Misery's Smile Chapter 17

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It didn't take long for Perseus to arrive back to Gaia's domain, with Apollo's body over his shoulder. Immediately, he noticed a few things. The air had certainly gotten much heavier than before, and he could feel the power of Olympus failing, ever so slowly.

It surprised him. They were on the back of a great victory, and the Greek city-states were prospering – at least before the war. Even then, the mortals worshipped the very same Olympians. Surely with such devotion from mortals, immortals and demigods alike, the Gods, and the domains they control, the Olympians should have been growing in strength, and not growing weaker by the second. He confirmed his unlikely, as he felt the darkness that layered the world.

Perseus found himself being absolutely vexed by this new turn. He knew the Fates had foreseen it, but he couldn't help but let out a frustrated growl.

'What in Tartarus does that cursed man want?!'

Perseus gave it a thought, as he made his way towards Artemis' Hunt, which had moved from where he last left them. He knew that Amauros' motives had to be more than trying to get revenge against his mother. Tainting the very domains with darkness, and layering it over Gaea's domain…

For the first time since Amauros had started this conflict, Perseus did not quite understand his enemy. Or perhaps, he had never understood his enemy. It frustrated him even further, but it was too late now. Amauros was already moving, and starting to act. And thus far, he had been thwarted by Perseus and Lykos' calculated, and careful actions.

However, Perseus couldn't shake off the bad feeling that there was something else he did not quite understand. There was something tugging in his gut, about something he might have missed – but he paid no heed.

He had other priorities, for now. To him, defeating Amauros was much more important than understanding him. Perseus would understand him after his death.

After a few nights of floating, the Primordial saw it – the distinctive silver tents, with a barrier of silver surrounding it. He descended, and noticed a familiar ethereal warrior approaching him. Then, he spotted Artemis following suit – with more urgency, and a frown adorning her pale complexion. Perseus gave her a curt nod, as Perseus waved his hand to conjure a tent, and laid Apollo on the bed.

Drawing on his strength, Perseus performed his last checks on Apollo, and concluded that Akhlys had purged the poison thoroughly.

"All he needs now, is rest," Perseus said. "He will have to stay here, for now."

Artemis raised an eyebrow, to which Perseus sighed.

"The poison is purged, but he is still extremely weak, and will need time to recuperate," Perseus folded his arms, giving Artemis a hard look. "Which means that he will be unable to perform his duties as Sun God, and God of Prophecy. I was sure that you of all people would understand why he cannot return to Olympus, Artemis."

Perseus could see Artemis' silver eyes flash, but she nodded slowly.

"Why are you not leaving?" Artemis asked, a slight hint of confusion in her eyes.

After all, there was no reason for Perseus to stay any longer. Python was defeated, and Apollo was healed.

Perseus looked at her with a deadpan, "I need to clarify a few things, before I move."

Artemis sighed at that – she should have predicted such an explanation. Instead, the huntress felt a large void within her chest, when she saw his blank, unreadable expression. Her memory reverted to the Olympian meeting not too long ago, when Aphrodite and Perseus had exchanged extremely warm expressions – warmer than she would have liked.

Perseus was observing her in relative amusement – she wasn't thinking about him, was she? She couldn't be. She had made it pretty clear in the past that she no longer wanted to have anything to do with him any longer.

It was painful, but Perseus had to learn to live with it. He took a look at Apollo, and thought of how Akhlys had essentially disowned him for having unnecessary loyalties.

Perseus sighed softly yet again, and laid a hand across his forehead. There was too many things he had to worry about right now. Between being cast out by his mother, and his duty as a Primordial, Perseus did not know what to think anymore. Artemis took her leave silently, leaving Lykos and Perseus alone with Apollo, who was breathing rather steadily.

"You seem troubled, Lord Perseus," Lykos laid a hand on Perseus' shoulder.

Perseus gave him a wry smile, to which the old Shade raised an eyebrow.

"Simply throw away all that is useless, and it will be much easier for you," Lykos said. "Remember your duty."

"I know my duty, Lykos," Perseus snapped. "My companions, Olympian or not, are not useless!"

"I never said they were," Lykos retorted calmly, silencing the Primordial. "Don't be too quick to make assumptions, Lord Perseus."

Lykos stayed passive, but Perseus saw the disappointed glint in Lykos' spectral blue eyes. He sighed – it was going to be a long night.

