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The Epilogue

"Ni-sama wake up! Come on, are you going to sleep all day?" Mokuba shouted trying to get his lazy brother out of bed. Kaiba groaned and tried to pull the cover back over his head.

"Leave me alone will ya kiddo? I had a really rough night last night." But Mokuba wasn't having any of that.

"It's almost one O'clock in the afternoon and have you forgotten what day it is?" Kaiba blinked, how could he almost forgotten. He pushed off the warm covers and rubbed the sand out of his eyes.

"Alright, alright I'm up!" Mokuba smiled and ran out of the room.

"I'll get break-I mean, a late lunch ready. See you in a few." Kaiba watched his little brother leave the room. Well, not so little anymore. He was after all 18 years old and heading off to college later that day. He glanced over at the clock and shivered momentarily.


He had never realy gotten over that nightmare. Even after that psycho was found dead his problems didn't let up much. Poor Mokuba was so traumatized he would cry and scream every time Kaiba tried to leave his side. He couldn't blame him really. After being kidnaped for a second or third time the twelve year old didn't want to be left alone for a moment. It had gotten so bad he was forced to take him to see a psychiatrist. Even from the beginning Kaiba knew this was going to be a long road to recovery.

He loved his brother to death and right now he needed him more then anything else. Kaiba's time however was being split between his work and his brother so he was forced to make a life changing decision. He quite his job as CEO of Kaibe corp. and sold most of his stocks so he could devote all of his time to helping his only brother recover both mentally and physically.

It was a long road indeed. Mokuba's legs needed several surgeries and after six months his physical therapy began. It was both painful and emotionally draining having to learn how to walk again like an infant. But with his brother by his side giving him the time and dedication he used to give to his work the boy found the strength to fight again. It took some time but eventually he made a full recovery. You would never know he was in a wheelchair for almost a year.

Kaiba didn't fair as well. The injury to his arm was more saver then he thought. Several of his muscles and nerves were damaged by the shot and he had to go through a series of skin graphs because of the burns. He came very close to losing the arm all together. Even after years of surgery and therapy he still had very little use of the limb. He still had a number of ugly scars all over the appendage and always wore long sleeves and gloves even in the summer.

The Kaiba brother's mental recovery to this day is an ongoing battle. But things have gotten better with time and many visits to the psychiatrist. At first Kaiba went for Mokuba sake and his alone, but it wasn't long before he was roped into the sessions as well. He was understandably very reluctant to revile anything to a stranger. The doctor that was working with them was a elderly woman with a passion and eventually the once proud business man broke down and poured his heart out. Everything from the abuse of his stepfather, the guilt over Jounouchi's death, and the many people that suffer directly or indirectly because of his indifference.

It was around this time Kaiba was sued by Chisa and Hide's family. The wrongful death suit was brought on because of Kaiba's forceful insistence and refusal to wait for back up. His lawyer had told him that he could sweep it under the rug and not to worry. That man was fired on the spot. He wasn't going to run or cover up his mistakes any longer. He met with the family face to face and let them rant and rave about the loss of their father and grandfather. He accepted responsibility and after many meetings and personal talks they settled the matter out of court. Kaiba also used some of his fortune to improve this city's police force especially the juvenile division.

Private investigator Hideaki was credited with stopping the serial killer Hiro, a story Kaiba did not rebuke. Hiro was linked to over 12 murders of young children as well as 5 that were still missing. Enough evidence was found in his apartment to close all of those cases including his last victim Jounouchi Katsuya.

That had been six years ago. And after all that had happened to the former CEO he saw the world in a new light. He still loved to duel but not so obsessively he lost sight of what was truly important. He had come to accept that Yugi Moto would always be the best and, to his surprise, he was OK with that. What he wasn't OK with was the fact that the young duelist refused to acknowledge he was even alive. After more then a year of trying to talk to him and make amends for what he had let happen to his best friend, and not even getting a response he gave up. That had been one of the biggest issue in his therapy sessions.

