Shackles of Yesterday

Seiyuki Narimaru

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Chapter 19: The Beginning of Forever

She shuddered softly underneath her satin sheets. The air had been hot and humid for the last couple of nights, but it hadn't seemed to bother her husband to be. It certainly hadn't helped that her dreams were more perverted than they usually were. With the wedding quickly approaching, she found that she struggled to stay asleep. A groan escaped her parted lips and she grabbed a fistful of the sheets. This dream seemed more real than her previous ones and she called out for him.

Watching her deal with the restlessness on her own made him feel bad for being able to sleep. He wanted to help her relax enough to sleep through the night and a small smirk appeared on his lips. He deftly moved under the covers and was incredibly grateful she wore nothing to bed. It had been easy to settle between her legs and he kissed her inner thighs. He couldn't remember the last time they were able to be intimate since the twins had started learning to walk. He never forgot his own eyes staring at him as he tried making love to his fiancée and in his embarrassment, he nearly fell trying to pull his clothing on. He felt her legs separate further and his name tumbled from her lips. What kind of dream was she having?

Jellal stared at her as she gasped for breath with each snap of his hips. He loved the look on her face as she tried to silence herself and made it his mission to get her to make noise. Her hair fanned out beneath her and he leaned down to kiss and bite her neck. His ears were filled with her gasps and quiet moans and he would have none of it. He pulled back from her, watching her stare in confusion.

Her chest moved with her breathing and he smirked before flipping her onto her stomach. A surprised yelp left her lips as she felt his hands pull her hips toward him and she sucked in a breath. Nothing happened.

"Jellal?" She asked shakily. "What's-"

Her head fell forward and she moaned his name as he slammed into her again. She could hear his chuckle and closed her eyes at the amazing feeling. Her body grew hotter and she felt her heart racing. She knew her body and felt her climax approaching. He picked up on her body's signals and moved faster, groaning in response to her body gripping him as tight as it could. His nails dug into her hips and pulled her closer as she squirmed beneath him. He slipped a hand between her legs and gently circled her sensitive nub, watching her body tense as she screamed into the pillow.

Her eyes fluttered open from her intense dream and her body felt weirdly relaxed. A strange weight rested on her upper thighs and she moved the covers to find a head of blue hair resting between her legs. She shuddered again as he lifted his head and smirked at her. He kissed his way up her body before stealing her lips and rolling to his back, bringing her along.

"Get some sleep," he whispered. "Tomorrow is going to be a busy day."

He had been correct with that statement. Tomorrow was the rehearsal dinner and it was going to be quite busy. She nodded against his chest and curled up closer before finally drifting off to sleep.

"You still aren't dressed yet!?"

He covered his ears at his shrieking wife and sighed. The dinner would be starting in a few hours so he didn't understand why she was in such a rush. He watched her run back and forth to the bathroom with crap in her hands and leaned back on the bed. It was no use. Even if he wanted to get ready, they were hogging the bathroom.

There's more than one bathroom. Just admit it. You're entertained.

"Lucy, the dinner is in five hours. Of course you have to get ready now. You're a woman."

The shrieking stopped and he gulped, raising his gaze. He could see the fire in her eyes as she placed her hands on her hips. An eyebrow rose and she moved towards him with a terrifying aura.

"And what's that supposed to mean, Natsu?"

"It's exactly as it sounds. You take forever to get ready. All women do! I just don't get it!"

"Well excuse me for wanting to look nice! Being a woman is not easy! Do you know how much work it takes for us to look our best?"

"Of course it isn't, dear. Of course it isn't."

He forced himself out of bed and made his way over to the bathroom. The banshee behind him shrieked again and he closed the door in her face with a laugh. He started the shower and waited a few minutes before the door swung open again. It was like clockwork and it amused him more than it should have. He watched her face go from annoyed to amused as she stared at him. The amusement had gone away and had been replaced by desire. A light blush colored her cheeks and he gestured to the shower.

"I thought you would be joining me," he smiled smugly, looking at the clock. "Plenty of time."

"Oi, Shrimp! You ain't done yet!?"

Levy rolled her eyes as she pinned her hair into a bun and moved away from the mirror. She couldn't understand why he had been rushing her. It's not like she took forever to get ready.

"Why are you in a rush, Gajeel? We'll get there on time. I promise!"

