#107: White Picket Fence [Modern AU]
Prompted By: ThisUnitHasNoSoul

Almost eight years ago, Ty Lee confided a dream in her long-term girlfriend. She told her that all she ever wanted was a white picket fence ending. Azula did not dislike the image; it has represented successful for decades upon decades and she has never wanted anything more than to show the world just how magnificent she is.

Zuko also told her that she was not that kind of person who led that lifestyle, and Azula makes most decisions based on spite.

Therefore, today, she returns home in a stunning, shimmering blue sports car to a mansion befitting an evil queen with a highly contrasting literal white picket fence around it.

She strides inside and inhales the perfume of melted wax and oil dispersers. Then she steps on a toy because life hates her and nothing is ever wholly satisfactory.

Ty Lee runs to her and pounces. She wraps herself around Azula and kisses her, as inappropriately as they did when they were teenagers, like when Azula was Lady Macbeth in a professional Shakespeare play and Ty Lee's heart bled when she lost her mind and after the curtain call she wrapped her legs around Azula's hips and did not care that the audience and actors watched.

Their lips meet sweetly.

"Did you have a good day?" Ty Lee asks, swaying.

"It could have been worse," purrs Azula, smirking at her wife.

"I guess that's good," Ty Lee says, grinning brightly at her lovely Princess Charming.

And Azula asks, "Did you wipe down the kitchen cabinets?"

Ty Lee mutters to herself, "No, but your kids are alive."

Azula is a kind woman so she pretends not to hear her.

Honestly, who could blame Azula for micromanaging? Compared to herself, everyone else is blunderingly incompetent.

She makes herself pitch black coffee flavored with two spoonful's of cinnamon and vanishes into her office before her two daughters can have a chance to see her and make requests.

Of course, she is not long into murdering the inhabitants of a virtual Bethesda town before the five-year-old Sapphire creeps in uninvited and wails, "Mother, I need to go to the store and get new sunglasses and new shoes and maybe Barbies because you love me!"

Azula glances up and soberly states, "Mommy needs to kill some civilians before she can deal with your problems."

"Can I kill some cillians?" asks the little girl, unable to pronounce the final word.

Azula contemplates the pros and cons for a moment.

"I see no reason why not."

She helps her daughter up and teaches her the controls. Sapphire laughs giddily as she claims the lives of the innocent.

Azula could not be prouder.