Apollo stirred, as the first light of dawn hit the tent. Perseus was rather surprised, but he did not show it. He felt something off in the air, but shrugged it off.

"How are you feeling?" Perseus asked.

Right then, Artemis entered, and Perseus was further taken aback when he saw tenderness in her silver eyes. He took a look at Lykos, who remained calm, and unchanged, as if the situation didn't concern him. Which it didn't, of course. All the shade wanted was for this to be over with, and report to Perseus about what transpired in Delos that caused him to collapse earlier. There wasn't much time to waste.

"Tired," Apollo groaned.

Perseus nodded at Artemis, who regarded her brother. Whilst they regarded each other, Perseus turned his head towards Lykos, and inclined his head.

Lykos got the message, and left the tent, followed closely by Perseus.

"What exactly happened on that island?" Perseus asked.

The shade told. Perseus listened intently, while wondering what exactly caused this. He grimaced – it might have been due to his mistake that blew both of their auras – with Perseus backing out. Perseus had expected Lykos to remain undetected, being the wily shade that he was, but it appeared that he wasn't.

"Was it Amauros?" Perseus asked.

"It was a similar aura – but inferior to the Shadow's," Lykos shook his head. "It is probably his son, Nyctos."

Perseus paced back and forth, as he tried to understand exactly what they were doing.

'So, firstly Amauros disables the enchantments of Delos… the taint of darkness… Nyctos arriving in Delos… I don't understand…'

Perseus bit his lip, and entered the tent.

"So, did the demigod boy make it to you?" Apollo asked.

"Boy?" Perseus raised an eyebrow. "I sent two, did I not?"

"Anaxos… didn't make it," Apollo bit his lip. "Python killed him before I could arrive."

Perseus clenched his fists, but his face remained emotionless. Lykos let out a small sigh, and whispered a prayer to Chaos for the boy. However, they had to move on from this. They had a duty to fulfil.

"I assume the demigod boy you mean is Aita?" Lykos said, "I'm afraid he didn't arrive at the camp."

"Impossible," Apollo murmured, "I sent him away with my chariot."

"And where is the chariot?" Perseus asked, his cold voice sending chills down Apollo's spine. The strange feeling in the air suddenly made sense.

"It was supposed to…" Apollo started to say, before gaping in absolute horror. "The light of the sun – it isn't moving. No – it's not there…"

Perseus and Lykos exchanged pointed, nervous looks at each other. Then, Artemis cleared her throat, getting the attention of everyone in the tent.

"There was a strange immortal there," Artemis said. "He was powerful, and his name was Nyctos…"

Right then, Perseus gave a knowing nod towards the Wolf, who quickly disappeared in a cloud of mist. Perseus laid a hand on his black sword, Night, as he narrowed his eyes.

His patience for the Shadow's games were running out.

If they truly did want Perseus, they would have him. Besides, Akhlys had already disowned him, so it was no longer weighing him down anyway. The Primordial could only laugh at the rather humorous, yet dark, irony.

It was a week since then, and Perseus grew more frustrated at the lack of leads of Aita's location. The Shadow had again, completely disappeared, and with the domains being further tainted by darkness, he was now virtually invisible. There was almost no way of finding him.

Worse still, the Sun Chariot was lost, meaning that there was no conduit to focus Hemera's light to Gaea's realm, which would be especially detrimental. They were short on time. With Lady Hemera's light slowly fading at the absence of the Sun, the world would soon be plunged into darkness, with the domains following soon after.

Perseus considered venturing to Olympus and asking for Hestia, or perhaps Athena's help in slowing this down – but decided against it. He knew, that he had to do this alone. Athena was untrustworthy, and he had already owed Hestia for a great many things. It wouldn't do to be in her debt again.

"Any progress?" Apollo asked, inquiring about Aita.

"Nothing," Perseus' face seemed calm, but Apollo could see him clenching his fist tightly.

Perseus sighed, and looked towards his recovering friend. Apollo's wounds were clearly healing. He was no longer bed ridden, and Perseus could see that old twinkle return to the god's blue eyes. More importantly, Apollo was able to use his godly powers to speed up the healing – though it was still weakened by the poison.

Artemis had rarely spoke to them, but they both knew that she was relieved – in her own, cruel way, of course. Her cold, blank silver eyes they were accustomed to never did change as she spoke to them, which disheartened Perseus a little. However, he stopped himself from worrying about it. After all, whatever they had between them was over. There was no point bringing up the past pointlessly.