He scoffed at her and walked over to their shared bathroom. He saw her looking at the mirror one last time and he stood over her. The difference in height made it easy for him to pick her up and move her to the side. Her small protests fell on deaf ears and she folded her arms under her chest with a pout.

"That won't work this time. We don't have any spare time for you to seduce me. That's what happens when you take forever to get ready."

"Seduce you!?" She exclaimed in embarrassment. "I'm doing no such thing!"

"Really?" An eyebrow rose in amusement. "So folding your arms and pushing up your breasts does not count as seducing me? It's bad enough you're wearing a low cut dress and then you just happen to push your breasts up when folding your arms? I don't think so."

The blue haired woman sputtered out before gulping nervously at the man standing over her. His eyes were dark with amusement and she backed away until her back hit the wall. She could hear him chuckle and looked up at him.

"You said we didn't have time for this."

When he pondered her statement, she nearly let out a sigh of relief. She felt heat pooling in her stomach and blushed. She poked the bear and now he was going to attack.

"You're right," he admitted. "I did say that."

Gajeel stared at the petite woman and noticed her sigh of relief. He glared down at her and picked her up despite her protests. He listed to her complain about having just done her hair and he ignored them all.

"Luckily for you, I may have lied about what time dinner started. This is what you get for seducing me."

Juvia finished the last of her makeup and made sure that her hair looked as best as it could. Her sleeveless dress fell below the knee and her hair fell below her shoulders. She had been very happy with the choice and splashed a little perfume on to finish off the look. The dress even flattered her pregnant figure and she placed a hand over her stomach. A whistle sounded from behind her and she blushed brightly.

"I like that dress on you. Can I see the front of it?"

Juvia obliged and turned to face her beloved. His eyes widened and then narrowed as he looked at her. That dress was too much and he would want it off sooner rather than later. He placed a hand to his forehead and sighed in defeat.

"Juvia though you liked it?"

"Oh, I do," he admitted, glancing at the clock.

His voice had come out hoarser than he thought and he cleared his throat. She was going to have to change her dress before they left. Not unless she wanted him to suffer throughout the dinner. Her breasts looked like they were fighting to pop out of the dress despite it being a tasteful dress and he sighed. As cute as the dress was, it was not going to work. He glanced at the clock again and his lips curled into a smirk as he stalked toward her.

"Gray-sama, are you okay? You keep looking at the clock."

"No," he replied hoarsely. "I'm not okay. I want you out of that dress and on the bed. Now."

Juvia blushed at his words and backed away from him. She swallowed the lump in her throat and crossed her arms over her chest. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, but she wasn't sure they had time. The action did nothing but fuel his desire for her and he ran a hand through his hair.

"You can take it off yourself, or I can do it. Your choice."

Erza watched her bridesmaids appear one by one and they all looked exhausted. She nearly chuckled at the three women, but refrained from doing so. She must have been the only one lucky enough to have hers in the morning. Her eyes wandered over to Jellal and he stared back at her, making her blush. She turned away and went back to the girls.

"You girls look exhausted. Not enough sleep?"

"Natsu sucks."

"Gajeel's a bully."

"Gray-sama is amazing."

They all stared at each other before laughing. Erza looked at each one of them and covered her mouth to stop her laughter. It was too late and they glared at her with their arms crossed.

"What are you laughing about? We all know Jellal can't keep his hands off of you! Don't think we don't remember what happened at the water park, missy! Those scratches didn't just magically appear!"

Erza's laughing stopped abruptly and she turned a very dark shade of crimson. She remembered that day very well. Her swimsuit nearly fell apart during the Love Love Slider at Ryuzetsu Land. Jellal had a nosebleed and soon dragged her off to an abandoned supply closet. Hours later, she rejoined the party wearing his T-shirt and flip flops.

"Yeah, you weren't as quiet as you thought," Levy grinned.

"Oh, Jellal! Do that again! Ah! That's the spot!" Lucy mocked.

Erza brought her hands to her face in embarrassment and laughed. She couldn't believe they recalled that event so well. It almost made her believe that they were listening in the entire time.

"I never thought our Erza would have sex in a public place. Has Jellal brought something forth?"

"Oh, hush," Erza whispered. "No one here is completely innocent."

"You girls must be talking about Ryuzetsu Land again!"

Erza spun around to find Mirajane staring at her with gleaming eyes. The wicked witch had made her appearance and looked like she was up to something again. Erza folded her arms and stared at her.

