Naruto League…

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Chapter 1 – Enter Naruto…

Border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Rice Fields 4:00 PM local time. October 14th

Naruto was surrounded by the Kyuubi shroud, showing a single tail, while Sasuke was standing in the destroyed stone legs of the Madara Uchiha statue. His form was grotesque, with hand like wings and skin darkened by his curse seal. He performed several hand seals and created a Chidori, which then turned from white to black as it crackled in his left hand. He looked over at Naruto who was forming a Rasengan in his right hand, but then noticed that Naruto's left arm was limply swaying at his side. "Looks like that power comes at a price," Sasuke said, in an almost gleeful tone. He then looked up thoughtfully and said, "This place is called "the valley of the end" the country's border. This is a perfect setting isn't it Naruto?"

Naruto growled in return. Sasuke chuckled and said, "That's right… like I said the time for talk is over…" Naruto growled again, but he continued, "Well finally it's ending… this battle…" His Chidori blazed and Naruto's crimson Rasengan shown brightly. He jumped and was quickly followed by Naruto. As they approached each other, Sasuke's wings flapped, while Naruto's chakra tail just swished back and forth.

Both jutsu collided and they pair were surrounded by the energy. Sasuke pushed through and aimed for Naruto's chest while Naruto aimed for Sasuke's headband. Naruto was able to scratch the headband, but then felt a force pulling him back towards the waterfall. He saw a dark opening. He also saw Sasuke flung out of the vortex of energy. The pull increased and he felt himself pulled impossibly thin and then through the hole.

Sasuke landed in the river close to the shore. He pulled himself out of the water. As he pulled himself out of the water he couldn't see Naruto anywhere. He then noticed the clouds begin to choke off the sun, so that only the area that held Naruto's headband was where the sunshine shown. When the sunlight disappeared it began to rain in curtains. He struggled to rise and slowly walked away. "I've done it, I've killed my best friend. Are you happy Itachi?" he asked no one in particular. Several minutes later Kakashi found two headbands, one with a torn cloth band and the other with the leaf symbol scratched. Pakun was able to identify that Sasuke's was the one that was scratched, while Naruto's was the one with the torn cloth.

Pakun looked up and said, "Hey Kakashi, look at that black vortex near the waterfall. I smell Naruto's scent coming from it, but it is closing quickly."

Kakashi leapt at the black hole in an attempt to get to it, but it shrunk into nothing before he could reach it. He landed on the water and said, "I'm sorry I failed you, Naruto."


Outside Gotham City 7:03 PM EST October 14 2008

Naruto was flung out of the vortex at high speed. Being injured he couldn't do much until he hit a hard surface and rolled as best as he could. He heard a loud sound screech and then a pair of bright lights approached him. He attempted to jump, but was clipped by something just behind the lights. He tried to roll with the hit, only to come down hard on the hard surface again. He heard several bones around his body make cracking sounds.


Holly Robinson was driving her employer, Selena Kyle and her daughter, Helena, back to Gotham from a showing in Starling City. Holly had turned to say something to Selena when a light appeared to the right of them just off the turnpike. She suddenly caught movement in front of the car. She quickly depressed the horn, turned the wheel, and slammed on the brakes. She saw something orange almost clear the roof of the car, only to be clipped by the top of the front windshield. "Selena, I'm sorry, but I think I hit someone," she exclaimed.

Selena was quickly out of the car as it finished stopping. She said, as she exited the vehicle, "Helena, stay here with Holly. Holly I think we might need to make a quick drive to Gotham general. Call the police and have them clear the way if you can." She quickly sprinted the fifty feet to the body of a blonde boy, who was covered in blood and had his arm at an odd angle. She quickly, but gently picked him up and moved to the car. "Helena up front now," she exclaimed.

"But mom," Helena protested.

"Now!" Selena exclaimed. Helena saw the boy in her mother's arms and quickly moved to the front seat, as Selena gently put Naruto onto the seat and sat down with his head on her lap.

Holly turned and said, "We will have an escort in two minutes at the next exit." She saw the state of the boy and turned forward. She then said, "Hold on." She slammed the gas pedal down and accelerated towards Gotham. "How is he?" she asked over her shoulder.

Selena had pulled off her blouse and began to examine the boy. She unzipped his sweater or top, she wasn't sure and found a chain shirt under this garment. She saw two holes in the shirt, but one held a nasty red scar, the second hole was a bloody hole in the boy's chest. She quickly put her blouse into the wound. "Not sure, but he has a hole in his chest. We need to get to Gotham General soon or we're going to lose him."