The days passed, as Apollo slowly got back to his full strength. Artemis was beginning to become more anxious for her Hunt as time passed – she knew that the monsters would catch onto their scents soon, and may launch a full assault on the camp – something that her small group of girls couldn't afford.

Thankfully, with Apollo's domain of Medicine, it didn't take long. His healing was swift – though his powers were weakened for the time being. However, Artemis couldn't wait any longer. One of the Hunters had reported a large group of monsters approaching the vicinity of the camp. Artemis carefully chose her words, before she entered the tent where the two stayed.

"You two, will need to leave, now," Artemis said, with a sharp tone. "It's long past time for the Hunt to move."

Perseus raised an eyebrow, but did not comment. He nodded towards Apollo, who sported a look of resignation. The howl of the wind could be heard as the pair of immortals complied with the goddess.

"I was just about to leave anyway," Perseus quickly straightened his shoulders, and casually walked past Artemis.

"What?" Artemis asked, taken aback a little by Perseus' sudden willingness to leave.

"I have a lead on Aita's whereabouts," Perseus lied, not knowing why.

Apollo was puzzled for a moment at Perseus' sudden lie, but stayed silent. Though it did not look it, the tension was palpable between the two immortals. He did not want to spark anything unnecessary. The God followed Perseus, before winking towards Artemis in thanks. He owed her his life, after all. Perseus let Apollo leave first, before looking back to check for anything he might have left behind. He saw Artemis, and couldn't help but sigh, before he finally turned, and left.

"Wait," Artemis said softly, causing Perseus to turn back in surprise. "Thank… Thank you."

Perseus stood there, still, for a few seconds, as he tried to process what Artemis had said. His mouth went slack for a moment, and his eyes widened. He couldn't help but feel guilty about the cold lie that he had given Artemis. However, he quickly regained himself, steeling his posture, and gave a curt nod in response. As he left, he looked for Zoe, and gave her a small smile of farewell, to which she returned.

"Take care of yourself, Apollo," Perseus said, before a rather rash huntress stepped forward.

"You heard our lady, leave, male scum!" She shouted, her arrogant, high voice silencing all chatter, as Perseus tilted his head in amusement.

Apollo wasn't surprised at the very least, being under the same treatment for quite some time. Perseus however, was less than impressed. The Hunters stepped away from the girl as Perseus stepped forward, his yellow eyes glowing. Artemis rushed towards the scene to stop him – but Perseus had got there first. His eyes glowed, and the girl couldn't move. Instantly, she choked and gasped. It was a horrifying sound, and Artemis despaired, seeing her Hunter dying.

"While I do not usually do this often, I think I will need to show you children, an example of what other immortals would also have done in my place," Perseus growled, before the Hunter fell, unconscious but breathing. "Fortunately for you, I am merciful."

Apollo's face was solemn throughout – what Perseus said was indeed true. If it was Ares that they had angered – the whole camp might have been massacred. The only thing really protecting them was the influence of Artemis.

Artemis quickly threw a glare towards Perseus, who duly ignored it, and flashed away, but not before saying this in her mind.

'You're welcome.'

As Perseus floated through the misty night, he couldn't help but wonder again, if Amauros was merely jesting with him all this time, toying with Perseus. Or perhaps it was a stroke of fortune after Perseus had 'thwarted' him in Delos. The Fates were still silent, which meant it was either things were still according to plan – or they had no answer to Amauros' threat.

However, Perseus recognized the threat of something else developing. Something that he had not seen. Amauros was preparing for something. Not only was the world darkening, the Olympians were weakening. The domains of the world were getting tainted by the subtle echoes of darkness that had grown much worse than Perseus and Lykos expected.

The mortals, easily swayed by the whispers, had resorted to fighting one another, further weakening the influence of the Olympians. All this, for what reason? From what Perseus had understood, Amauros' plan was simply to destroy Akhlys in revenge. Nevertheless, to taint Gaea's realm entirely would take at least centuries, at least. It was not enough time to do anything productive –Lady Ananke would have foreseen the danger and sent the First Born after him before he could do anything harmful.

At least, that was what Perseus thought.