He could handle anger, sadness, and even rage just fine but abandonment, that truly hurt. But he knew Yugi had every right to not see Kaiba ever again. The indifference he showed him was almost ironic.

Kaiba shock his head. He had come a long way since that time and he was proud to say he accomplished much since then. But Yugi, that was the one thing he had never been able to fix, and he would never be able to truly heal until he spoke to him. It didn't even matter so much that Yugi forgave him so long as that he understood that if he could go back and change thing he would.

Kaiba sighed and went to join his brother for a late lunch.

"Bout time you got up." The young man said as he set a plate of eggs and bacon in front of his brother.

"What can I say I work better at nights." He smiled at Mokuba and thanked God that at least he hadn't screwed things up too badly for his younger brother. He had struggled and was able to get over his trauma with his help but now it was time to let him go. He had been accepted into Tokyo University and was planing to become a Psychiatrist and help other kids who had suffered traumatic evens in their lives. Kaiba couldn't be prouder, and although he would miss him to death, it was time for both of them to let go and get on with their lives.

"You would work better at days if you went to bed before it was time to get up." The dark haired Kaiba said as he turned on the TV.

"Coming up next the story of Jounouchi Katsuya. Did the ghost of the murdered teen lead investigators to his own killer? Based on the true story and after the movie see the actual video tape recorded after his death that gave private investigator Hideaki the missing clues. Also we'll speak with former CSI agent and current paranormal reacher Chisato. Stay tuned for the movie "Unfulfilled Vow"

Kaiba couldn't help but smile and shiver at the same time. Chisa had been fired for meddling in a police investigation but after the events of that frightening night she had a new purpose in live. After settling with Kaiba he offer her any help he could give her, and she took him up on it. She had never been one to believe in ghost, as a member of the CSI she was trained to look at the evidence in front of her and either prove or disprove it. The images she saw she had no explanation for. She, like Kaiba, hated leaving things undone and started her own investigation. She came to Kaiba and asked for a copy of the tapes from their investigation and for Kaiba's entire story about Jounouchi. He gave her the tapes with the strange images of Jounouchi and after countless test no one could positively explain how Jounouchi, or the house where his killer was found, got onto that tape.

In a strange way getting fired was the best thing that could have happened to Chisa. She used all her skills she learned in the CSI to study and investigate Jou's case and many others. Since then she's published several book and investigated a number of cases. Most had a very reasonable explanation but there was always a few that remain mysteries.

"Looks like Chisa still doing OK for herself." Said Mokuba as he cleared the table. Kaiba was happy for her. True she wasn't making as much money, but she loved what she was doing. She had even donated a portion of the money she received from Jounouchi's story to a college fund for Hide's grandchildren like he always wanted. His oldest granddaughter is now attending the finest police Academy fallowing in Hide's footsteps.

Kaiba cleared his place and fallowed Mokuba up to his room. He had already cleared out most of his belongings and was just checking to make sure he hadn't for gotten anything. It was both a proud and depressing moment for Kaiba. His brother was moving on to bigger and better things, but that also meant he didn't need his big brother anymore.

"Seto, I'm all set! Let's get going!" With a sad smile he left the empty room and closed the door.

* * * *

Today may have been moving in day for Mokuba but they had to make one final stop before moved in. Mokuba had to take on the driving responsibilities because of Kaiba's arm. He simply couldn't move it enough to feel confident behind the wheel. They had long since gotten rid of their driver as well as moved into a smaller house. Kaiba corp. had been sold to an enterprising young man who had turned it into one of the biggest energy efficient research and automotive makers in the world. Not only did it bring in hundreds of new jobs but city's pollution problem has been dropping steadily since then. Kaiba may have had offers for more then 4 times what he was paid but it was worth it just to see his former company shine like it never had under any of the Kaiba's.

The price wasn't a big concern though. The brothers still had plenty to live off of and of course Kaiba had started a few side projects that kept him up most nights.

