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Luke Shepard had never been one for glory, but he had never really been one to follow the rules either. He followed his own code. If someone was guilty, they got punished. If they were innocent, he protected them. Maybe that was why he joined C-Sec almost eleven years earlier.

For the past year, he had worked the organized crime desk for Zakera Ward. Officer Armando-Owen Bailey had been his partner for a while until Shepard got promoted. He and Shepard normally saw eye to eye, "make the truth a priority, don't worry about the rulebook, and get results." Luke never knew why he had all of a sudden gotten the bump to detective simply because of his ideals but he didn't mind the bump in pay at all. It was not long after that he had met Garrus Vakarian, a turian with strong sense of right and wrong. They butted heads a little at first, but in time they became very close. They even had a shouting match with the Executor about letting a doctor named Saleon get away after killing dozens and taking many more hostage.

Luke and Garrus relaxed in the bullpen of the C-Sec satellite office in Zakera Ward watching some new turian and human recruits shuffle around trying desperately to find their paperwork.

"I still don't get it. You grew up on Mindoir with your parents and sisters, the girls enlisted in the military and you came to C-Sec. Why?"

"Look, I could never do the whole military, follow orders to the letter, 'yes sir', 'no sir' crap. I can barely take all the red tape here, but all I ever wanted to be was a cop. If Mindoir hadn't been attacked, I probably would have joined the local sheriff for the colony. Besides, the girls joined the military after I left." Luke interlaced his fingers behind his head and leaned back relaxing slightly. The horrors that he had seen on Mindoir were still haunting shadows in his memory but he had learned to bury his fear and his scars.

"So you haven't told me much about your sisters. I don't think you have ever even mentioned their names." Garrus said sipping on a cup of dextro-coffee.

"Your right. I haven't. I don't think I've really spoken to either of them since…" Luke thought for a moment. Claire and Mallory had been out of contact for nearly thirteen years. He saw them on the news every now and then but other than that, nothing.

"Vakarian! Shepard! Get your lazy butts up here!" Captain Palten was their boss and the turian made sure that everyone knew it. Luke smirked and rubbed his head of buzz cut, dark copper hair before heading up stairs to the captain's office. Garrus shook his head slowly and followed.

"Yeah, captain." Luke said crossing his arms and leaning against the far wall of the turian's office. There was something off about the captain's posture and his demeanor. He had bad news…well bad for him at least.

"Got a new assignment for you two. Just came down from the Council. The Executor wants my best on this, and spirits help me, it's you two."

"Captain, we're still digging into Fist. Some of our data is saying that he flipped on the Shadow Broker. We need to know why." Luke protested.

"Look I don't like this either but there is a spectre involved. There are charges of treason being brought against Saren Arterius. They say that he attacked Eden Prime with an army of Geth. It sounds utterly ridiculous to me but apparently there is enough evidence to warrant an investigation." Luke and Garrus straightened up. They had both heard of Saren in their reports and the stories around the stations. He was suppose to be the Council's top agent.

The two officers nodded and accepted the data drive before heading back down stairs to their info-screens. Garrus placed the disk on his omni-tool and downloaded the information. The files appeared on their screen and they started sorting through it.

After an hour, Garrus looked up at Luke. "Hey, is Shepard a common name for humans?" Shepard looked up at his friend.

"Not really, why?"

"Because it says that a Commander Claire Shepard and First Lieutenant Mallory Shepard were in command of the ground team." Luke sprung up from his chair and circled behind Garrus so that he could read over his shoulder.

"Normandy…Commander…" Luke read through the page quickly only saying every few words. "Damn it! Those are my sisters. How did they get mixed up with a dirty spectre?"

"We don't know he is dirty yet." Luke whipped around and punched in a few codes on his omni-tool bringing up the files he had been reading through. The displayed them across Garrus' screen and started pointing out the sections he wanted him to read.

"Every operation this guy has run ended with a mission completed and a lot of collateral damage. Like here, ten years ago a factory was blown up killing 300 civilians. A human was blamed and Saren got away clean. There are twenty more reports just like that. Where there is this much smoke there is definitely fire."