(In a cave, somewhere in Greece)

Aita couldn't see anything – it was total darkness. He could only feel the chains securing his limbs, and only managed to hear the distant sound of a waterfall. However, at times, when Hemera's light had indeed pierced through the darkness at rare times, the demigod wasn't blinded. It wasn't real – and that was all he needed to know. Then, the darkness lifted yet again, revealing a familiar hooded figure.

"You are indeed resilient for a mortal," Nyctos said, with a rather amused tone.

Aita did not answer, and retained a steeled expression. Nyctos sighed at the mortal's defiance – when would they ever learn? A grovelling demigod like that boy should surely know his place alongside immortals like himself, or even Perseus.

It was of no matter, though. Aita would soon serve his purpose, and his father would attain what he had always wanted – revenge. Nyctos bit his lip as he thought about it – he never did understand his father. However, what he understood was that he had a task to fulfil.

"Why don't you just kill me?" Aita groaned. "Am I not the hero of Prophecy you are targeting? Why are you keeping me alive?"

Nyctos folded his arms, but did not answer.

"Silence, mortal," Nyctos raised an arm, and Aita fell unconscious. "You should know your place."

However, against his conscience, he thought over Aita's question. It was a given that Perseus would find them very soon – Nyctos' aura wasn't something that could be suppressed forever. Not to mention, his hound's nose could be rather sharp when needed.

Nyctos wondered what his father truly wanted, to go to Tartarus in such a manner, citing their lack of power as the cause. It was a strange reasoning, considering he defeated – however momentarily – Akhlys, one of the strongest of the First-Born.

However, he had to believe in his father. He had to.

(Meanwhile, in Tartarus…)

For the Shadow himself, it wasn't easy returning to the pit. The whispers as usual, haunted his mind, as if calling upon an old friend. Chains of darkness started to hover around his robed figure, while powerful dark magic seemed to engulf his soul. The Voices whispered in seductive tones – drawing him inward into the darker part of Tartarus. It was a treacherous gamble to return, to say the least.

Amauros knew the risks, and was prepared for it. Besides, all he came here for, was a meeting. The Faceless Shadow spotted a ghoulish, bone-thin figure, surrounded by mist, and quickly covered himself with darkness. The ghoulish figure seemed to turn her head towards Amauros, but thankfully went on her way towards the direction of the Acheron.

It was a close miss – the Death Mist had covered her presence extremely well. Had Amauros been a split second late – the powerful deity might have seen him, and it would be disastrous.

The whispers became softer, and much more persuasive, but Amauros managed to ignore it. He knew that for all his power, Tartarus wasn't a place to be trifled with. The few who had arrogantly tried to challenge the place were festering in the deep dungeons in Tartarus, and tortured by the First-Born. He knew this – he was one of them.

However, he had no time to dwell on it – he had found the place he was looking for. The whispers had stopped, and was replaced by an eerie quiet – a silence that was broken by a faint, haunting sound of a soft breeze. The air felt stale, and a feeling of nothingness shadowed Amauros' mind. Then, the silence was replaced by a soft whimper. The familiar whimper of hopelessness – a whimper of a trapped soul crying for help in the darkness.

It was then, Amauros knew that he had come to the right place. Waving a hand, he whispered the incantation.

'Purity is Darkness.'

Instantly, the air in front of him shimmered, and he found himself facing a large cave opening. It was completely silent, and pitch black, as he entered. There were no guards – simply voices, and lingering dark magic. Amauros continued his walk in, before the words on an altar glowed, and he heard a voice in his head.


At this, instantly, Amauros knelt, facing the glowing words, which simply read "EREBUS". If he had a face, the faceless being would have smiled. He had finally found it – after all these centuries – Erebus' resting place deep into the pit.

"So, you have finally found me… What do you wish from me, Amauros?"

"I need the knowledge… for eternal Darkness, Father. My battle with Akhlys is not on my favour, at this time."


Erebus seemed to pause at this request. Amauros knew he had to be extremely careful. There was a reason why the Lord of Darkness' name commanded such fear, even the most staunch, and most cruel souls in Tartarus shook at the sheer mention of his name.

Erebus himself, was thinking very deeply about his son's request. It would be millennia until he would awaken again, but he was thinking of other possibilities. Amauros' arrival was a surprise – Erebus had never expected the upstart to escape Tartarus. Apparently, with the consent from the great lord himself, he managed to return uninterrupted.

