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Chapter 13 – Big split…

Mt. Justice October 1, 6:13 PM EDT

Robin and Aqualad were sparing while Naruto, Kara, Fu, Barbara, Captain Marvel and Giovani Zatara were watching the spar. The spar ended and Conner and M'gann came down the hall with Wolf, both with smiles on their faces. "You know their a couple, right?" Robin asked.

"I would say that I knew before they did," Kaldur replied.

Artemis and Wally came down the hall next. "Should we tell them?" Robin asked.

"It is not our place," Kaldur replied.

Wally walked up and asked, "So with Zatara as our babysitter for the week, why is he still here? And why is he eating my snacks?"

The computer then said, "Recognized, Batman 02." Batman then came through the Zeta tube.

"Computer National news", Batman exclaimed. A screen opened up showing news about a plant attack on Metropolis.

"Shall we get out there?" Robin asked.

"No, the League will soon have the situation under control. That's not why I'm here. According to your intel Sportsmaster supplied Cadmus Blockbuster formula to Cobra," Batman replied.

"Who combined it with Bane's Venom to create Cobra Venom," Wally continued Batman's train of speech.

"Which the Brain used to create his animal army," Robin continued.

Conner rubbed Wolf's chin and said, "And upgrade Wolf."

"The Brain also used inhibitor collar like the ones used at Belle Rev Penitentiary," M'gann Continued.

"Batman, is it possible that the plant is on Cobra Venom too?" Artemis asked.

"I had Green Lantern run a spot analyses. The plant's cellulose does contain a trace of a Cobra Venom variant," he replied as he brought up a holographic representation of the analysis.

"These cannot be coincidences. Unrelated criminals are cooperating worldwide," Kaldur explained.

"Exactly," Batman replied. He then continued, "It is now clear that our enemies have formed some kind of secret society of super villains. The attack on Metropolis is only the beginning."

Robin was typing on a holographic keyboard and exclaimed, "You got that right. The plant creatures have sprouted in Gotham City, Star City, Paris and Taipei."

The monitors then went to static and Wally exclaimed, "Dude!"

"It's not me!" Robin replied. He then continued, "Someone is cutting into the satellite signal, all the satellite signals.

A face came up on all the monitors and Naruto exclaimed angrily, "Joker!"

The clown knocked on the camera and then said, "Ladies and gentlemen. We interrupt your regularly scheduled mayhem to bring you this…" He then pulled out a switchblade and continued, "Important announcement." He then turned the camera towards a group of supervillains, and continued, "From the Injustice League."

Vertigo then began to explain, "We are responsible for the attacks on your cities. If you wish to save them a ransom of ten billion American dollars is required. Delivery instructions have been sent to the United Nations. There is no time limit, but the longer your governments wait…"

The Joker turned the camera back to himself and said, "The more we get to have our… jollies." His laughter continued for a minute, but the air began to become oppressive and everyone turned to Naruto.

"What? I hate the guy. He shot me," he explained, as his killing intent lessened.

Batman then touched his communicator in his ear. "Roger that Aquaman. We'll prepare the ransom as a fallback, but it won't come to that."

Robin was vigorously typing and then he pulled back up the recording. He then explained, "Count Vertigo, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Ultra Humanite, Atomic Skull, Black Atom, Wotan, seven heavy hitters. Probably behind everyone and everything we faced."

"There's your secret society," Wally explained.

"Not so secret anymore," Artemis said.

"Perhaps after India they realized we would deduce the truth and saw no reason in hiding anymore," Kaldur explained.

"Yeah, that was their mistake. Right now I saw we go kick some plant creature butt," Wally exclaimed.

"The Justice League will handle the plants. I have a different job for this team, mostly" Batman explained.

Wally sighed and exclaimed, "Oh man…" Artemis hit him on the shoulder. He turned to look at her with an annoyed look on his face.

"With the plants attacking so many locations simultaneously. There must be a central control system. Your mission is to destroy it," Batman explained.

"You realize what you're really asking them to do?" Giovani asked.

"Their ready," Batman replied.

