"Please, please don't do this! I can help!"

Remus caressed her cheek. But his gentle hand and soothing touch did nothing to ease the pain radiating from her eyes. "Isn't there any other option, Alastor?"

Moody grunted in response and grabbed her roughly by the arm. His fingers dug roughly in her arm and she was yanked from Remus' warm arms. Small bruises would decorate there tomorrow. "We've looked at every other option." He said as he dragged her down the stairs of Headquarters. "There is nothing else we can do. She has got to go."

"Remus! Professor McGonagall, please! I don't want to go. I have to help Harry." Hermione said between sobs. Her voice was pained and threatened to break. Pain wreaked her tiny body as reminisces of Bellatrix's Crucio still lingered in her bones. It had been bearable at Shell Cottage when she had been resting. But too soon afterwards she had been attacked captured and tortured again. If it hadn't been for Harry contacting Remus and the rest of the Order, she would be dead right now.

"For being the smartest witch of her age you sure are stupid girl." Moody snarled.

McGonagall was the one that came to her defence. "Alastor!"

Moody shoved Hermione through the front door and into the cold street. The air bit at her skin and immediately her limbs started to freeze. Her teeth chattered from the cold.

"It's the truth!" he shouted. Moody turned and pulled Hermione close, grabbed her chin roughly and forced her eyes to glare into his. If he was bothered by the pained look in her face he made no notion of it. "This was Harry's idea, girl."

Hermione blinked rapidly. No, he wouldn't do that to her. He and Ron needed her. They wouldn't be able to find and destroy the Horcruxes if she wasn't there to help. But, as she looked around at McGonagall's and Remus' downtrodden faces, she knew it to be the truth.

They were right, she thought. They had left me because…. No! I won't let them!

"Please." Hermione begged her voice barely a whisper. "Please, just let me stay .I…I-I'll do anything!"

For the first time since she had known him, Hermione swore she saw Moody's eyes soften. Gone were those darken soldier eyes, gone was the harshness and bitterness of an experienced veteran. No, now they were gentle – like her father's – and Hermione could see how aged he was. War had touched his soul just like it had touched her.

"I'm sorry." He said softly so the others wouldn't hear. "I truly am."

Hermione felt his wand press itself against her stomach. Behind her, a voice rang out but was pulled back. The young witch closed her eyes as a sharp stunner hit her point blank.

And, for the first time, Hermione felt like crying.

Hermione woke with a gasp. Blinking, her eyes unblurred as she tried to focus on where exactly she was. All she knew was that she was uncomfortable.

"This is your captain speaking. On behalf of American Airlines we would like to thank you for choosing us as your airline carrier. Whether you are arriving for a visit or returning home, we hope you enjoy your time in Seattle. Local time is 10:47 am and the temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit."

Ah. Now she remembered. Immediately, her hands strayed to her stomach where the stunner had hit her. It was still sore. Moody could've been a little bit gentler in his hex. But at least it was only a physical pain. Harry… Harry had left her. He had promised he wouldn't and yet he did.

And Hermione thought that was the really hurt the most.

She had sacrificed everything for him only for him to send her away. Hermione could see where he was coming from. Heck, anyone could. If it hadn't been for him, they would have never gone to Hogwarts to search for the diadem. If they hadn't searched they would have never run into the Death Eaters. They would never have run, never would have been caught in the Room of Requirement, never would have run out of time and Hermione wouldn't have had to sacrifice herself to save them. Now, all he wanted to do was to protect her. But that meant sending her away.

That's how she found herself in Seattle waiting for her Uncle Charlie to take her home.

To be honest, Hermione hadn't seen her uncle since she was nine. But from what she could remember Charlie had been nothing but kind to her. She remembered him swinging her high in the air and reading her stories before she drifted off to sleep. Her cousin, Charlie's daughter Bella, hadn't spoken to her father for years, not since her mother had remarried. Hermione sort of filled that void. Even at Hogwarts Hermione would send him letter after letter after letter. Without owls of course. Charlie knew nothing of the magical world and if Hermione had her say – he wouldn't.

Hermione sighed as she picked up her school trunk from baggage claim and went to retrieve Crookshanks. People were staring at her. Perhaps they didn't normally see someone use a trunk. Yeah, Hermione guessed it was the trunk. After all, the only time people really used trunks as luggage was in those old time movies. The ones were the females travelled in carriages, or in those old west shows. That was probably it, Hermione thought.

As the airport attendant passed Crookshanks to her, the cat glared at the witch through his cage. His face screamed betrayal and Hermione couldn't help but sigh. "I'm sorry Crooks," she whispered sadly and poked her hand through the bars and rubbed his chin. "But we couldn't travel through the Floo and unfortunately cats have to be a cage."

Crookshanks looked up at her and rolled his eyes. Don't they know who I am?

Hermione giggled. "Sorry. But tonight I'll put out a fresh mouse for you, ok?"

A purr hit Hermione's ears and she continued scratching Crookshanks chin through the bars. After a few minutes, Hermione put the cage on top of her trunk and wheeled it towards the waiting room. She didn't have to wait long before a middle aged, salt and peppered man waved his hand excitedly to get her attention.


"Uncle Charlie!" Hermione screamed and ran into his warm embrace. Merlin she missed this. This feeling of being safe. She hadn't felt this way in a long time.