"That was your idea," Erza gritted.

"Be that as it may," Mira paused. "There were no complaints from either party."

"Scheming witch."

"I do my best."

The two women faced each other as if ready to battle, but a voice interrupted their silence. "Now that everyone is here, let's get practice out of the way so that we can eat!"

Erza recognized the voice immediately and whispered to Mira, "We're going to get you back."

"My name is Meredy and I will be here to make sure the wedding day goes smoothly! I've never worked with such a close knit group before, but I expect everything to go as planned based on what Jellal has told me about everyone. Please get into your pairs and we can start practice!"

The pink haired woman nearly skipped to the other end of the aisle to stare the music and watch the rehearsal. Once the music started, she prompted each pair to walk down the aisle and separate at the end. Erza chose not to have a maid of honor as she felt that allowing one person to be more involved wasn't fair. Natsu and Lucy were the first to walk and were followed by Laxus and Mirajane. Gray and Juvia followed after and then Gajeel and Levy came down the aisle. Once they had separated, the music changed and Erza came down the aisle.

Jellal watched her walk down the aisle and he felt his eyes water at the sight of her. She wasn't in her wedding dress, but the feeling was the same. He still had trouble believing that she said yes to marrying him. Sometimes he felt like he had been in a very long dream and he could wake up at any moment. He loved her more than anything and had been more thankful than she could ever imagine. When he looked at their twins, he gushed with pride and happiness. His life was perfect and he wouldn't change it for anything.


He blinked out of his daydream to see Erza staring at him. In fact, all eyes had been on him. He smiled and stepped forward to take her hand, squeezing it gently in reassurance.

"I was just thinking about how happy I am and how you've changed my life so much. I really do love you Erza Scarlet. More than you could ever imagine."

The rehearsal concluded and they were able to move onto dinner. From the sound of it, no one had eaten before they arrived and they couldn't wait. Erza stared in wonder at her friends and nearly laughed as Gray and Natsu fought over a plate. She couldn't wait for tomorrow to arrive.

"Wake up! It's your wedding day!"

The curtains were thrown open and Erza groaned as the sunlight poured in through the bedroom. She covered her head with the covers and moaned her disapproval.

"Five more minutes, Lucy," she whined.

"You can either get out of bed or we can pull you out. Your choice, Fernandes!"

Erza whined again and felt herself being dragged from her king sized bed. Her body protested, wanting more rest after last night and she nearly groaned. Her ass hit the floor and she winced, reaching back to rub the tender flesh. She glared at her assailants and remained on the floor.

"Rough night?" Lucy teased. "Gonna need a lot of make up to cover those hickeys."

"What?" Erza asked in disbelief. She stood shakily, ignoring the snickers of laughter and went to the mirror. Her neck and chest had hickeys and she could see small red welts on her hips. She sighed in defeat and raised her hand to her neck. As much as she tried not to, she recalled last night and blushed furiously.

"You are going to have a very interesting wedding night. Now let's get you ready!"

Erza yawned and stretched her aching body, trying to gather energy for the day. She was completely exhausted and aching all over. She did accept some blame in how she felt as she wouldn't allow him to rest. With the children staying overnight at Wendy's, it allowed them an opportunity to be intimate with no restrictions. She didn't regret it a bit.

"I suppose you're right. The wedding will be here before I know it."

Before Lucy could say anything, a knock on the door pulled her attention towards it. She opened it to find Levy, Mirajane and a very pregnant Juvia on the other side. She ushered them through and helped Mira with her bags before turning back to Erza.

"Get showered woman. We're gonna have fun with you!"

Erza's eyes traveled over to the smirking Mira and she suddenly had a very bad feeling. The silver haired woman was also an amazing stylist and Erza knew that she was planning something. She just didn't know what. She vanished into the bathroom to get herself ready for the big day.

As the bathroom door closed, Lucy dug into one of the bags and pulled out the lingerie Erza had purchased in the mall. She had told Lucy that Jellal wouldn't like it and asked her to take it back after having a change of heart. Lucy never did it and she couldn't wait to see Erza's face. The white set would go nicely under her wedding dress and the bra would push her cleavage up enough to keep his attention. Not that she needed help with that.

"Erza is going to hate you, Lu-chan."

Lucy turned to face Levy and a devious smile formed on her beautiful face. Erza was just going to have to deal with it.

