Gunsmith Cats

"Gunshots Heard 'Round Chicago"

By Christopher Ryan

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i make her say..well tough...I think she would. 'Nuff with the disclaimer...On with the show...)

"Gunshots Heard 'Round Chicago"

Chapter 3 - Heads and Tails

"You've got to be kidding", Rally said in disbelief.

"Im not Rally, Ive been chasing this guy for the past few weeks", Jessie replied, "I

just didnt know who his brother was."

"Believe it, I want you guys to get to know Joe, so we can set up a sting", Detective

Hill added.

"Great more work we wont get paid for", Rally sighed.

"What about me, I lose out on Joe's bounty if I play buddy pal with him", Jessie spat

crossing her arms.

"Its nice to see you ladies are taking it so well", the detective remarked as he smirked

and walked away leaving Rally and Jessie speechless.

Just then a familiar face wanders in the door, she wasnt looking too happy as she wandered up to

Rally. She tossed the keys lightly as Rally opened her palm to catch them.

"Hey May, you dont seem lighthearted anymore", Rally joked.

"Yeah well those guys you said to follow gave me the slip", May growled.

"They do drive alittle reckless", Jessie said.

"I lost them a couple blocks from the industrial section of town", May added.

"Thats a good place to start, wanna help May out Jess", Rally asked.

"Oh sure, but arent you going to get the booth set up", Jessica replied.

"I will but May over there never helps much, so Im used to it", Rally said chuckling.

"I heard that", May piped in with a upset look.

"Ugh, nevermind, you two just get going and come back at six. I should be done by

then", she said gently nudging the two girls out the door.

The door swung shut and Rally about faced to complete her task of finishing the booth. Jessica

and May just looked at each other puzzled. Rally wouldnt give up a chance like this, she must

be up to something. May just shrugged it off and grabbed Jess by the shirt, dragging her hoping

she will tell her where her car is parked. Jess ripped her shirt from May's grasp and signaled

that her Camero was close. They both approached it as Jess pulled her keys from her pocket and

opened the car door. She got in and she leaned over and popped the lock so May could climb in.

She was starting to sweat so she pulled her hair up into a short ponytail revealing to May the

buzzed portions.

"Nice hair", May giggled.

"Oh, thanks, it helps when it gets hot", she remarked, wondering if it was a compliment

or a joke.

She started up the engine and the two drove off where May lost they guys she was tailing.


Meanwhile the man that got away in the van pulled into an abandoned building. He climbed out and

was greeted by a tall man in an expensive looking suit. The man looked well groomed for being in

such a dingy place. He pulled out a rather large cigar and lit it, taking one long drag and blew

the smoke out before speaking.

"I take it, the gun's were dropped off", he spoke in a low voice.

"Yup sir, everything went according to plan, the guns went into the convention hall and

are being set up as we speak", the other man said.

"They had better or you wont live to see another day", the man in the expensive suit

remarked as he snapped his fingers.

Just as quickly, about a dozen or more men armed with semi-automatic weapons came out of various

spots around the building and trained them on the man next to the van. His expression suddenly

turned into a fearful look as he swallowed nervously. The man in the suit just grinned as he

picked up a hat from the table and placed it on his head. He then tipped it down covering his

face as he turned to get in a nearby car, pausing.

"Remember Charlie, if anything, and I do mean anything, happens to my guns. I'm holding

you personally responsible", he said as he got into the car and slammed the door.

The car was started and the engine revved loudly and sped off through the large doorway. As for

the men, they just disappeared, leaving Charlie alone and fearful in the building. He quickly got

back in the van and took off out the door back the way he came.


Jess and May managed to make good time as they reached the spot May had lost the Van. They

started to slowly search the area slowly when May spotted the van.

"There it is", May yelled cheerfully.

"This has to be our lucky day or something", Jessica said in disbelief, "But Im not one

to look a gift horse in the mouth."

The Camero crept up behind the van as it pulled out and Jess proceeded to tail it. Though it was

a most uneventful ride of Jess' life as they soon realized where the van was heading.

"I cant believe the goon is actually going back to the gun show", Jess sighed.

"Well you said you werent one to pass up an opportunity", May replied, laughing.

Soon the van pulled up to the back enterance and was greeted by a few of the thugs he left there.

Charlie got out of the van and was greeted by one of them.

"Hey Chuck, Im happy to see you. We almost got busted by the cops an hour or so ago", the thug said.

"What do you mean almost", Charlie inquired.

"Well they said there was a report of gunfire, and they came to check it out. Plus there

was this psycho chick that opened fire on us too. Im serious", he replied.

"Sounds fishy to me but whatever, at least the guns are safe. Is everything set up on time", Charlie said, after taking a deep breath.

"Yup everythings cool man", the thug said smirking.

"Wonderful, lets just go inside, but first I want you and a couple of the guys to get rid

of the van. Got it", he stated firmly.

"Got it", the thug said then whistled as two more came out of the backdoor to climb into

the back of the van.

They started up the van and promptly drove away. Of course May and Jess were parked not far away

and saw the whole thing.

"Looks like they are ditching the van now", Jessica remarked, a pair of binoculars placed

firmly in both hands as she looked through them.

"You thought they would actually keep it", May said, with an awkward expression.

"Not for a second", Jess replied setting them down and grinning at her.

"Well I think we need to get going, we arent getting anywhere at the moment, besides Im

sure Rally would be upset if we delayed. Its almost six", May said as she smiled and pointed at

her watch.

"Wouldnt want to keep her waiting", Jess answered as she undid her seatbelt to get out,

but paused momentarily as she felt something weird.

May had reached up as Jess had her back turned and was rubbing the shaved portion of her head.

Jess suddenly had an unusual feeling, which May obviously noticed considering she pulled her hand

away. She turned around and looked at May, who suddenly turned a dark shade of red.

"Oh sorry, I was serious about your hair though I really like it", May said, laughing


"Thats ok, if you want, I can do the same thing to yours. If you like it that much", Jess

responded smiling.

"You will? Awesome", May squealed in an almost schoolgirl like manner, "Sorry 'bout that,

guess I got alittle carried away.

They both just laughed as they got out of the car. Jess and May started to walk toward the door

but were met halfway by a very upset Rally Vincent. She fumed as she looked at them.

"I said to be back at six, Im hoping you guys have a good excuse for being 25 minutes

late", she growled.

"Twenty five", May responded, stunned, as she looked at her watch, "Dammit, I think my

watches battery died."

Sure enough the watch read the same time as it did when she checked it last. May just groaned as

she looked at Rally, whom was still very much angry at her.

"Well? What do you have to say", Rally said, her right eyebrow twitching.

Jess and May looked at each other then at Rally, responding in unison, "You wont believe

the luck we had."

*~*~*~* Well that's the end of the third chapter...Sorry for getting this one out extremely late guys though Im starting on Chapter 4 tomorrow...This one doesnt have too much action but it is longer then the first two so thats a good thing I guess... And Ill try to keep them all about this long... Again sorry for the long delay*~*~*~*