Jake Remington was a businessman, always hoping for what's good and worse in his job. He lives in San Francisco, California. What he does there is go to the local Chinatown market for seafood and fresh produce. He used to be an office worker, but now he is a businessman, who gets some daily spending throughout the week sometimes.

One day, Jake got a letter that he gets fired from his job, causing his life in depression. He went to the local Chinatown market, and got everything he needs. Then, he went back to his apartment and destroyed his paperwork, and getting stressed. Then, he calmed down for a while and then had his dinner, and went to bed.

During the night, Jake had been sleeping well, and the, he heard a crash in his apartment door. He suddenly woke up and went out of his room. Then, he saw a figure in the kitchen. Then, he saw a werewolf with purple hair, and gray hair around the torso, pointy ears, sharp claws in the hands and feet it also had fangs.

"Hello, Madam. You must be hungry over here..." said Jake, stepping back. Then, the werewolf gave a little growl, and then, sprang and gave a lick on his cheek. Then, the old lady in his apartment walked inside.

"AAAUGH! A WEREWOLF!" Said the resident scared to death. Then, she rushed upstairs.

"Okay, hide quickly as possible while I get dressed." said Jake to the werewolf. The werewolf replied with a quiet howl.

Then, Alex went to his bedroom to get dressed.

A minute later, the old lady walked downstairs to his apartment with a sawn-off shotgun, ready to kill anyone in sight.

"Where are you werewolf! I can smell ya!" said the old lady, welding the shotgun. Then, there was silence. Jake stayed in his bedroom dressed while the werewolf was hiding in the kitchen cabinets.

"Must have been hallucinating." said the old lady, with a puzzled look. Then, she went outside and went back upstairs. Then, Jake opened the door slightly, making sure that no one was there. He went to the kitchen, and by luck, finds the werewolf inside the cabinet. Then, they went outside, turning off the lights, and went downstairs, and then, the old lady with a scary face pulled the trigger on the shotgun and fired, but none of the two got hurt. Then, Jake and the werewolf rushed downstairs to the main entrance, and then, went downhill and took a cab.

"You bastards can run, but none of you can hide away from me!" said the old lady, raising the shotgun, watching them run away.

Then, both of them arrived at a bus terminal, where they ordered tickets to go on a bus. They went into a bus, which is bound for Las Vegas. Then, they drove away out of the terminal and into the highway.