6 - Wearing each others' clothes

Robin was away at a Volunteens retreat so who was tinkering around in the kitchen? Mac wondered as he was awakened one morning by the sounds of someone moving around in the house. He looked at the clock on the bedside table. 4:31 a.m. No one could have good intentions at this ungodly hour.

He immediately rolled off the mattress and quietly opened a dresser drawer, extracting a set of keys before padding to the closet on bare feet. Rooting around in the dark, he found the box hidden on the top shelf. He fiddled with the key in the lock and then was rewarded by the sound of a pop. The lid was open. He picked up his gun and held it out in front of him, close to his chest the way he had learned years before.

He heard a loud bang! come from the kitchen. Wait, was that a gunshot? The intruder was not trying very hard to conceal their presence now, were they?

Mac crouched low and headed down the hall, creeping along quietly. Light shone from the edges of the kitchen door. So the intruder was a brazen one - not even trying to sneak around anymore in the darkness like any good thief would.

Mac took a deep breath and kicked open the door. "Freeze!" He shouted.

There was a loud screech of surprise and the overturning of a big pot. It clattered to the floor… at Felicia's feet.


Mac said. He let the door swing shut after him. "What are you doing here? I could have ki-"

"I know! Ohmigod, I know. Put down that gun!" Felicia said with a gulp. He set the weapon down on the countertop and took another deep breath. He could have actually shot her.

"Dammit, what do you think you're doing?" Mac asked, with more hostility in his voice than he had intended. The thought that he could have hurt Felicia or worse though turned his stomach.

Felicia sighed. "I was trying to surprise you," she said.

"Well it worked," Mac said. He scrubbed a hand down his face. "Felicia, it's not even 5 a.m. yet. What are you doing sneaking into my house? Really?"

"I didn't sneak in. I had a key," Felicia said, reaching for a key ring - Robin's key ring with the familiar Bugs Bunny babbles on it. "Your niece let me borrow these yesterday, before she left town for her event. You should know that this was half her idea."

"What is this all about?" Mac asked with a sigh.

"I was making breakfast for you, as a surprise," Felicia said. "I wanted to thank you for all you've done for me since I lost my memory and yet, it didn't quite work out, did it?" She gestured to her clothes which were covered in some kind of meat and eggs combination.

Mac couldn't stop the laugh that escaped his lips. "Hey, hey, don't you dare laugh!" Felicia chided him. "I am a mess! More than half of your breakfast is on me."

"Sorry," Mac said, trying to hide his grin. "But you look pretty ridiculous."

"Gee, thank you." Felicia sighed as she grabbed for a towel and tried scrubbing at her tee-shirt and denim jeans. "Bobbie said this recipe was delicious but it feelsawful all over my body."

"You should undress," Mac said. He could have hit himself for that one. "I mean, you should change into one of my tee-shirts and I'll throw your clothes into the washing machine."

Felicia smiled a little. "You don't want to kick me out?"

"No," Mac said and he didn't. "Is any of that salvageable?"

"Well, there is a little left in the pot but not much, certainly not enough for two."

"We could just eat cereal then. I've got Cap'n Crunch," Mac said with a teasing grin.

"I will take it," Felicia said. "Anything's better than this concoction." She pursed her lips. "I must have done something wrong because it sure stinks, doesn't it?"

It did, come to think of it. "I didn't even think you liked to cook."

"I don't remember if I did but I had to try to thank you somehow, didn't I? And a Hallmark card just didn't seem to be adequate."

Mac chuckled. "Come on. I'll get you that shirt." He grabbed the gun off the countertop.

"Watch where you're aiming that thing," Felicia said. She set down the towel and followed him to his bedroom. He was aware of how intimate it was for her to be in his room but if she was also aware of that fact, she didn't say so.

Mac flipped on the light and moved back to his closet. He locked up the gun, putting the box back on the high shelf. He then pulled a shirt from a hanger. "Oh not that one," Felicia said.

"What's wrong with it?"

"Well red really isn't my color," Felicia said.

Mac shook his head. He thought every color was her color. She was just so beautiful, even with chunks of their breakfast in her hair. He couldn't resist reaching out and pulling a glob of whatever it was from her hair. She stared into his eyes and their gazes held for a long moment before Mac pulled back.

"Okay, your majesty, what color do you like?"

"The light blue one," Felicia said.

Mac pulled the shirt from the hanger and passed it to her. "I'll just let you change," he said, edging for the door.

"Mac, I'm sorry I ruined your surprise."

"It's okay," Mac said. He shut the door and walked back down the hall to the kitchen. He busied himself wiping up the kitchen and then pouring cereal and milk into bowls.

Felicia returned in short order, dressed in just his tee-shirt. He swallowed over the lump in his throat as his eyes swept over her against his will. The soft fabric flirted with her knees, showing off her fabulous, shapely legs. Her hair was tied back now in a messy bun and she looked perfect, even sans makeup. He had the insane thought that he'd like to see her wear his tee-shirts more often, walk around his place in them for a bit, before he'd peel them off of her and …

He felt his face heating up so he looked away, practically snatching her dirty clothes from her arms. "I'll just put these in the washer," he said and scooted from the room hurriedly.

He took an inordinately long time loading the machine. He needed the time to cool down. His libido was alive and kicking.

When he returned, Felicia was sitting at the island with a pleasant smile on her face. "You didn't start eating yet," Mac said.

"I'm not rude, Mac. I believe in waiting till everyone is sitting before digging in."

"Alrighty then," Mac said. He slid in beside her, feeling the heat of her so close to him.

"Thanks, Mac."

"You don't need to thank me. Not again."

"No, but I want to. You've done so much for me. I wish I could have returned the favor somehow."

"You did," Mac said. He couldn't resist flicking the sleeve of his tee-shirt. "Nice outfit," he teased.

Felicia giggled. "Oh isn't it so chic? The finest fashion coming out of Europe these days, don't you know?"

Mac joined in her laughter. "Sometime I'll have to return the favor," Felicia said. "I'll loan you something of mine."

"Oh no way."

"Yes. Something black and slinky. With stilettos. You would look great in stilettos."

Mac faux-grimaced. "Don't press your luck."

Felicia just smirked around her spoon as she put a bite of the oats into her mouth. Mac watched her sexy lips and smiled to himself. All in all, this wasn't a horrible way to spend a morning. Not at all.

To be continued. I hope you liked that one.