"I'm so happy you decided to live with me." Charlie said as he led Hermione to his cruiser. "It has been too long. What with you living overseas, you going to that fancy boarding school and … what the hell is that?" Charlie pointed to Hermione's trunk.

"Oh that?" She said innocently. "It's my school trunk. Since my school's being rebuilt I thought I'd bring it. You know, a bit of nostalgia."

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry didn't exist to Charlie. Instead, the Grangers had told him she was accepted into Hogwarts – School of Excellence for the Gifted. The story was that it had been burnt down during the break and wasn't able to restart for the year. Students like Hermione would have to go elsewhere.

Charlie nodded and went to place it in the boot. He seemed surprised on how light it was. Hermione giggled. There wasn't much in that trunk. Just a few last minute things the Order had shoved in there for it to look normal. No, she thought patting inside her jacket, everything of importance was in her beaded bag.

Crookshanks sat in her lap on the way back home as Charlie told her everything about Forks. Truthfully, she was only half listening. She kept thinking back to her last real conversation with Remus.

"I'm sorry, 'Mione." He whispered into her hair. His hands grazed her naked back in comforting circles as she cried into his bare shoulders.

"You can't just leave me, Remus. I need you."

He pulled from him and pressed her back gently into her bed. His tender lips kissed her once, twice, three times on her lips as their two bodies pressed together under the sheets. "You don't need me anymore. Each day you grow stronger. So do I."

Hermione shook her head and gasped as Remus pushed into her. "You don't understand." She felt Remus's mouth on her breast and she moaned. "When I'm with you, I feel stronger and more alive. You can't say you don't feel it too."

Remus pulled his mouth from her nipple and groaned as Hermione clawed his back. He wasn't going to last much longer at this pace. Her warm heat was so tight around his cock. "No," He admitted into her breast. "I don't deny it. But it's only our bond. We do not love each other, Hermione."

She moaned as Remus rolled his hips and grazed that special spot inside of her. Finding strength she didn't know she had, Hermione flipped him and rolled her hips against him. She arched her back and gave him better access inside of her as she rode him. "Who needs love? Love does not exist."

With one final thrust, Hermione screamed through their joined release, his thick seed filling her with warmth. Sweat glistened the lovers' bodies, their fluids running over them both. Hermione fell onto the wolf's body as they both took deep breaths and inhaled each other's scents.

Remus was the first to recover and pushed a single curl off her face. "You're wrong. Love does exist. One day you will find someone who will love you unconditionally. It's just not me."

Hermione shook her head and pressed it into Remus's shoulder. "I can't survive without you. I'll die."

Gently, he placed a single finger under her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. "Just look at you, Hermione. When you first came to us you were a scared little kitten. You were afraid of everything. Now, here you are, allowing me to hold you in your arms. You've come so far. Promise me you'll never go back to that."

"I will if you both leave."

Remus kissed her. His tender lips full of promises and care. "No you won't. You are a fighter, a warrior, a lover. And, if you're anything like that girl I met on the Hogwarts Express all those years ago, you're a survivor.

"Don't sit back and let them win, my little cub. Show them what it means to be a Gryffindor, Nor Lorijem."

Nor Lorijem. He never did tell her what that meant.

Suddenly, Hermione felt the car stop outside a simple, double story home with a green, double railed stairs leading up to the door. The garden was green, like the ones back home, and there were thick, dark hedges lining the path and under the alcove. It was white and simple, something that suited Charlie perfectly. But most importantly it felt like home.

Seeing the smile that graced his niece's face, Charlie sighed with relief. His home wasn't anything special but he had worked hard to make it one, even if he wasn't there most days to appreciate it.

Taking the trunk out of the back, Charlie carried it awkwardly up the stairs and into her room. "I know it's not much." He said, running his hands through his hair. "But I didn't really know what you'd like."

Hermione glanced around the room and smiled. Crookshanks leapt from her arms and jumped on the bed, instantly falling asleep. It was white, almost clinical Hermione thought. But that would change with a coat of paint. The bed was large and looked like a giant marshmallow. There was a dark wooden cupboard with a matching desk. On top of the desk was a black laptop, a light and a picture of Charlie and her when she was only 9. Behind the door there was a children's drawing – hers from when she was 4. It made Hermione laugh. Maybe, just maybe she'd get that framed.

"It's perfect, Charlie." Hermione said as she hugged Charlie tight. "I don't know what to say."

Hermione felt him smile into her hair. "I don't want you to say anything. I just want you to be happy."

Then Charlie let her go and playfully pushed her shoulder. "Come on Trooper. Unpack that trunk and meet me downstairs."

"Yes Chief." Hermione gave him a mock salute.

"We can go grab some lunch and then we can go pick up your car."

Hermione paused. "You got me a car."

Charlie smiled. "Nothing fancy, just a truck Billy's son fixed up for you. I won't be here all the time and since you need to get to school…. You do have a license right?"

Hermione merely nodded. She was instantly glad that Sirius taught her how to drive and got her that fake license. And a truck! Hermione loved trucks. Nothing could beat a good truck. Well… except for a good motorbike. But it wasn't like she was going to tell Charlie that.

When Charlie left, Hermione threw herself on the bed causing Crookshanks to hiss at her. But nothing could stop the smile covering her face.

Maybe Forks wasn't going to be so bad after all.

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