"So this is Fuyuki. It looks different compared to what I've heard."

The voice belonged to a young man of indeterminate age. One could put him easily at his late teens or early twenties, but even he couldn't tell you how old he really was.

He had long purple-colored hair that despite many claims was entirely natural. His eyes were like amethysts, and had a bit of a cat-like shape to them. He had a runner's body, one that seemed perfectly built for the most amazing gymnastics. He carried himself loosely, as if ready to bolt at a moment's notice.

He wore a dark tank top and black jeans. On his shoulder was a small creature with white fur and red eyes. On the other was a duffel bag full of the necessities like clothes and his wallet.

He already had a place set up near a mansion most people wouldn't even want to look at, let alone go near. It was just that creepy.

The neighbors fully believed it to be haunted.

Fuyuki had seemed ordinary enough, and he liked being around water. Spend a lot of time on a coastal town and it's sometimes hard to make a transition inland. Besides, it would be interesting to see what he could find in the river. He heard that there was a huge explosion a few years ago and not everything had been collected by the salvage companies.

The boat took it's sweet time docking, but he wasn't in any real hurry.

He waltzed off the boat, not really paying any attention.

His first stop was to the house, to make sure everything was set up. Selling some of the ancient Greek artifacts he had stolen off the original creators had netted him quite the nest egg, and they couldn't exactly complain when they were long dead.

Being an immortal sure had it's perks. The only real downside he had with it was the boredom. When you are sure to live forever, it was hard to find things that would keep your interest. The longest he had lasted so far was four hundred years, and he didn't exactly have a choice in the matter.

"Well Wiz, this is our new home. What do you think?"

The furry creature on his shoulder (which resembled a lop-earred rabbit for some reason) sniffed around. It wanted food. Now.

He chuckled.

"Yeah, I know what you mean buddy. First let me lock down the house then we'll go get something to eat."

It took him an hour to set up the house so no one could get in, and he stashed his duffel bag someplace no one would look. Call him paranoid, but he just didn't want to replace some of the things inside the bag.

Sakura Matou was a sad girl. Her 'brother' hated her because of the fact she was the heir and not him, her 'grandfather' outright abused and violated her with disgusting things, and her sister couldn't stand to be in the same room with her.

The only joy she had in her life was spending time with her sempai, Shiro Emiya.

She went to the check out counter and ended up bumping into someone.

"Sorry about that. I wasn't looking where I was going," said a voice. Whoever it was sounded nice.

Sakura looked up and stared. The person before her had the most amazing purple eyes that held only warmth. He leaned down to pick up a box she had dropped and held it out to her.

"Hi. My name's Drake, what's yours?"


"Pretty name for a pretty girl."

Sakura blushed. No one had ever called her pretty before.

"Maybe I'll see you around town. I just moved here, so I still have to get settled in," said Drake.

Sakura said nothing. What could she say?

Drake finished his shopping and headed to the bookstore. Sakura would replay their meeting in her head afterwords, and was privately glad she hadn't made a total fool of herself.

"Welcome students...to Greek Mythos 101," said the professor.

Because of his looks, there was no way he could disguise himself as a high school student. Besides, he had enough of teenaged angst for one lifetime thank you. So he enrolled at a nearby college instead.

He mostly picked easy courses, since he had no real interest in a career. He was a good thief after all.

But the second he saw Greek mythology on the list of available classes, he selected it without a second thought. He could always have fun poking at the 'gods' in his papers after all, since it would be virtually impossible to get actual revenge on them.

"Now today I want to find out what you think you know about Greek Mythology, so we're going to have a little pop quiz. Isn't that fun?" asked the professor.

Most of the people groaned, but Drake smirked evilly. This should prove entertaining.

Fifteen minutes later the teacher was reading over the papers. Most of them were only half filled, not surprising considering this was a Japanese college, but one caught his attention rather quickly.

"Mr. Niwa, a word please?" he asked.

Drake went up to the desk.


"When I asked you to write what you know about the Greek gods, I wasn't asking for you to express your personal opinion based on half-known facts," said the teacher.

"I wasn't basing them on half-baked facts sir," said Drake. He was basing the entire thing on personal experience.

"Care to explain why you wrote, and I'm quoting you on this, Zeus as a 'serial rapist', Aphrodite as a 'loose-legged whore', Athena as an 'uptight bitch', Artemis a 'total tomboy', and Hera as a 'scorned wife'?" he asked.

Drake heard quite a few people snicker.

"I was only being blunt. Sir."

"If that's the case then please, share with the class why you chose these answers?" said the professor smugly.

Drake rolled his eyes.

