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Jou has been missing for over a week until he was found brutally murdered but why is he haunting the Kaiba brothers? Warning: Graphic Violence, Death, and mention of NCS. You have been warned.

Unfulfilled Vow Part 1: The Discovery

"Come on Oni-sama you promised me." The dark haired child wined. Kaiba sighed at his little brother.

"I'm sorry Mokuba I have to finish this report before 8:00 tonight or there'll be hell to pay." Mokuba pouted and gave him the puppy dog look.

"But I NEED to go to Widow's ridge to collect some rock samples for school and it's due tomorrow!" Seto tried to hide his eyes behind his computer. His DID promise a week ago when Mokuba had asked him but with an unexpected ship in the stock market he'd been working nonstop making sure his company would suffer to the point he would have to start letting people go and cutting a few promising projects.

"I'll have a security guard or two take you to the park or something. I can't leave until this report is done and I don't like the idea of you going to Widow's ridge with out me."

"But the teacher said whoever brings in the most different types of rock get the ONLY A! Widow's ridge is the best spot and you PROMISED!"

Seto sighed heavily; he wasn't going to win this one. And there was no way in hell he'd let Mokuba go the ridge with only a guard after Jounouchi had disappeared.

"Oh alright, but only on two conditions. One, we can only be gone an hour and I'll be taking the laptop with me. Two, don't stray far and don't leave my sight."

"That's three, but Yeah! I promise now let's go!" Seto followed his little brother out the door with a strange feeling of dread. -I hope I don't regret this. -

* * *

Knowing he didn't have much time Mokuba rushed to the entrance careful not to lose sight of his brother. He was about to go in when he noticed a flyer on an oversized bulletin board.

"MISSING Katsuya Jounouchi, age 17, last seen on Sunday 8:00 PM Possible kidnapping if seen please call 1-800-THE-LOST"

Seto noticed the flyer as well. At first he thought Jou had just run away. While he never told anyone, he could see that Jou was showing all the signs of child abuse. Maybe he had wised up and left for good? That was until he got a call from Yugi.


"Kaiba residence."

"Kaiba this is Yugi Moto."

-Yugi? Why would he be calling me? - "What do you want Yugi I'm a busy man?"

"I just wanted to know if you've seen Jounouchi lately?"

"The Mutt? Why would I know where the little puppy is? You're the one he's always hanging around."

"Please Kaiba, I haven't seen him in 3 days. His dad said he never came home Sunday after he left my house. No one's hear from him and I'm really getting worried. I've called everyone he knows and even a few he doesn't so if you can think of anything that may help us find him I'd be in your debt."

(End flashback)

It had surprised him to say the least. He half expected the boy to accuse him of having something to do with Jou's disappearance. Still he told the worried duelist if he found anything he'd let him know.

The Kaiba brothers were heading down the narrow path to the ridge. They found a perfect spot where the waves crashed along the shore and the ground was littered with rocks to collect. Before Mokuba went to work he looked up at his brother. "Say Seto?"


"What do you think happened to Jounouchi-kun?"

"Probably got into trouble and ran off you don't need to worry about that kid."

Mokuba shrugged and went off to gather as many specimens as he could. His brother looked at the waves crashing at the ridge at the bottom of Widow's Peak. He found a nice seat on a rock and opened his laptop trying to ignore the view as well as the nagging feeling he was getting.

* * *

Mokuba sifted through the stones and rock on the ground. He already had a large bucket full and he just kept finding more and more. -Glad I made Seto take me here. - He thought as he picked up a piece of quartz. Suddenly he felt a chill run down his spine. He looked up and was surprised by what he saw.

"Jounouchi-kun?" There sanding before him was the missing boy. "Where did you come from?" The teen turned and began to walk away. "Hey wait, where have you been all this time?" Forgetting his collection and his brother's warning he followed the retreating blond. He rounded corners and squeezed through a few small cracks not sure how the larger teen could. "Wait up! Everyone's been worried about you. Even my brother even though he won't." The dark haired child stopped dead in his track at the sight before him. After a moment of shock he screamed.

* * *

Try as he might Seto Kaiba could not concentrate. That nagging feeling would not go away. He closed his laptop ready to call his brother back but when he looked up Mokuba was no ware to be found. Panicking he looked around frantically calling his brother's name.

"Mokuba! Mokuba where are you?"

"WHHAAAAAAaaaa!" He heard a loud scream and ran towards its source.

"Mokuba!!!" Suddenly he saw the child appear around a corner and didn't stop until he was in his brother's arms. "Mokuba, what happened?"

The boy started sobbing into his brother's chest. "Jounouchi-kun.Jounouchi- kun." but he could bring himself to say anymore. Seto scooped up Mokuba and headed in the direction he had just ran from. Angrily he shouted out to the blond teen.

"Where are you mutt! Who do you think you are scarring Mokuba like that? When I find you, I'm gonna." He stopped dead in his tracks. He had found Jounouchi alright.at least what was left of him. There were bones sticking out where they shouldn't, limbs twisted the wrong way, and an ugly black mark around his neck. The body was beginning to decay he was luck he could still tell it was the blond.

"Oh dear God." He whispered quickly taking his still sobbing brother away. He placed the boy in the limo and closed the door as he made the phone call. "Hello, police? You know that missing teen Jounouchi Katsuya? Well I just found his body in Widow's ridge at the bottom of the cliffs. Please send someone right away we have a murderer loose in the city."

To be continued.