This was written very recently, to reflect where I am currently in writing :) I've been talking about writing and plot and character development on tumblr, but haven't really done anything to show for it, so here you go! Inspired by FarenMaddox's Without Knowing How, Or When, Or From Where, which is a TRC AU that breathes life into characters like whoa.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy New Year!

Naruto and its characters do not belong to me.

eggs and papers

It's one of those days, when it's all grey out the window and it's cold, but not cold enough to justify turning the radiator on. Tenten sighs, wheels herself to her chest of drawers (mahogany, worn, but a gift and thus precious), where she pulls a shawl out of the second-to-last drawer, wraps it around herself.

The apartment smells like coffee; it is otherwise quiet. She pauses by her bedroom door, pushes on one wheel so the chair does a quarter backward turn, swings the door open, and makes her way down the corridor connecting the rooms.

When she turns into the kitchen, her flatmate is already at the table, reading the newspapers he's holding up with one hand. The other hand cradles a steaming mug. She grins at him, he cracks a smile, and they go back to their morning routines. Tenten collects her frying pan first, sets it on her lap, and the eggs and butter from the fridge go into that. With that done, she rolls along to the stove, sets the pan down, turns the heat on. A slice of butter goes in next, and the eggs sit by the side.

Three feet away, Neji continues to read his papers, as if ignorant of what she's doing.

She knows that's far from the truth, and she appreciates it. For how much he resents Lee for causing the scar tissue on her back and legs, he still respects her independence, respects the way she wants to continue living her life, wheelchair-bound or no.

Tenten hums as the butter melts. She has to strain forward to look, and sit straighter, but this is her life now, and she knows she's stronger than whining about things she can't change. So, she cracks her eggs when the butter starts to foam, and grabs her mug from one of the lower cabinets.

"Working early today?" Neji asks, one eyebrow quirked.

"Nah. Just gotta head to the post office first. Beat the crowd and all that."


The kitchen is filled with sounds of newspapers flipping and eggs sizzling, and Tenten closes her eyes and smiles, leaning back in her chair. There are simple things in life worth appreciating. Mornings with Neji are one of those.