"I'm okay with that," Lucy grinned. "She won't even have it on that long."

"Have what on?"

Lucy smirked and turned to face the bathroom door with her plan in her hands. She watched Erza's face turn a dark shade of red and she held her hands out in front of her. The red headed woman protested the white lingerie in front of her and glared at Lucy.

"I thought I asked you to please return that."

"That was your first mistake," Lucy said. "You asked me to return it, but did you think I actually would?"

Erza sighed in defeat and held her hands out for the lace material. She had to admit, it did look good on her and she liked how it felt against her skin. She would have to purchase this again in black. She slipped the undergarments on under her robe and fastened the stockings to her garter belt before tying her robe again.

"Nope!" Lucy exclaimed. "Let us see how it looks!"

Mirajane reached around and pulled the belt from her robe, letting it fall open. Erza rolled her eyes as her friends stared her down with giggles. It was like she was in a high school locker room.

"Juvia can't wait to wear things like that again. Although, Gray-sama is too impatient to enjoy the view. He tore Juvia's last garter belt, but he used it to tie Juvia's wrists together…"

"Juvia!" Levy blushed. "He does that kind of stuff? I thought it was just Gajeel."

"We really have to do something about them hanging out together," Lucy mumbled. "Jellal's going to love this, Erza. You may not think so, but the boys talk a lot and he's mentioned a few things he wanted to see you in. We also bought angel wings because you know, you're an angel in white."

"Oh God," Erza breathed. "This is going to be a long night."

"Of course it will. The best night of your life. Now let me do your hair."

"Get out of the bathroom you stupid ice princess!"

"Up yours lava breath!"

"I will slam your heads together if you don't shut up!"

Jellal stared at the fighting men and turned away before laughing. He couldn't understand how Erza kept them under control all these years. They fought constantly when not in her presence, but as soon as they were around her, they were the best of friends. This time, Laxus took Erza's place as the peacekeeper and he watched Natsu stand up and grin.

"Then you fight me, Laxus!"

I don't even…

"You don't want that, pinkie! He'll knock you on your ass again!" Gajeel hollered from the other room. "Though I would pay money to see that!"

"Shut your mouth before I bend you!"


"I don't like how that sounded!"

"Fuck you!"

Jellal stared in amazement at Natsu and shook his head. Today was going to be quite entertaining, but he knew that it was going to be a good day. A hand landed on his shoulder and he glanced over at Gray.

"We'll keep him quiet. You know he doesn't have good social skills. He's special."

"I wouldn't worry too much about him," Gajeel chimed in. "He's not that stupid."

They looked over at Natsu still attempting to pick a fight with Laxus as the taller man held him back at arm's length. Natsu had still been mouthing off to him and Laxus yawned, covering his mouth with his free hand. The sound of a ringing phone distracted him and he reached into his pocket to answer.

"Shut it," he growled. "It's the girls."

Natsu folded his arms and pouted as if he had gotten in trouble. For the most part, they were all ready to leave and were just waiting for the word to head over to the church. Even though he kept picking fights with Laxus, he was very happy about today. This would be the day that two of his friends began their lives together. After everything that had happened, it was good to finally see them happy. They had even started their family.

"Natsu! Get it together. We're leaving!" Gray had snapped.

The pink haired man scoffed and followed them out of the door, making sure to lock it behind him. Once they had situated themselves in the car, Gray pulled off and made his way towards the church. There wasn't much to walk about between them, but the silence was enough to convey their happiness for the groom. They were all there throughout the Minvera arc and to finally see peace made them happier than words would express.

The drive to the church was a short one, but they didn't want to take the chance and walk. Once they pulled up, Gray parked in the section reserved for the wedding party and turned off the car. Even he had been happy for Jellal and he couldn't wait to see them finally married. When Erza and Gray had talked, she expressed her hope that she would find Jellal again and start over. He could see the sadness in her eyes each time she talked about him, but he could also see her hope that she would find him again.

"We've got about 30 minutes to get in and get ready."

Jellal stepped out of the car and stretched before turning to face his friends. He knew that they had to wait for the girls so it would just be him going into the church for the time being.

"I'll see you guys in there," he said, making his way towards the doors."

Once he was out of sight, Natsu leaned against the car. Lucy told them that they were on the way and it wasn't going to be too much longer before they arrived. He wished he had eaten before leaving the house and it was a decision that would haunt him for the duration of the wedding. His stomach growled and he sighed.


