Friend in Need (Professor's POV)
by Julie Riley

Note: This story is from Ze Professor's POV, but because of his german accent, there will be replacements for the 'th' or 's' with 'z' and 'w' with 'v' sometimes, but not all the time. Hope you like the story though. And I hope Mr. OgeeBoogieMan doesn't mind letting me borrow ze Professor's last name.

Part 1 (Encounter with a Little Weasel)

Hello, zis iz Professor Veaselov. I know zis iz strange for me narrating, since I have a german accent, but I vant you to lizten to vhat I have to tell you on ze day I met zomeone special:


"No legs!" I yelled, "And now no life!"

I fell into ze vortex as I vas sucked into ze lifeless space while I screamed. I then zaw my life flash before me, remembering all zat I remembered:


I zaw ze day I vas born vith a family. I also saw myself becoming king of Vindy, one of ze only parts of Mobius zat has a ruler besides my good friend, King Acorn's Mobotropolis. I zen saw ze Great War. Back zen, it vas called ze Milk Wars for my people. I zen saw myself getting scars from ze Panther Prince. I now see myself as a scientist, vorking for zat bloody Panther King.

Now I zee myself creating a Roboticiser Gun for both ze Panther King and an Overlander vith a mustache. I zen see myself shooting at some of my people, including 2 veasels who had twins for children. I vas not very proud of it, though. I zen saw myself saving ze 2 veasel children from getting roboticised, although my bottom legs, my eye, and my arm got roboticised in ze process. And zen ze overlander left as I got my roboticised legs chopped off and thrown out ze window by ze Panther King.

Zis iz where I meet zat boy I cared about:


Some years vent by and I vas sitting in a floating chair I invented to help me go to places vhenever I vant to. I looked outside ze castle window and saw vhat seemed to be a purple veasel vith a blue nose wearing a red jacket. I vent outside after I made sure zat I vould have permission to leave ze castle. I passed Poo Mountain to get zere, even though it stinks, as I saw ze boy being choked by ze Panther King. He looked like he vas going to die in his hands, just like two children I saw recently killed by him.

I quickly shouted, "ZTOP!!!"

He then turned to me and looked at me with his evil eyez. Ze boy looked too az vell. I told him, "Pleaze zire, let me take care of him. It iz my fault he'z here. Don't kill him, he iz zomething to me."

I had to lie, othervise, he vould've killed him immediately. He looked at ze child, and zen to me. He gave me an angry look, and said, "All right, but if he ever makes me mad again, he will perish!"

He then dropped him and headed back to ze castle to get his rest. I helped ze boy up az I said, "Auc ta Levan! You 'ave gone to zo much trouble. Your parents are worried, now go home."

I hoped he go home, but ze boy looked sad and said, "I don't have a home."

"No home?"

He shook his head az he continued, "And I don't have any parents either, mister..."

"Zat iz Professor, Professor Veaselov," I told him, so he vouldn't know me az a stranger of some sort.

"Veaselov?" he said questionably. He zen realized something and said, "Oh, you mean Weaselov. I guess you were from the German side of Mobius, huh?"

"Ja, you could zay zat."

Ve zen headed towards the castle. Little did ve realize vas zat if ze Panther King found him in ze castle, he vould not only destroy ze boy, but also me if he ever find me hanging vith him.

Ze boy then asked, "I don't know what I could do to make it up to you, Professor, but I could help you on something."

I asked him, "Can you invent thingz, like I can?"

"Yeah, I've learned modern technology since I was 5."

Ve both continued to chat as ve headed toward Poo Mountain. Zis night vas going to be ze night I vould never forget.

(Next Chapter: Professor's Tale of the Milk Wars)