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Umm, Dark!Japan, yes?


The tired feminine groan of his human name had the Asian glancing up at the source and he couldn't help the small polite smile that formed on his normally stoic face, "Kagome-sama." He nodded, acknowledging her.

Kagome forced her blue eyes open, fighting the urge to keep them shut. It felt as they weighed a ton and she could practically feel the heavy dark bruises that were a result of drugs and far too much unwilling sleep, "Why..." Her mouth felt dry and she stared at him with a dull expression, "Why are you... doing this?"

Japan's calm smile didn't waver in the least at the desperate question and he simply observed as his dearest Miko sluggishly struggled against the restraints binding her hands, "You are precious, Kagome-sama," He finally answered after a moment of silence, "Very precious."

The teeange girl stared at her nation with vague and clouded shock, "What are you talking about?" She looked away, wondering if she was seeing things when it appeared as if Japan's brown eyes seemed to glow an eerie red, "I am in no way 'precious'."

Placing the manga he was reading down, Japan let out a quiet sigh as his darling citizen slumped lifelessly on the tatami mat, letting out soft distressful noises from her throat that should be pitied.

But he felt no such thing.

"You do not see your worth," Japan said in his calm voice that made her want to shriek angrily back in response, "I suppose that Hanyou is responsible," The nation frowned momentarily before moving close to the girl and carefully placing her head in his lap, "You need to be protected, Kagome-sama."

Kagome closed her eyes, trying to ignore the soothing strokes of her long silky hair that made her feel like some sort of pet, 'What happened to you, Kiku-chan?' She thought sadly, recalling the cute little boy she had met in the Feudal Era, "You know I can protect myself."

"You don't need to worry about that burden anymore," Japan simply responded, caressing her pale ashen cheek with a single finger in a loving motion, "I can protect you, Kagome-sama. I will protect you from the many impurities of this world."

The Miko smiled bitterly, feeling her eyes burn and it took everything she had to prevent a choked sob from escaping her throat, "By keeping me prisoner!?" His strokes didn't relent and she bit her lip hard enough to taste blood.

"It is for the best," Japan said gravely, quickly making sure his treasured Miko was no longer hurting herself by placing his fingers between her lips. He didn't even flinch as her teeth harshly dug into his skin, "Believe that I know what is best for you, Kagome-sama."

"You have changed," Kagome murmured sorrowfully, her head lolling to the side as she lost the fight to keep her eyes open, "I want my kind Kiku-chan back." With those last soft words, she fell back into a drugged slumber that she was sadly becoming used to.

Japan frowned once more, moving her hair away from her face as he stared down at his unconscious Miko, "I am doing this for you, Kagome-sama," He said out loud, hoping she could hear him despite her inert state, "For you."

No matter how long it took, Japan knew that Higurashi Kagome would eventually understand his actions to protect her from everything that could harm her.

It was only a matter of time.