of something amazing.

(Naruto current states) Courage: Heroic 5 (no briner right?) Diligence: Rock Solid 5 (you've see how forces he is when training) Expression: Touching 4 (he got an army to fight along side him enough said)Knowledge: Informed 2 (still not the sharpest kunai in the pouch) Understanding: Generous 3 (he can be understanding of people who have been through hardship pretty well) age 16 height 180cm (I know that's his height in the last movie and he's two years older in that but I checked what his height was when he was 16 it was 166cm if I gave him that height he'd be shorter than human Teddie who's 170cm)