Sabrina's eyes grew wide as saucers as she eyed the lobby of the massive Las Vegas hotel-casino. "Ah, Fe, are you sure about this?"

Fe punched her playfully on the arm. "Relax girl. It will be fine. We are gonna have a blast."

Sabrina wasn't so sure, though. To be honest, she didn't feel much like going on the weekend getaway after just getting back from Puerto Rico, but Felix wouldn't take no for an answer. Since he was depressed over how things crumbled between him, Brad and Lucas, she wanted to be there for him despite her own pain so she agreed to go for his sake. He said a change of scenery would do her good, but it hadn't so far, so she wasn't sure what was going to change now.

After they checked in and got settled, they went sightseeing on The Strip. Sabrina was in awe of the activity and the massive hotels and soon found herself having fun playing the tourist. After having a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant, Sabrina wanted nothing more than to go their room and veg out but Felix convinced her to rest up and then come clubbing with him.

Sabrina stared at her reflection in the full length mirror and for the second time in as many years didn't recognize herself. With her hair in a fun updo and wearing a sparkly mini-dress and stilettos, she looked like a model from a magazine rather than plain Sabrina. "Wow..."

Felix turned around to face her and clapped his hands in glee. "You look so great, Bri! You're gonna knock all the men dead tonight."

Sabrina still often thought of herself as a nerd, so she said, "Unlikely, but thanks for saying it."


Despite the crowds and ear-numbing music, Sabrina was having a great time. She smiled. She laughed. She danced. And she even flirted. (Since she'd had several drinks, she attributed the flirting to them rather than a change in personality.)

Sabrina had just turned around from grabbing herself another drink at the bar when she bumped into a man. Embarrassed, she said "Sorry!" and used her teeny cocktail napkin to wipe off his sleeve.

"It's okay. No harm done," he said on a laugh.

Sabrina looked up to thank him for being so understanding and stilled at the handsome man standing before her.