Tartarus would never give such charity freely – Amauros must have made a deal with the great deity, and paid dearly for it. Erebus gave it a thought, as he inwardly smiled. He was indeed waiting on an eventual return, after all. Amauros' coming was unexpected, but a welcome stroke of fortune.

'No, not fortune,' Erebus thought. 'Destiny.'

"Father?" Amauros asked, waiting on Erebus' answer.

"Very well, Amauros… Listen closely..."

Amauros left the cave, with black flames dancing in his hand. His shadow seemed to overwhelm and consume, while the air seemed to disintegrate where he stepped. With the knowledge that his father gave him, he could finally finish his plan. It was simply a matter of time.

He would have smiled widely, if he had a face.

The world was darkening.

(Near the River of Acheron)

On her return to Tartarus, Nyx felt extremely rejuvenated – it seemed like her domains were much stronger than before, and she was the most powerful that she had been for centuries.

It worried her, to say the least.

After all, there was a balance between the domains of Hemera, and Nyx. It was something decreed by Lady Ananke herself, when she helped divide the domains between the First-Born. Recently however, the balance seemed to tilt towards the darkness, and Hemera's light seemed to weaken.

The nights had become darker, but the days had become dimmer. Hemera remained silent throughout, but Nyx could certainly feel her growing anger at the situation.

It was a perilous situation. With the balance tipped, Hemera would question the deities of Darkness for interfering with the balance, and if not handled properly, it could break out into a war between the Primordials. Worse, Lord Chaos may directly interfere, further worsening the situation.

Whatever that fool Amauros was doing, it had to be stopped. She cursed Ananke for disallowing the Primordials to interfere – there was no doubt that they would have crushed Amauros, weakened as he was, and would have resolved the situation swiftly.

There was another thing that worried her – the tainting of the domains were worsening. The echoes of darkness had started weaken the domains, and with their conduit – the Olympians – weakening, the situation was made even more detrimental. Eventually, the Primordials would lose their influence over the domains, and would grow powerless, save for a few.

However, Nyx wasn't especially worried. The only few who had the power to possibly complete this act, were Erebus, and Nyx herself. Even the Shadow wasn't powerful enough to do such an act at his prime – let alone in his weakened self.

However, it didn't stop the prophecy from replaying in her head. Not to mention, Perseus was still in danger – though she could feel his powers growing with the passing day.

Moving on with her chariot, she saw a familiar emaciated, and pale form by the river. Her dark eyes widened as she confirmed the being's identity. It was a long time since Nyx had seen Akhlys in that form.

"Akhlys!" Nyx called, but got no answer.

The Goddess of Night sighed – her sister was in a word – sulking. It was a rather dangerous situation. Akhlys was among other things, wrathful and bitter when she could be. While she had mellowed a little after conceiving Perseus, she was still one of the most dangerous, and violent goddesses that existed.

However, Nyx couldn't help but be rather surprised when she saw Akhlys' shoulders slumped, and a small sound of whimpering. It wasn't the usual sulking and bitterness she was accustomed to. Akhlys never whimpered, in that soft tone. Not that she remembered, at least.

Reaching out with her mind, Nyx felt Akhlys' weakened mental defences, and slipped in. She viewed Akhlys' memories, and shook her head as she saw the exchange between Akhlys and Perseus. It was something extremely unwelcome, especially in light of the new circumstances, and the Shadow's power growing exponentially.

"Sister," Nyx said, keeping her voice as soft as she could.

Akhlys turned her head, and looked at the disappointment in Nyx's features, "You have always been too curious, Nyx. You always see too much."

Nyx knew that this situation was extremely delicate – Akhlys was evidently upset, and not in total control. Her aura was literally dripping off her form, and the Death Mist seemed to engulf her. The cold strength of Misery chilled the air, and if Nyx's will was any weaker, she would have succumbed to it. To make matters worse, Akhlys was unstable – dangerous.

"You can't do this to yourself, or to Perseus," Nyx shook her head, keeping her voice low and still. "Let Perseus live, Akhlys. He's no longer a child."

"And what would you have me do, Sister?" Akhlys bit her lip, and her power flared. "I did not make that decision – he did."

Nyx almost shouted in frustration at her. Yes, Perseus had also made the mistake of being forceful and naïve, but Akhlys was no different. She had let her pride, and stubbornness cloud her decisions. What Akhlys did could have serious ramifications for both of them.