A police car pulled in front of the car with its lights flashing. "Already doing around ninety, Selena. I'm going as fast as the traffic will allow. Buckle up sweetie," Holly suggested to Helena.

"It hurts…" Naruto said quietly.

Selena looked at the boy in awe. He had blonde hair, and she was sure that she saw blue eyes, but he was speaking in a dialect of Japanese. "We're on the way to get you help," Selena said back to the boy quietly.

"Baa-chan is going to kill me for not being more careful and not bringing back Sasuke," he said in his delirium.

Holly looked in the mirror and said, "Whoever his grandma is we should feel sorry for him, if he is more worried about getting hurt and not bringing back… wait he's got to be a ninja."

Selena continued to apply pressure to the wound, but also opened his pouch on his right leg and pulled out a kunai. "Good call Holly What is your name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto…" he replied, weakly.

"Spiraling maelstrom… interesting name," Selena said out loud.

"Hang on, we're coming to the exit," Holly said as she expertly exited the highway. She followed the police car a couple blocks until they reached the emergency entrance of the hospital. She stopped in front of a waiting gurney. Selena helped them extract Naruto from the car and place him on the gurney.

"Miss Kyle, what is his name?" the nurse asked as they began to quickly wheel him away.

"Naruto Uzumaki, he's my nephew from Japan and this is how we found him and nearly hit him on the highway," Selena quickly explained.

"I've got a faint pulse, I need a unit of 'O' negative hooked up stat," the orderly said as they wheeled Naruto into the ER. They continued into one of the trauma rooms and began to work on Naruto.

A doctor entered and asked, "What do we have?"

The orderly replied, "White male, about ten or so years old. Massive trauma to the chest, several other minor wounds. What the hell?"

"What?" the doctor asks.

"He's wearing freaking chainmail, and the jacket is hard to cut. I've finally got a unit of blood into him, but I think I'm going to need another," he exclaimed and he pulled off Naruto's jacket. He quickly got some cutters and cut the chain off, before he actually pulled the blouse off of his chest.

"We need him in surgery stat, to close up this wound, and then I want X-rays and a full blood work on him," the doctor exclaimed. They pulled off his chainmail and then wheeled him to an OR theater.


Gotham Memorial Hospital 7:52 PM EST October 16, October 14 2008

Selena sat in a chair wearing a coat over her blood stained bra. She was shaking at this point, she had seen how bad the boy was when she picked him up and put him in the car. She wasn't sure how he was still alive. Holly was talking with the police officer that had escorted them from the highway to the hospital. Helena was unusually quiet, for this she was thankful. She contemplated what was going on. She had all but admitted blood relations. Hopefully they wouldn't check that or she might have some problems.

An hour and a sleeping Helena later a doctor came out of the OR and said, "Selena Kyle?"

Holly nodded to Selena and she laid Helena's head down while getting up. She walked over to the doctor and asked, "How is he?"

The doctor shook his head and replied, "He is out of danger for the moment, but he has substantial injuries. Do you know how he got them?"

Selena shook her head and replied, "No we were supposed to meet him at the next exit after we nearly hit him. What happened to him?"

"Well as far as I can figure he was electrocuted, stabbed with a jagged instrument in the sternum and several other injuries that I can't really explain, some second degree burns, and other injuries I really can't count. I have to ask… is he one of those meta-humans?"

Selena shrugged and asked, "Why?"

"Because it was as if his body was healing itself while we worked. The burns are now first degree, and the hole in his chest, at the rate he is healing, should be mostly healed by morning, at least externally. The internal injuries will take a few days to weeks to heal. We also saw trauma to the neck and skull as if someone had tried to kill him, by cracking his skull and breaking his neck. We can't explain it and the police will want a statement from you, since you claimed to be his aunt," the doctor explained.


10:53 PM EST Gotham Memorial Room 521

Selena Kyle sat in the chair next to Naruto's bed, sleeping. She slowly woke up and looked over to the bandaged boy. She wore a worried smile. "What are you Naruto?" she asked to no one in particular

"That is what I'm wondering," a deep voice came from the window.

"Bruce… I wondered when you'd show up. What can I do for the great dark knight?" she asked.