"We're here." Said Mokuba as he pulled into the Cemetery Parking lot. It had become a tradition to help Kaiba with the guilt. Even though it was still painful Kaiba refused to forget. He was about to get out to visit the grave of Jounouchi Katsuya when he noticed there was someone already there. There standing in front of the headstone was non other then Yugi Moto. Kaiba wasn't exactly surprised to see the young man it was just he usually came in the evening after him. Mokuba saw this and put a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Seto, why don't you let me talk to him?"

"I don't know, maybe I should just wait."

"Don't be stupid, its been years since you've even seen each other. At least let me try." Kaiba was silent for a while but Mokuba was very persistent.

"Just let me talk to him, and if he still won't listen...well that's just too bad for him." Kaiba sighed but gave in. He didn't have much hope left but he figured he could give it one more try.

Today after all was a special day, Jounouchi's birthday. It was also on this day six years ago the boy had been laid to rest instead of celebrating with his friends. Kaiba looked up when he saw his brother gesturing for him to come out. As Kaiba exited the car he felt his heart speed up suddenly not sure if he really could face his formal rival.

* * * *

Mokuba had moved aside to give his brother some privacy. Clutching the flowers in his hand Kaiba moved slowly towards the grave. Yugi was simply looking down at the headstone then casually looked at the flowers in Kaiba's hand. There was a long silence before Yugi finally spoke.

"So, you were the one leaving those yellow roses." Kaiba blinked. It was true he had always left the same type of flowers but it seemed strange that Yugi would notice something like that.

"Yes, it was." He had wanted to talk with this man for years but now that was he couldn't think of what to say.

"I always wondered who it was. All of Jou's friends came later in the day but no one knew who had left those yellow flowers." There was another long pause. "Why?" Kaiba wasn't sure what he was asking.

"Why what?" Yugi still wasn't looking at him.

"Why do you bother to come every year when you never cared about him."

Kaiba knew this would come up but still didn't know what to say. So he just said what came naturally.

"I think it's because he reminded me of myself." Yugi looked up at the older man clearly not expecting this answer. "Maybe that's why I was so cruel to him all those years, I kept seeing myself and I hated what I saw. I guess I was directing my anger at him because I didn't want to admit I was disgusted with myself." He paused looking at the headstone sadly. "But I never wanted this."

Yugi was now looking him in the eyes as if trying to determine if he was lying or not.

"You sound like one of those TV shrinks." Kaiba chuckled a bit.

"I guess my own shrink has rubbed off on me."

"So, what Mokuba said was true?"

"If he told you I had been getting help, then the answer is yes. I've went reluctantly at first but I do believe it help me. I've learned to take responsibility for my actions. Wether they were directly or indirectly I can't hide anymore. I WON'T hide anymore!" Kaiba took a long calming breath.

"I've done whatever I could to come to terms with my sins and try to make up for them. But there are some thing that simply can't be fixed. I know I will probably never be forgiven for turning my back on Jounouchi and that's alright with me. I just needed you to know that I am truly sorry. It's my fault that he's dead and I'm sorry I didn't help when I had the chance. I thank you for letting me tell you so even if you don't believe me. If this is the last time I speak with you, I'm glad I got tell you what I should have told you long ago. If you never want to see me again..." He unwrapped the flowers and laid them on the grave. "then I guess this is goodbye."

Kaiba turned to leave but then Yugi spoke up. "You're not the same." Kaiba stopped and turned back around.

"Not the same?" Yugi dropped his eyes.

"You're not the same Seto Kaiba from six years ago." There was a moment of silence before he continued. "I think I needed someone to blame. Jou's killer was dead, and you survived. It was just easier to blame a living person then some dead monster. For the longest time you were the heartless bastard who let Jounouchi die." He glanced down at the roses as yellow as the midday sun. "It's easier to still think of you that way. But then I started noticing the flowers year after year and made the connection. You may have noticed the lack of flowers with the exception of your own.

"Anzu's off dancing in America like she's always wanted, Honda got a scholarship to a school in Yokohama and can't come visit as often and the rest of his friends seemed to have moved on. It's not a bad thing, but..." A single tear rolled down his cheek. "At least his sister still comes, you just missed her. Maybe it's time I moved on for real instead of just pretending I did."