The bigger picture, was that Amauros had been greatly fortunate that Perseus had lost a powerful ally, especially with the powers of darkness growing much stronger.

"Perseus needs you, Akhlys," Nyx pleaded. "He does not have many allies, compared to the Shadow."

At this, Akhlys let out a scoff. She turned her head, and trained her haunting, bloodshot yellow eyes towards Nyx. She clenched her fist, and the voices from the River Acheron became stronger, with the screaming growing louder. Nyx prepared herself, and engulfed her hand with the mist of Night.

"He has made it clear that he does not want me as an ally... he has made it clear that he does not want me as his mother," Akhlys ranted, "Who am I to stop a boy, who would rather fancy himself with deceitful Olympians?"

Suddenly, a powerful presence shook the whole pit, and a familiar robed figure appeared, shocking Akhlys and Nyx. The tortured spirits of Tartarus seemed to engulf his presence, but the pair knew better – they were being consumed by the immortal, otherwise known as Lord of the Pit.


"I would hate to interrupt such a touching conversation," Tartarus' smooth voice spoke in amusement. "However, by the order of Chaos, I must clarify a few things."

Akhlys and Nyx stood in full attention, knowing that this was nothing to be trifled with. Lord Chaos' orders were absolute.

"The balance has been disturbed," Tartarus' voice was void of all amusement. "Lord Chaos demands to know why, Nyx. I have my suspicions, but I wish to hear it from you, the Lady of Night, and in Erebus' absence, the Lady of Darkness as well."

"I do not know, Tartarus," Nyx said, standing firm when Tartarus turned his menacing aura towards her. "The Night has grown stronger. It is most likely from the machinations of the Shadow. His echoes have been too impossible to ignore, and it is drowning Hemera's light."

"Impossible," Akhlys murmured. "As powerful as he is, Amauros does not have the strength to tip the balance."

"Unless…" Tartarus mused.

Nyx raised an eyebrow, eying the enigmatic Primordial.

"You did something, didn't you?" Akhlys asked, her voice deadly serious.

"The Shadow is more cunning than we give him credit for, Akhlys," Tartarus' voice was dripping in dark amusement. "So he was the one who made that deal with me to re-enter Tartarus. It's a risky gambit – if not suicidal, but worth it nonetheless, if he finds it."

"What deal did you make, Tartarus?!" Nyx raised her voice towards the treacherous deity. "Find what?!"

"Erebus' resting place," Tartarus nodded, almost chuckling. "There is a great many things Amauros will be able to gain there… especially if he is found worthy by his father."

"You traitor," Akhlys growled, her voice sharp and guttural, as she started to realize the situation.

"I simply allowed him entrance to my pit," Tartarus drawled with disregard. "I never expected this, though… you should have been more vigilant, Akhlys. With Ananke's prophecy, the weakening of the Olympians and the echoes in Gaia's domain, it does explain a few things. I know now what he wants. I must report to Chaos."

"TARTARUS!" Akhlys shouted, as Tartarus disappeared.

"We cannot interfere, Sister," Nyx said. "Lady Ananke has already made that clear enough."

Nyx could only receive a pair of murderous yellow eyes as a reply.

Perseus had his hand on Night, his black sword. The weapon had started pulsing not too long ago – coinciding with the sudden outburst of dark power. While others shook in fear at this sudden flare, Perseus saw opportunity.

No matter how well hidden, the flare would echo off any aura of strength – including Nyctos and Aita. Closing his eyes, Perseus concentrated, using his weapon to enhance his probe. He knew Amauros was much more powerful now – but the sheer weight of power would no doubt hinder and slow him down, giving Perseus enough time to save Aita, and slay Nyctos.

After all, the Fates hadn't said anything about slaying Nyctos.

The flare of darkness seemed to silence other domains, which made the listen easier. Then, he caught it. A cave somewhere in Attica, disguised by the power in Olympus.

'Lykos,' Perseus mumbled.

'I have found it too, Lord Perseus. But the darkness drowning the domains greatly worries me,' Lykos answered, his voice filled with worry. 'Amauros' aura seems greated than I've ever seen.'

'Always one step ahead from me, Lykos,' Perseus said in amusement, but continued in a serious tone, 'However, we cannot worry about that. For now, Amauros is hindered. It's time to act directly.'

'No more games.'

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