"You can tell me why you're in the area of a boom tube and then you show up at the hospital with an unknown and injured boy?" he asked

Selena sighed and began to explain, "We were headed home from the Starling City museum. Suddenly a light appeared to the right on the highway and then the boy was in front of the car. We rushed him to the hospital with critical wounds."

"That doesn't explain why you're hiding the fact that we have an alien in the hospital," Batman said.

"Naruto…" Selena said authoritatively.

"What?" Batman asked.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki, he is also fluent in a Japanese dialect that I can't quite recognize," Selena explained.

"The Justice League will take over his care now," he explained.

"Like hell they will," Selena protested.

"We don't know if he's a threat," he replied.

"I will let you help with him, but I don't want him to come up on Cadmus's radar or those idiots of your gallery," she said angrily.

"Will you quiet down granny?" Naruto said while he still slept.

"I see what you mean," Batman said. He then said, "I'll send J'onn down to see if we can get some early information from him."

Selena nodded and then lay back knowing that Batman was gone. A couple minutes later the Martian Manhunter shifted thorough the wall. "Hello Selena, do you mind if I look through his memories?" he asked.

Selena shook her head and then said, "He speaks Japanese."

"That will not be a problem," J'onn replied. His eyes then glowed.


J'onn was now standing in what appeared to be a sewer with ankle deep water. He walked forward and heard an argument down the way. He came around a corner and saw the boy in the hospital bed, clothed in an orange jumpsuit, but what surprised him was the giant fox behind bars.

"How is this, my fault, you damn fox?" Naruto asked angrily.

"You should have killed that Uchiha boy," the fox exclaimed.

"You know I couldn't do that!" Naruto exclaimed back at the fox.

J'onn then noticed the nine tails swaying behind the fox and then saw the recognition in fox's eyes. "We are not alone," the fox explained and then retreated into the darkness.

Naruto turned and exclaimed, "What the hell? You look weird, why the green skin? You have an accident with some paint?"

J'onn smiled and replied, "No, like you, I am not from this planet. I'm here to try to figure out what happened before your car accident and to help you fit into this society until we can either return you or find a place for you."

Naruto looked up at him in confusion, and said, "Huh?'

"He means that you ripped a hole in space time and are now on a different planet you idiot! Man I had to get sealed into an idiot," the fox exclaimed from the darkness.

"My name is J'onn J'onzz and your friend is correct," J'onn said.

"He's not my friend. He's something the Fourth Hokage sealed in me to save the village on the day of my birth thirteen years ago," Naruto explained in a dejected tone.

"What day is it today for you?" J'onn asked.

"October fourteenth, and my birthday was on October tenth," Naruto replied happily.

"Interesting… today is the fourteenth of October here on Earth. Right now you're in Gotham General hospital with near fatal injuries," J'onn explained

"Yeah, that… well, I was fighting that bastard Sasuke, and our jutsus collided. I guess the release of energy opened the time space whatever and brought me here," Naruto explained.

"I would advise rest. The woman that found you has claimed you as her nephew, if that is alright with you," J'onn explained.

"Do you trust her? Oh and what is her name?" Naruto asked.

"I trust her to do the right thing for you and her name is Selena Kyle," J'onn replied.

"That is weird name," Naruto stated.

"No, you're just used to this type of name compared to the names where you're from. Also you speak a language that is similar to one on this planet, called Japanese," J'onn explained.

"It's just common as far as I know," Naruto said.

"Well get some rest. I have to go. It was nice meeting you, Naruto Uzumaki," J'onn said and then he disappeared.


J'onn's eyes lost their glow and he then said, "He is quite the boy."

Selena's eyes lit up and asked, "You met him?"

J'onn nodded and said, "He also carries a secret. It could be a danger, but it appears that he has it under control for the moment. I would ask him to share it with you. I will work on getting you named as his legal guardian. He is thirteen years old and was born on October tenth. This information should help with the cover story you and Batman will come up with. A league member will check on his progress every once in a while. For now he needs his rest."

Selena nodded and looked down at the girl in her arms. She smiled and said quietly, "If things work out right you might be getting a new brother like you wanted… well sort of."

Holly entered the room and smiled at Selena and said, "They don't have any problems with you staying the night. Seems to be that Bruce Wayne has paid for Naruto's hospital stay, also seems that there is paperwork on the way from Japan from what I hear with his information." The Martian had left while Holly had entered.

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