Garrus could not deny that his friend had a point, they had gone after criminals with less evidence and caught them, but this investigation was going to be different. Everything Saren touched was classified to the highest level. If they were going to find anything, they would have to dig deep and try to piece evidence together from raw intelligence.

"I'm in. What do you want to do?" Garrus asked looking up at his friend.

"You keep going through the files and see if you can find any leads. I'm going to snoop around my underworld contacts and see what I can find out. With luck, we'll find something before the Normandy docks and the hearing begins." Luke slipped his pistol onto his waste along with his badge and slipped an assault rifle onto his back. He didn't expect any really fighting but decided it would be best to change into his armor and keep his shields up. When investigating a spectre, I should probably take every precaution.

His thought kept drifting back through the files as he placed and strapped the pieces of his armor on. The human C-Sec armor was a lot like the turian armor in colors but resembled light military armor in nearly every other aspect.

"You are going to stick out like a broken mandible in that armor, Shepard." Luke smiled at his friend. He had been trying to teach him a lot of the human analogies that were common as well as metaphors and other phrases. Garrus had even managed to turn a few to apply more to turians.

"Yeah but I won't get caught with my pants…or my shields down." Garrus chuckled and nodded before looking back to his files.

Luke had searched every file and questioned every contact he had and had not slept in nearly twenty-four hours. He was running on coffee and natural stem packs. As he collapsed into his chair at his desk, he found himself without his partner. He sighed hoping that Garrus had found more than he had. All he knew was that Fist had turned on the Shadow Broker and was now an agent for Saren. Whatever information Fist had was enough to cross the Shadow Broker for and join Saren. It was probably proof that Saren was in league with the Geth but He had no idea on how to get into Fist's office and get his files. If he used a warrant, Fist would destroy the data and run, but if he went in with guns blazing, he would be dead before he made it to the back room where Fist's office was.

Luke leaned back and closed his eyes for what seemed like only a minute but the next moment he opened them Garrus was sitting across from him reading more of the files.

"How long was I out?" Luke asked sitting forward again and rubbing his face.

"Maybe two hours. You needed the sleep." Garrus said scanning through another file.

"What did you find out?" Luke asked activating his omni-tool.

"That the Council wants this swept under the rug. The more I dug into the files the more I got the Citadel run-around. Everything is classified or not accessible. I tried to get the Executor to stall the hearing until we were done but he shut us down. Oh, ran into your sisters on my way back. They look fine." Garrus saw the news did nothing to change his friend's mood so he continued. "Anyway, the council threw out everything Udina and the Normandy crew put forward. Your sisters are looking into other ways to prove Saren's guilt."

"Then we are going to have to keep working this. I found a small lead. It may be nothing, but my gut tells me that it's something." Luke paused and looked around the bullpen. "The information was right about Fist. He flipped on the Shadow Broker and is working for Saren now."

Garrus' eyes went wide. "That is not just a lead, Luke. That could make the case. The Shadow Broker has even hired a bounty hunter to go after Fist for the betrayal but Fist hasn't run." Suddenly, Luke's omni-tool went off. He opened the message and stood slowly as he read it.

"Get your gun Garrus. Some of Fist's thugs are on their way over to the clinic to keep Dr. Michel quiet about something. This might be the start of his disappearing act." Garrus jumped to his feet and followed Luke out of the station grabbing his sniper rifle on the way.

The two officers moved slowly hugging the wall as the thugs threatened the doctor. They were all human of course, most likely because Fist was human and only hired human or krogan thugs to do his dirty work.

Luke had his pistol out and ready as Garrus retrieved his gun. He preferred his rifle from 100 meters or more but he was still a decent shot with his pistol. As they got ready to attack the heard the door open revealing four marines in full tactical gear.

"Who are you?" One of the thugs shouted as he took Dr. Michel in one arm and used her as a human shield.

"Let her go!" Came the response.

Luke leapt forward firing only once. The bullet ripped through the thugs head and he dropped to the floor releasing Dr. Michel. The human officer grabbed her by the arm and puller her down into one of the exam areas. Standing between her and the thugs, Luke fired twice before being joined by Garrus' own shots driving the attackers back into the far end of the office. The four marines charged into the battle and ripped the gangsters to pieces with their assault rifles.