"Because Zeus is well known in the Greek pantheon for not being able to keep it in his pants. He raped several women and impregnated countless others. He used shapeshifting just to avoid his rather angry wife Hera, though why she didn't just castrate him as a lesson I'll never understand. Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, but she was caught repeatedly by others engaging in illicit acts, and in one memorable case was captured by her husband in an enchanted net in bed with Ares. Athena is an uptight bitch because she chose to punish Medusa for being raped by Poseidon, despite the fact it wasn't her fault that the god chased her into the temple. She also couldn't take a joke, because she punished Arachne for her tapestry subject, which was the many affairs of Zeus himself. Artemis was well known for preferring the company of animals and other maidens, and spent hours hunting, which is pretty much the definition of a tomboy. As for Hera, she fits the text book definition of a scorned woman, and since she couldn't take it out on her husband, she took it out on his children instead," explained Drake.

Everyone was looking at him like he had a second head.

"I see you know your mythology, which begs the question as to why you chose this class," said the professor finally.

"Easy A," said Drake automatically.

"Well I suppose that means only one thing. I've found my TA for the year," said the teacher with an evil smirk.

"Do I get paid?"

"No, but you get an automatic A and you have to help me grade the papers."

"... I should have just half-assed that test..." muttered Drake. He hated paperwork.

The teacher had an evil grin on his face. He would have fun breaking this kid of his arrogant personality.

Drake was about to crash into the bed when he felt magic. Active magic at that.

"What the hell?" he said. He suddenly winced as something attached itself to his left hand and blood flowed freely. When it finally stopped, he looked down to find a strange pattern on his left hand in the color of blood.

Drake paled when he reached through the mark to find out what was on the other end. Whatever had attached itself to his fake body was foul. Almost as bad as what he encountered the night he returned to his sisters after she had warned him about her whore of a sister plotting to turn them against him.

He still remembered the bloody atmosphere, the crazed eyes that turned man and beast to stone, bypassing him only because of shared blood. Those once beautiful lavender-colored eyes turning a horrifying blood red as his two older sisters were devoured in a haze of madness. Coming face-to-face with the orchestrator of his sister's insanity and being locked away until he managed to escape with the help of his jailor.

He remembered that night every time he saw a full moon, and he hated it.

Drake saw the girl again. The one who reminded him painfully of his oblivious older sister. The other one had tried to keep them in line, but the only one who ever helped her was the youngest of the four.

It was a twisted sort of cruelty on the part of the bitch who ruined his life and the lives of his small family that people always remembered the youngest and her descent into madness and never him.

If he ever saw her again, he wouldn't hesitate to kill her, goddess or not.

That girl was always so sad, and the one time he followed her back he found that she lived pretty much next door to the house he had bought. He heard rumors about that family, none of them good, and he found it hard to believe that she was even related to them. She was just too nice.

Sakura greeted him warmly, and he half-flirted with her to cheer her up. Something about her reminded him of his mortal sister. He noticed she gave the mark on his hand a surprised look, but didn't say a word about it. However the second time he saw her he noticed she slipped something into his grocery bag when she thought he wasn't looking.

He was a thief, so he saw it. She was decent at slight of hand, but he was much better.

When he got home he found a ritual written on a piece of paper, along with a circle to go with it. He had the sneaking suspicion it had something to do with the marking on his hand.

Still, he was curious as to what the circle was for...and why he had felt a spark of powerful magic come from the mansion two days ago.

Drake completed the circle and even used the incantation. He was actually curious as to what would happen. Some rituals simply didn't mesh with immortals, though the fact he had been marked by one he couldn't recognize offhand might make him the exception.

He could feel whatever the hell had marked him take an interest in his soul, and something yanked on his magic. He could feel something start to take form, but there was a presence in the figure that felt too familiar and not in a good way. The moment his eyes lay on that man's face, Drake did something that would have been expected considering the circumstances.

His head turned serpentine and his fangs descended on the bastard who killed his younger sister for that uptight bitch Athena. Perseus, who had been brought into the Grail War as Lancer, didn't have a chance to react as Drake killed him in revenge for what he had done to his sister.

(In Einzbern Castle)

Illya frowned. She had felt Lancer about to be summoned, but then his presence vanished before it was properly manifested. Which meant someone had been qualified as Master but now had an open spot for their Servant. And the position for Lancer was now an open spot. This could be problematic.

Drake decided to stay in today. He was not in a good mood, despite the fact he had killed that jerk Perseus. On the plus side, the mark on his hand finally stopped bleeding. Though it was still connected to whatever the hell was on the other side of it.

However, he was curious as to what that was about.

Sakura looked at Drake, and noticed that while he had his Command Seals, they didn't appear to be active. She could only assume he had yet to summon his Servant.

She didn't want Shinji to find out he was a Master too...her 'brother' would kill Drake before he had a chance to summon a Servant to protect him and Zouken would allow it!

The only reason Drake still lived was because Zouken sensed something unusual about him, something that piqued his curiosity.

"What's the matter, Hime-chan?" asked Drake. Sakura blushed.

Drake seemed to have found an unusual nickname for her. She had never been called 'princess' before, and she rather liked the way he treated her.

"It's nothing," she said.

As Drake escorted her to the gates, he paused. There was no way he was sensing that. He had destroyed any traces of that damn barrier when his sister had died.

So why was he sensing Blood Fort Andromeda here?