Gray shoved a candy bar in his face and Natsu's eyes lit up. He snatched the bar from Gray and his mouth watered, leaving the dark haired man to stare in disgust.

"I love you, Gray."

"I don't return those feelings. Just eat it, you loser."

The insult went beyond Natsu as he ate the candy bar with happiness. He had still been eating when the limo pulled up with the girls inside. Laxus opened the door to help them out of the long vehicle and smiled his approval at the last one to exit.

She was absolutely stunning as she stepped out of the limo. Her scarlet hair had been pinned up with runaway curls around her face. The dress was a beautiful white strapless gown that flared out at her waist until it hit the ground. As Laxus helped her out of the vehicle, she glanced around at her friends and blushed slightly. She heard the sound of sniffling and glanced over at Natsu.

"Natsu, are you crying?" She asked gently.

"I'm not crying! You're crying!"

Erza laughed before wrapping her arms around him in a hug. She heard him scoff and he turned his nose up at her.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Natsu stood quietly as she sniffled against him and patted her back. "I don't know why you're thanking me. Go get married already. I'm starving!"

Lucy sighed and pulled her husband away while shaking her head. Laxus and Gray helped Erza into the church while Mirajane, Levy and Juvia held the train of the dress. Mere minutes remained until their friends would be married and they were all excited. Lucy had also planned something special for the married couple since they didn't think it would be a good idea to have children in attendance. When she had learned that the twins were finally walking, she formed the plan to have them walk down the aisle after they were announced man and wife. She couldn't wait.

"Ten minutes!"

Erza watched everyone line up around the corner and she froze. Her nerves had gotten the best of her and she felt scared. She couldn't wait to marry Jellal, but there was a fear inside of her that thought something bad was going to happen and this day would be ruined for her. As if sensing her distress, Lucy held her hand and gently poked her forehead.

"This is going to be the second best day of your life! The first being the birth of the twins. We won't let anything or anyone ruin this. Trust us."

Erza nodded slowly as the doors opened and the music began. She watched her wedding party file into the church and took several deep breaths. Although it was a slow walk, she still felt it was too fast. Her nerves bunched in her stomach and she felt nauseous. She tried to focus her mind elsewhere and focused on the man waiting for her. The music changed and she could heard people shuffling around to stand for her entrance. She took another deep breath and began to walk forward.

All eyes were on the scarlet haired beauty as she walked elegantly down the aisle. Her movements were precise and not hurried. She kept her eyes forward and took note of Jellal's facial expression. His eyes had widened at her appearance she saw him blush before he smiled at her and took a step forward. The walk seemed longer than she remembered and she smiled softly at him as she reached the end of the aisle. Once he held her hand, the music had stopped and the audience had taken their seats. Her nerves calmed and she squeezed his hand gently.

Her eyes widened when the officiant came to the center and she froze with shock. Lucy told her she knew someone, but she had no idea it would have been him.

"Master?" She asked quizzically. "You're licensed?"

"Well duh," the older man responded. "Now hush up so you can get married."

"Yes sir," she chuckled, feeling much more at ease.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Makarov began. "We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, the joining of two hearts and to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words which shall unite this couple in marriage. Now, who gives this woman today to be married?"

Erza hadn't expected anyone to answer and her eyes widened with Lucy stepped forward. She felt the tears forming in her eyes as Levy, Juvia and Mirajane stepped forward with her. Lucy gestured to the other side and she saw that Natsu, Gajeel, Gray and Laxus had stepped forward.

"We do," they answered in unison.

Erza shook with tears and felt Jellal squeeze her hand tighter. The red head nearly broke down in tears at the love her friends showed and sniffled lightly. She looked down at Makarov with a bright smile and the man beamed up at her.

"As do I," he smiled.

Erza choked back a sob and raised her hand to wipe away her tears. She didn't have anyone to "give her away" at her wedding as her parents were no longer around. It would have been a sad moment for her, but it would not have overshadowed her wedding day. She sniffled and Makarov took that as a sign to continue.

"Should there be anyone who has cause as to why this couple should not be united in marriage, keep it to yourself."

