Ally Mcbeal: 90's Kid

How to be a 90's kid

You know you're part of the 90's gang if you're born at the start, in the middle or near the end of the 90's, If:

If you like Ally Mcbeal, Friends and many other 90's shows

If you like ABBA then you're definitely one of them

Whether you're 40 or older or 15/16 and above like me and got inspired to become a lawyer because of Ally Mcbeal

If you like discos, old cartoons from the 90's, have heard of Footloose, know who Ted Bacon is and got most of the 90's references in guardians of the galaxy

If you know what a pager or cassette is

If you remember records

If you're a hopeless romantic looking for the one like Ally with disastrous consequences

If you have wild imagination

If you imagine the One being someone you can never be with

If you're desperate to find the right guy like Ally and have a great best friend/ roommate like Renee

If You prefer Larry and Ally being together and getting married

AND If you're a big fan of Ally Mcbeal Thanks to RDJ!

So if you're just about everything on this list then…..

YOU'RE a 90'S KID!

I hope you enjoyed my little Ally Mcbeal tribute 90's Kid list as I, in a way, am a 90's kid too but I only saw like 2 years of it before the millenium and I was like 2 in 2000 so…..

Well you get the picture! Well, I've got good new for all of you Ally fans out there, I can say that at some point while watching Season 4 I'm likely to get inspire to write a Larry X Ally story!

I'm dying to as well! So if you're a Lally(Larry X Ally) fan like me then just add some suggestions in the reviews or Pm me as I'm not use to writeing stories for Ally Mcbeal but I'll try my VERY best!

So Untill Christmas… Peace out, My fellow 90's friends!