Vengeance of the Prophecy

Hello again, I am sorry that this story was so dreadfully delayed! I had quite a bit written and it was robbed by a lovely computer virus other than that I was just goofing around having a child in the meantime yay me! This is the third installment - the previous two A Touch of Destiny & Duel of the Fates are listed on my profile and those should be read before this one as it is an AU. Without further ado...please enjoy.

Chapter 1

It had been my plan to murder Luke Skywalker. Well, murder perhaps too gentle a word for what I had in mind. Luke Skywalker ruined my life. He and his wife Mara Jade – disfigured me, and left me for dead. I am more machine now than human – a cyborg some might call me.

Machines are what keep me alive after Mara Jade's brutal attack on my life. She left me dying in the gravel on Byss, after robbing me of several much needed appendages. This is all their fault – my life had a trajectory up until now. Up until I was pulled from the abyss in a pain filled haze. They will know my pain – they will feel every bit of pain that I felt.

Any passion for a previous cause has left me. Any loyalty to my former master is gone.

Inside there is only one thing that matters now – vengeance.

There is nothing beyond it – any spark of anything beyond that single purpose has been grotesquely warped along with my face and body.

And my soul? Ha! Was my soul ever pure and good? No. My soul was obliterated long ago but that was my own doing. My own hatred and malice rid me of my soul. Now vengeance is all I have left.

The single minded Jedi would call me a Sith and they are fools. Shira Brie was dead – she passed into nothingness long ago. Lumiya they call me now – the legacy left by Palpatine, his Sith monarchy after all. Lumiya Lady of the Sith.


I am much more than that…