She could hear the audience chuckle at the bold statement and Jellal smiled at her. She grinned back at him and straightened herself as he continued with the ceremony. Makarov touched on their childhood and how they were separated, but found each other years later. He touched on the hardships they endured and how they defeated the obstacles in their way. Once he had finished, Jellal and Erza exchanged their vows. Erza could barely get through hers without crying again and Jellal teased her about messing up her make up. She pouted and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Jellal Fernandes, do you take Erza Scarlet to be your wife? Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her in sickness and in health? To death do you part?"

"I do."

"And Erza Scarlet, do you take Jellal Fernandes to be your husband? Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect him in sickness and in health? To death do you part?"

"I do."

Makarov signaled for the rings as Natsu and Lucy stepped forward. Natsu handed Erza's ring to Jellal and gave him a thumbs up. He slid the ring onto Erza's finger and smiled.

"Erza, this ring is my sacred gift. I promise that I will always love you, cherish you and honor you every single day of our lives. With this ring, I thee wed."

Erza sniffled and her hand shook as she slid Jellal's ring onto his finger and blinked away her tears.

"Jellal, this ring is my sacred gift. I promise that I will always love you, cherish you and honor you every single day of our lives. With this ring, I thee wed."

Makarov looked at the two and secretly gestured to Lucy. The blonde haired woman grinned and nodded. One last thing.

"With the rings exchanged and by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may now kiss your bride."

Erza could hear the applause throughout the church and blushed as Jellal removed her veil. They shared a brief yet intimate kiss, careful not to overdo it in front of their friends and family. When the parted, Erza felt a tap on her shoulder and Lucy gestured to the doorway. Her eyes followed and landed on Wendy with confusion. The young teen knelt down and held her hands out to the side in a gesture. Erza's eyes widened as she saw the twins come from behind the last pew and walk slowly towards them. Her tears overflowed and she finally cried. Jellal stood next to her with pride in his eyes at the sight of their twins walking towards them. He gently tugged Erza's hand to meet them halfway and she happily obliged.

Lucy teared up at the sight of the parents picking up their children and grinned happily. She was happy that they were able to take part in the wedding after all. Her eyes landed on Akemi as the small child held her hands out towards her father.

"I guess the wrong person picked her up," Levy chuckled.

The girls broke out in laughter as Erza and Jellal switched children. Akemi curled up against her father's chest while sticking her tongue out at her mother. Erza's face reddened before her eyes softened and she smiled.

"Jellal, she loves you more than me," she pouted.

"I guess I just have a way with the ladies," he grinned.

They turned back to face those in the church with their children in arms. Cameras flashed and she did her best to make sure she smiled for each one. Erza leaned her head against his shoulder and smiled brightly. Naoki poked his head up and kissed her cheek as Akemi kissed her father's cheek.

Jellal stared down at his wife and wrapped his free arm around her, pulling her closed. He kissed her forehead and smiled for pictures. If anyone had been happier, it was him.

"Erza! Can we get another picture with you and Jellal?" Levy asked.

"Come on, Shrimp," Gajeel protested. "Let her enjoy her party!"

"Nonsense," Erza smiled. "I would be happy to."

Erza walked over with Jellal following behind her and they posed for the picture. She had taken so many pictures that she felt like a celebrity. Levy hugged her tightly while Gajeel fist bumped Jellal. Her stomach churned again and Erza panicked, tugging on Levy's arm.

"Levy, I don't feel so good. Can you help me with my dress?"

"Sure! I'll get Lucy and we'll help you change!"

Erza nodded as Levy rushed over to grab Lucy. Jellal looked at her with worry and she shook her head to signal that nothing was wrong. He narrowed his eyes at her and signaled that he was watching her. Once the girls came back, they rushed the bride off to the bathroom in the bridal suite. Erza had been lucky that no one stopped her on the way and she vomited immediately. Lucy began to unzip her dress as Levy carried over her change of clothes.

"Something you want to tell us, Erza?"

The red head shook her head before she vomited again and groaned. She had been feeling nauseous for weeks and even her favorite foods made her sick. She wiped her mouth with tissue and flushed the toilet. She emerged from the room with her dress halfway off and found Jellal leaning against the doorway. He looked at her with worried eyes as he unfolded his arms and walked over to her. Lucy and Levy had yet to emerge from the bathroom and he didn't care if they heard. He had noticed something was different about her throughout the weeks, but contributed it to wedding jitters. His final hint had been when she didn't want strawberry cheesecake.

"Erza, are you pregnant?"

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