Just Thinking

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Her Highness Rowling owns it all


The bell rang, sounding muffled from within the confines of the Divination classroom in the North Tower. Harry lifted his head from where it had been in danger of falling into his teapot and blinked slowly.

//It must be the end of class.//

He dragged himself up out of the deep armchair, threw his books, quills and parchment in to his bag, and made his way to the circular trapdoor opening in the floor. He reached the portrait of the Fat Lady at the same time as a group of first years who seemed to be making as much noise as a room full of Cornish pixies.

//On second thought, maybe I won't get a head start on my homework.//

He turned away from the portrait and headed down to the entrance hall, through the great front doors and outside. As he stepped outside a gust of frigid air greeted him, and he pulled his cloak tight around his body. Then he crunched his way across the new fallen snow to the edge of the lake and sat down, dumping his bag beside him.

//Don't tell me you're letting Trelawney's death omens get to you. You remember what Ron said. If you had died every time she said you would, you'd be some kind of super-concentrated ghost. You're alive- enjoy it!//

//That's only one little part of it and you know it. It wouldn't be that different if she were predicting that I'd fall in love with Pansy Parkinson.//

//Ugh! Fall in love with Pansy Parkinson? What made you think of that?//

//Shut up. It's just that it's always me: Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. I live through the infallible killing surse, end up with a permanent scar on my head, get picked to be the youngest Seeker in a hundred years…//

//Oh, don't get started.//

//Too late. I almost get killed by a bat in a pillowcase, come across a diary that tells me about the Camber of Secrets, find out my godfather is a wrongly convicted mass murderer, get entered into the Triwizard Tournament and forced to win it…//

Harry let out a sigh as he dropped his head back and stared at the pale gray sky.

//Are you quite finished?//

//Yes, I suppose. Oh, by the way, did I mention that because of all this I am the number one target of the most powerful Dark wizard in recent history? Yep, that too.//

//Ah. I see. And all of this just *happened* to you? Just fell right into your lap?//

//Well… yes. I sure as hell didn't invite it.//

//But you do have certain tendencies… How did Dumbledore put it? "A certain disregard for the rules."//

//No! This isn't my fault! I would give anything to be *normal*. To think of Hogwarts as just a school, not a safe haven from the Dark Lord. To go home each summer to a place like the Burrow where I'm not treated like the scum of the earth. To never hear Malfoy or Snape to taunt me about being "famous Harry Potter" ever, ever again.//

"Hey, Harry!"

"Hmnh. What?"

Colin was standing over him, face flushed with the cold.

"Harry, I've been looking all over for you! You're missing dinner, and I know how much you like their meat pies. Why don't you have a hat on? You must be freezing. What have you been doing out here?"

Harry looked up at his bright face, envying the fact that it had nothing more important to think about than the meat pies they were serving for dinner.

"Just thinking."


Sam Davidson