"Ready? Ready for what?" Wally asked. Artemis growled and hit his arm again. "Owe! Will you cut that out?"

"Hello Wally! If the big guns are fighting plants, who do you think we'll be fighting?" Artemis asked.

"I don't know. I guess…" he replied, but then Artemis pointed to the monitors and then he replied, "Oh…"

"Well Batman, I trust you're correct," Giovani said with trepidation.

"I trust you can locate the enemy," Batman replied.

"Indeed, with Wotan's involvement, it suggests sorcery is part of how the plants are controlled. Robin if you would provide the holo map," Giovani asked. He then continued, "I'll search for concentrated signs of sorcerous activity. Etacol retnecipe fo yrecros. There that is where you will find the Injustice League's central control system." A dot appeared on the map in the southern US.

"Coordinates locked in, Louisiana bayou," Robin explained.

Kaldur then stated, "We are on our way."

The team began to leave, but Batman then said, "Captain Marvel, Shinobi, Kunoichi, Supergirl, and Batgirl wait. For this plan to work to succeed, we need the entire Justice League must be seen fighting the plant creatures. You, Zatara and I are needed elsewhere. Shinobi, Kunoichi, Supergirl and Batgirl have a different mission. I want you are to give Ra's al Ghul a visit. I do not and I repeat do not want you to be around the Joker. Do I make myself clear? If the team needs you they will call."

Naruto sighed, but then nodded. He replied, "Understood."



Naruto, Fu, Kara and Barbara rode in a modified Batjet. "So do you think that Ra's will be happy to see me?"

"Not sure, but I'm glad he sent you back," Fu replied and then kissed him on the cheek.

"We are passing over the Himalayas," Batgirl explained. A warning alarm then came on. "We have missile lock on! Trying to evade."

"Put it down as soon as you can," Naruto exclaimed.

"Let me out!" Kara exclaimed. Batgirl nodded and opened a hatch, which Supergirl jumped out and destroyed the homing missiles with her heat vision.

The jet landed on a convenient landing strip. Naruto and his team entered building at the edge of the field. The team found that the hallways divided five ways. Naruto looked to Kara and raised an eyebrow. Kara's eyes glowed and then she panned around the area. She then shook her head and replied, "The area is lined with lead, so I can't see any farther than you."

Naruto sighed and then said, "I hate to say it…"

"Then don't" Fu finished his sentence with a giggle.

"We split up. Supergirl with Batgirl, Kunoichi with me," Naruto said as the three girls nodded acknowledgement of his decision. He then said, "We'll go this way, but try to keep in contact, but use burst communications instead of talking."

"Got it," Kara and Barbara replied in sync.

Naruto and Fu took the left hallway and traveled down about fifty meters before they ran into an intersection. He lifted his arm and a holographic map appeared above his arm. He turned to Fu and pointed to the right and put up three fingers. She nodded and the pair faded into the shadows.

Two ninja clad men were standing in front of a door with a third on the side only a meter away. The men seemed to be attentive, but then two figures dropped from the ceiling and one kicked the separate guard into one of the ones in front of the door, thus knocking both out. The second figure punched the third guard in the stomach and thus knocking him out. Naruto then put up two fingers up and then motioned forward towards the door and Fu nodded. Naruto entered the door only for a blast door to close after his entry. Fu angered slammed her fist into the door.

The voice of Ra's came over the speakers, "I see you made it back, Naruto my boy. I hope that you're going to teach my men something."

"I'll teach them alright," he replied angrily.

A door opened on the far side of the room and about twenty men clad in different uniforms came into the room. Naruto also noticed a hissing sound. He went to grab for his belt only to have the twenty charge him. While blocking their attacks he noticed that the difference in uniforms was more of a mask for the enemies breathing. His eyes widened and he made for his belt. His vision began to swim and he missed the pouch he was reaching for. He also began to take hits from the enemies. "I see you feel it… don't worry I won't poison you my boy, but I do need something from you," Ra's said over the speakers.

"Face me you coward," Naruto exclaimed.