As the last man slumped against the wall dead, Luke returned his pistol to his belt and turned to face the Marines. He smirked when he saw the two red head girls approaching. Even after thirteen years, he could see that they were his sisters. Their hair was the same color as their mother's and their eyes were like mirrors of his.

Garrus could not get over how pretty the two humans were. Most of the time he found something rather odd about human appearances but these two even with full armor on, they were quite appealing.

"Great timing. You gave me a clear shot at that bastard." Luke saw his sister's expression darken. There was a hint of confusion in her eyes as she slipped her rifle onto her back. Commander Claire Shepard stood at the same height as her sister Lieutenant Mallory Shepard but both stood a full inch or two shorter than their brother. Do they even recognize me?

"Are you crazy? You could have hit the hostage! Don't you think before you pull the trigger?" Commander Claire Shepard's eyes were burning with anger as she approached Luke.

"I could not risk this turning into a long dragged out hostage situation. This is a time sensitive job. Besides, I knew I wouldn't hit her." He felt stupid explaining his actions to his sister. He looked back at Garrus who immediately came to his aid.

"Dr. Michel, are you hurt?" Garrus asked stepping to his partner's side. The comment seemed to move the attention that had been on Luke to the doctor.

"No, I'm alright thanks to you. All of you." Her eyes darted from the turian and over to the group of humans.

"Why were those men after you?" Mallory asked. Luke leaned against the wall. Neither sister recognized him. It had been a decade, could they have forgotten him?

"They wanted to shut me up and keep me from telling Luke and Garrus about the quarian." The two officers looked at each other.

"What quarian?" The officers said in unison.

"She came in a few days ago. She had been shot but would not tell me what had happened. She wanted to deal with the Shadow Broker, trading information for safety or something, so I put her in contact with Fist, he's an agent for the Shadow Broker."

"Not anymore, now he works for Saren." Garrus' gaze shifted immediately to Claire as he spoke. Luke nodded his confirmation.

"Fist betrayed the Shadow Broker!? That's stupid even for him." Dr. Michel added.

"The quarian must have evidence that proves Saren is a traitor." Mallory said looking over at her sister.

"We can't let Saren get that evidence and I won't let Fist sacrifice an innocent life." Claire responded.

"Look, this is your show Commander. But take us along with you. We want Saren as bad as you do." Garrus said. Luke turned to look at his friend before looking back to his sisters. Please take us with you.

"Fine. But you follow my orders to the letter. Agreed?" Claire's eyes drifted to Luke as if checking to make sure he agreed.

"You got it." Luke said nodding his understanding.

As the group turned to leave, another marine caught Luke's eye. She was a dark haired, tan skinned, beautiful woman. The fact that she was dressed in heavy armor simply enhanced her allure.

"You coming Luke!" Garrus said at the door. Luke jumped playfully and saluted dramatically before sprinting to fall back into step with the group next to Garrus.

Even though they were triplets, Claire had always been the responsible one; she took care of her siblings and obeyed their parents. Even when the slavers attacked Mindoir, she was the one that led Mallory and Luke to safety. She took that responsibility over everyone she met which ended up with her being awarded the Star of Terra for her heroic defense of Elysium during the Skyllian Blitz.

Mallory, on the other hand, followed he sister around trying to be just like her. She followed Claire into the military and even through the N7 training. She had made her own reputation as someone who could get the job done on Torfan where she led her platoon into the batarian held stronghold and cleared it room by room. She lost most of her squad in the operation but the mission was a success. Though she mourned them, everyone saw her as a bit ruthless.

Luke on the other hand was nothing like his sisters. On Mindoir, he had been the child that adults feared to hang out with their kids. Luke was always making trouble and had even tried fighting the slavers when they attacked the colony. After their parents were killed, the triplets were placed in foster care but Luke ran away and ended up on the Citadel working in a tech shop. Of course, he could not work there forever and decided to join C-Sec. He had not seen his sisters since they were sixteen and now, he was not even sure if they knew he was their brother. Maybe they know it's me but are ignoring me to try and teach me a lesson…