Kaiba didn't know what to say. Again he could have handled anger directed at him but never thought he would be the one trying to comfort Yugi himself.

"I don't know what to tell you. You've lost someone important to you and everyone can say, 'Just get over it' but he was an important part of your life. You have every right to feel sad and grieve as long as you feel you need to. It's all up to you but do you really think Jou would have wanted to morn him so long?" Yugi shifted.

"That's what everyone keeps telling me, how would they know what Jou wanted." He met Kaiba's gaze again. "Why is it that he came to you and not me?" Ahh, so now we get to the root of little Yugi's extending grief. Jounouchi's presence around Kaiba and not his best friend.

"You want to know what I think? I think what we saw on that video tape was when Jounouchi discovering Mokuba was the next victim. And knowing how stubborn and righteous as he was, do you think that was something he could forget even in death?"

"I guess. It sure sounds like something he would do."

"I never got a chance to tell you, on the night when we got his killer I saw him trying to comfort you. I didn't know if you knew but he was there. That was the last time I saw him." The young duelist smiled at the thought. He did feel his friends presence that night but more then once he thought it might have just been wishful thinking on his part.

"I have to get going soon. Mokuba's moving into college today and I want to say goodbye."

"OK, tell him I wish him luck." Kaiba smiled and started to make his way back.

"Hey Kaiba?" Yugi yelled back one last time. "Thank you, for helping bring justice to Jounouchi. And...I'll see you around."

"Thanks, I'd like that." And with that Kaiba left the cemetery feeling for once in his lifetime that things were going to be OK.

* * * *

All to quickly Mokuba was settled in and it was time for Kaiba to leave. He left him the car promising to hire another driver for himself and the second car. Mokuba even offered to drive his brother home but Kaiba just shock his head. He wasn't to good to take the bus and the station was only a few blocks away.

He was almost at the station when he heard the screeching of tires. He turned just in time to see a car barring towards him. He jumped out of the way and watched as the car continued speeding down the street. He rested his good hand against his chest steading his heart. He shock his head and headed to the bus station. All he wanted right now was to curl up in bed with a good book, this had been a VERY long day. And it wasn't even over, not by a long shot.

As he got on line to buy his ticket he saw something out of the corner of his eye. "It couldn't be." He walked over to the bushes sure he seen something he shouldn't have. It was moving and he felt compelled to fallow. As he entered the woods just behind the bus station he stopped now able to see it clearly for the first time. "Jounouchi."

Sure enough there was the young blond looking exactly as he did six years ago, minus the scars and bruises. He stood there casually leaning against a tree a coy smile planted on his lip. Kaiba didn't understand, why was he here, after all this time? Shouldn't he have moved on by now. He spoke not a word as he gestured for Kaiba to fallow him and he wasn't about to ignore the young ghost again.

Kaiba had to run to keep up even though it seemed like the spirit was taking a casual stroll. He didn't know how far they went or how long. He only became away of the passing of time when he looked up into sky and saw the aurora rays in the distance. He found it strange the he was not a bit tired but he felt compelled to go on. He was not going to loose the boy again. The forest seemed to be an endless blanket of green but the further he went on the brighter the lights became.

Finally the trees parted and dirt under his feet turned to sand. He was standing on a beach overlooking the vast ocean. He stared out into the living canvas of every color imaginable. The warm hues of reds and orange melted into the cool blues and greens of the water. The morning clouds passing by mixed in tones of violet and yellow in a unique pattern no painting or photo could recreate. Kaiba stood there in awe. He never realized something so simple as a sunrise on a sandy beach could be so beautiful and make him feel so serine.

Well...maybe in a way he had. Over the years he had come to appreciate his little brother so much more. He also understood the all the power and money in the world had done nothing for him except turn him into a soulless monster. And he was Grateful he learned this lesson even if it was at a high price. It was then he remembered the one who brought him here in the first place.

