This fanfic is written in script-style and some readers may not be familiar with some of the elements, so these are outlined below. If you want to skip this, the story begins in the next chapter. Happy reading! :)

*DISCLAIMER:* I don't own How I met your Mother, or any of its subsidiaries

-Each SCENE goes like this: 1. INT. APARTMENT –DAY. Number indicates the number of the scene. "INT." Refers to where the scene will be shot, either inside (INT) or outside (EXT.) The "-DAY" indicates the time, whether day or night.

-PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY SCENE HEADING. They explain where the scene will be shot, and also what YEAR.

-Whenever you see (N1) or (N2) etc . it means I will be coming back to that scene later on. They're like pivot points if you'd like. As like in the show, there will be flashbacks and flashforwards, so just be aware of that.

-Whenever it says "On Robin" or "On Barney" etc. It's just basically a camera reference to focus ON that character. I don't always say it but just don't be thrown off with the times that I do.

-"O.S" stands for "Off Screen". This means that we will hear the character's voice but we won't actually see them until later on, if that makes any sense.

Those are the main things, but if there's more, I'll post it on the author's notes.