Chapter 5: (Reunion: The Conclusion to the Professor's Tale)

"..fessor? Prof..sor? Wak...up, Profess..."

I turned my head twice & felt like I was dreaming & had my life flash before me. I opened my normal eye and zen my robotic eye. I thought I vas in heaven & slowly got up. My vision became clearer as I saw Nack in front of me. He looked different from when I met him long ago. He no longer vore his red jacket & wears his belt in its place.

I vas surprised & asked, "Nack? Is zat you? You've grown!"

He smiled saying, in a grown voice, "And you haven't changed a bit, Professor."

I started to cry saying, "Nack, I vant to know what has happened to you all those years zince zat faitful day!"

I hugged him as I cried a bit more. He then vas acting like he forgot something.

"Professor," he said, "I completely forgot! I was suppose to come back for you and I totally forgot!"

I forgave him saying, "It'z all right. I knew you never meant to forget, like me."

He smiled saying, "So, what have you been doing all those years?"

I had explained everything zat happened while Nack vas gone, except ze part of his boss threatening me & killing ze Sally look-alike.

He vas then shocked saying, "I can't believe you would do something like that, but who was that red squirrel that was in the space suit when I found you?"

I remembered him a bit saying, ""I don't know who he iz, but he had a pair of sneakers, blue eyes, a blue jacket, and a twitchy nose. But he vas not like zat vhen he & ze chipmunk robbed ze bank. He wore black and had ze sunglasses."

"Conker! That's the squirrel that bribed me to let him go yesterday!"

I curiously asked, "Vhat vas so important about him?"

He zen told me, "He has a bounty on his head ever since he turned 20. He never realized that he was gonna be in so much trouble until he gets drunk. Last night, as I was heading to the Cock & Plunker, I saw him hugging me, thinking I was his! I'm straight, not gay! I was about to shoot him once the bounty was on his head, but he gave me 60 Mobians as a bribe."

"No vonder you dislike him zo much," I said.

"I know, but at least I have the cash from him."

Zen three veasels wearing blue, green, and yellow striped shirts came into ze room.

Ze yellow one told Nack, "We're about to change course and start landing at the Mobius Space Center!"

"He's right," ze blue one said, "you both better get back with Red and that girl you just found."

"Don't worry, guys, we'll be fine." he slyly told zem, zen turned to ze green one, "Who's flying the shuttle?"

"Uh oh! I'll be right back!" ze green one said as he headed to ze control room of ze shuttle I vas on.

Nack turned to me and said, "Guess your projects were a complete failure, huh?"

I tilted my head down & looked sad. It vasn't zat I vas a failure, it vas zat I had a home & family back at Windy, but it vas all taken away from ze Panther King. I wanted to go back, but if I ever did, Conker, ze red squirrel, vould take my kingdom away from me & either kill me or have me in prison.

"Professor," Nack told me, "look, if you're banned from Windy, then maybe there's a place I can try to get you in, maybe become a Bounty Hunter?"

Me, a bounty hunter? But what other choice did I have?

I looked at Nack & said, I have nothing elze, and no place to go. But I vill alvays have you as a friend, no matter vhat ze circumstances are."

He smiled as I smiled back at him. Nack zen turned around vhen he heard someone clearing her throat. I looked also & saw ze chipmunk alive & vell, plus covered up in bandages.

She told Nack, "Like, if we're all done with the reunion, I think we should go back to Mobius."

"You going back to your boyfriend?"

"No, he thinks I'm dead, so I won't be going back for a while."

"Guess you'll probably hang with us then, huh?"

"There's nothing else to do, so I guess so."

"Good, welcome to the Bounty Hunters club, B.C."


"It's just a nickname, get use to it."

I vas a little confused on ze girl's name, but Nack explained it to me as ve strapped onto our seats. It vas sometime later zat ve vere at ze Mobius Bay, a part vhere ze Mobius Space Center was. Vhen we came out of ze shuttle, we saw Nack's boss, really upset. He aimed his gun at not only Nack & ze girl, but also me. Zen a white bat stepped in front of ze boss. Ze girl called Berri & I went away from ze scene vith ze blue & green weasels.

I turned a bit & saw what was ze exciting part: Nack had finally got his first kiss from ze white bat, Rouge. I just chuckled a bit as I smiled. I don't know if I'll be able to find out ze whereabouts about my grandchildren or vife, but I know zat I'll have a new family like Nack & his bounty hunters to keep me company.

The End