Jounouchi was standing to the side not watching the sunrise but Kaiba. He has a strange smile on his face that seemed to a mix of peace and contentment with a bit of humor thrown in. He still spoke silence as if waiting for Kaiba to do something. Kaiba had thought he lost this opportunity long ago; to tell Jounouchi what he should have told him when he was still alive.

"I'm Sorry Jounouchi, I truly am. I'm sorry you died because of my mistakes and I'm sorry I didn't try and fix them when I had the chance. I'm sorry I took out my anger on you when you in a situation similar to mine. I'm sorry I ignored what you were going through with your father and I'm sorry I left you to die." He paused when he realized the tears were flowing down his face as years of guilt overflowed and burst.

"I do want to thank you for not giving up on a heartless bastard and for saving my brother. Thank you for being there for both of us and I'm sorry I ignored all of your warnings. You're a good man, so much better I could ever hope to be. I make no excuses for my behavior and asking your forgiveness would be too much. I just wanted to say thank you and I'm sorry for us, for everything...Jounouchi."

I felt surprisingly good to get that off his chest and to know he meant every word. Jounouchi never interrupted and smiled. He turned to the ocean. Kaiba was a little disappointed at the boy's lack of response but turned back to sunrise once again. If possible it was growing lovelier by the moment. The lights of color seemed to drawing him closer as he felt the warmth emanating from their rays. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He felt as if he could look into this light for all eternity he just had to get closer but he was afraid.

As if reading his mind Jounouchi turned to the reformed man and spoke for the first time since he died.

"Don't worry Kaiba, beauty like this never fads and once you see it you will never be turned away." Kaiba didn't want to turn away from the dancing prism in the distance but the sound of the dead boy's voice was too great to ignore.

"So, you ready." Kaiba thought long and hard about this but as Jounouchi extended a hand he expected it with out question. This was right. He thought as they turned back as advanced on the radiant lights together. The closer he got the warmer he felt. He never thought he could feel this good and if what Jounouchi said was true, this was an everlasting feeling one he would never awaken from. And that just made him go further. As the reached the end Jounouchi turned still guiding Kaiba never letting go. Kaiba smiled knowing exactly what he was going to say.

"Welcome home."

* * * *

Yugi rubbed his eyes as he went down stairs to open the Game shop. He had to take over for his grandfather a few years ago when he had a heart attack. He survived but he had to take it easy for a while. Yugi had jumped in to help and since the store was the sole source of income for the family he was forced to keep it open on his own. It wasn't so hard now that his grandfather was no longer bed ridden but Yugi insisted that he was only to do the paper work and no heavy lifting. Normally Gramps would have protested but he understood his grandson's insistence. He had lost a friend so close they might as well have been brothers, and Yugi was going to do everything in his power to keep from losing another.

He sighed as he unlocked the door and opened the store for the day. He was glad that he was able to finally talk to Kaiba at the grave sight yesterday. He had felt guilty about blaming everything on the young man but could never bring himself to seek him out on his own. He was please to see for himself that Kaiba had indeed changed and was no longer his cruel rival. What happened to Jounouchi was horrible but at least some good things came from it. Jounouchi would want him to remember the good times and not the way he died. He picked up the paper and to his surprise he saw a picture of Seto Kaiba on the front cover.

"I'll have to invite him for lunch sometime." but his thoughts went no further as he read the headline.


...The End

A/N: This concludes my ongoing story Unfulfilled Vow. I want to thank all for your reviews and support. Just so you know this is truly the ending I envisioned. I had several ending running though my head but when I actually had a dream showing me the ending I just had to go for it. I believe in many things: choices, even change, but if there's one thing I don't believe in is coincidence. No more shall be written it is time to lay this fic to rest along side Jounouchi and Kaiba.

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The candles burned out as the wicks went dry

Darkness filled the room as the light did die

The word have been written and have all been read

Silence echoed and sang for all had been said

And she closed the book as she did the door

For that is the end...there is no more

~Unfulfilled Vow~ by Shiroi Misa