"Why when I have these men to take care of you for me," Ra's replied.

"You won't get away with this," Naruto exclaimed as he touched his ear. He then said, "Team, I... I… need help…" He then collapsed to the floor as dents began to form on the door that Fu was behind.

"Quickly, move him to the lab," Ra's ordered. The men quickly gathered Naruto and left the room quickly.

The door slammed out of the frame and onto the far wall. Both Fu and Kara had their arms extended. Barbara had her arm up and then exclaimed, "There is gas in the room. Get your breathing apparatuses on." She quickly put a mask on, as did the two other girls. She then said, "I'm having trouble tracking his signal, but it appears to be through the east doorway."

Kara and Fu both moved to the door and reared a fist back…



Batman was now using machine guns on a plant. "I wish I could have been able to study Naruto's immunity to Joker's toxin."

"That is neither here nor there," Giovani replied.



Naruto woke, but also began to pull in Nature chakra. He found that Earth, while it had chakra, it was weaker than his home world. Orange areas formed around his eyes and he quickly broke the straps. A medic tried to restrain him, but was quickly thrown across the room. Another reached to hit the panic button, but his hand was stuck to the wall with a scalpel that Naruto had picked up and then thrown. He then smiled and asked, "Oh Ra's are you even here?"

The speaker then came to life and Ra's replied, "No, but feel free to tour our facility."

"I just might," Naruto knocked the two medics out and then moved to the door. He knocked and then punched through the wall. He pulled back his hands and then opened the door. He found two unconscious guards on the other side. He continued down the corridor, knocking out enemies as they arrived. He left a trail of bodies from the lab. He smiled and turned a corner. "Well did you miss me?" he asked the female trio, who were panting, but were in the middle of about a hundred enemies.

Batgirl then replied, "Yes and we got some interesting information."

"Guess it is time to go," Naruto said.

"So what happened to you?" Fu asked.

"I woke up in a lab and took care of the technicians," he replied.

"Did you ask if they did anything to you?" Barbara asked.

Naruto scratched the back of his head and replied, "No, sorry. The thought didn't occur to me."

Barbara pulled up her holographic map and said, "Let's get out of here."


Louisiana bayou

"My baby!" Poison Ivy exclaimed. She looked up at the plant and saw many of Robin's shuriken. The Shuriken were flashing and finally came up with what looked like a green smiley face. The plant went up in an explosion.

"Timber," Robin said confidently. Poison Ivy angered by her plant being destroyed sent tendrils of a plant at Robin and M'gann. M'gann destroyed the plants with telekinesis. She was then hit by an energy blast. Robin jumped after her.

Atomic Skull was standing in front of Joker, who said, "Children, children foiled our plan. Inconceivable, unacceptable, retributionable… That last one might not be a word. So sue me."

Vertigo said angrily, "Kill them. Kill them all."


Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

Barbara was flying the jet while Fu was running a diagnostic on Naruto. Her left glove had a holographic picture of Naruto on it as it scanned Naruto. She then shrugged and said, "I don't see anything wrong with him."

"Good, now we have to get to the rest of the team," Barbara exclaimed as she pushed the aircraft to its limits.


Batjet on way to Mount Justice

Naruto sighed and said, "I understand why you didn't want me on the mission dealing with the Injustice League."

"Really?" Batman asked.

"I would have been distracted by my experience with the Joker," Naruto replied.

"Good, you're learning. As for the evaluation of your mission. You allowed yourself to be captured. That was not good, but the information that your team recovered will help us keep an eye on Ra's. The outcome is acceptable. I won't let your mother know that you were captured by Ra's," Batman said.

"Thanks Bats," Naruto replied.

"Thank you for doing the other mission while the team was busy with an important mission," Batman said.

"We're just lucky that Kaldur was released by Nabu," Naruto said.

"True, but they thought it was the only option," Batman replied.

"That is getting a little too easy," Naruto said in an annoyed tone.

"True, Nabu more than likely not release the next person who dons the helmet," Batman replied.


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Locate epicenter of sorcery - Etacol retnecipe fo yrecros.