Chapter 1


A little boy, no more than 5 years old, was sitting in the livingroom. His brown hair was covering the top part of his eyes. His elbow on the ledge of his window as his head was resting on his hand. He stared out the window as he saw a boy with black hair and a furred vest. Next to that boy was two twins. A boy and a girl. Both had blond straight hair. They were kicking a ball to each other. The small boys green eyes looked over to a man sitting at the table. The mans long brown beard spread across his chest. His green eyes concentrated on the papers on the table in front of him. "Daddy?", the little boy asked. The man didn't answer and wrote something on the paper. "Can I pway wit Snotlout?", he said. "No.", the man said, not even looking at the boy.

The kid sighed and stared out the window again. All of a sudden the door opened. A gust of wind blew in, almost knocking the papers off the table. "Well aren't you two just a couple of bums!", commented a voice. "Uncle Wobber!", shouted the little boy. The boy got up and ran to the man. The man had a blonde string on his chin as it swung back a bit as he walked in the house. His peg leg making a clanking noise. He crouched down and picked the boy up. "It's Gobber, Hiccup.", Gobber corrected the kid. "Wobber!", Hiccup squeaked in delight as he lifted his hands in the air. "-sigh-", he put the kid on his shoulder and supported him with his peg arm. Gobber padded over to his best friend. "Still working on them paperwork Stoik?". The Chief grunted. Hiccup leaned over to Gobbers ear, "-whisper- Daddy be wike dat all day. He won even wet me go outside.-whisper-". Gobber raised his blonde eyebrow. "Hey Stoik.", started Gobber as he went up to his friend. Stoiks eyes didn't even move from the paper. "How 'bout I babysit this knucklehead fer ya?', chimed Gobber as he put his hand on the chiefs shoulder. "Sure.", Stoik barely mumbled. Hiccup squealed in delight. "Alright kid. Lets go to my workshop!", "Yay!". Gobber put the kid down when they got to the door.

A hand was put on Gobbers shoulder. "Keep a good eye on that boy. He likes to wander off.", mumbled Stoik. Gobber looked at him, "Don't I always?", he asked with a smirk. But Stoik walked back over to his table and papers. Gobber shrugged and padded out of the doorway.

But when he walked out, the little Hiccup wasn't any where to be seen "-sigh- that kid always gets away whenever he gets the chance doesn't he?", he asked himself.


Right as the little kid got out of the door, he ran.

He was so happy that he gets to be outside. He was cooped up inside all day. Nothing to do but stare out the window or watch his daddy work.

His cousin, Snotlout, came into view. Him and the twins were still playing the kicking game. The boy twin started to run toward the ball that was in the middle of them, "It's mine!", he proclaimed. "Now way it's mine!", the girl twin shouted. She ran right next to her brother to get the ball. As they were one foot away from the ball, they ran into each other. Both of their heads hit each other. "Ouch!", they shouted. Then they started hitting each other (like a "cat fight"). Then Snotlout started to run toward the ball. He kicked it over the twins heads. They stopped and looked up, seeing the ball fly. The ball landed on the ground and rolled a few feet toward some pebbles. "Yes! I won! Snotlout is the greatest!", shouted Snotlout as he raised his fists in the air.

"Hey guys!", Hiccup shouted as he sprinted over to the kids. The twins groaned once they saw him. "What? Did Uncle Stoik get tired of ya and made you come to me?", Snotlout snorted. His face was a mixture of tiredness and annoyance. "No!", said Hiccup as he stomped his foot. "Daddy wet me come outside wit Wobber!", he proclaimed. "Wahh!", Hiccup squealed as he was being lifted in the air. "It's Gobber. Gob-ber.", Gobber tried having Hiccup say his name. But Hiccup just giggled, "Wobber! Wobber! Hehehe!". "-sigh-", he sighed as he put the kid on his shoulders. "Don't get into any trouble now Snotlout.", warned Gobber. "That's Hiccups job, not mine!", smirked Snotlout putting a hand on his waist. The twins laughed. Gobber rolled his eyes and trudged off.

"So, whatchya want to do Hiccup?", Gobber asked. "Forest!", the kid squealed. The man chuckled, "Sorry kid, your dad'll have my head if I let you in there.". "Aww…", Hiccup pouted. "Got any other ideas?", he asked. Hiccup put his bottom lip out and made his green eyes bigger and looked at Gobber. "Nuhuh. Nope! Not gonna fall for that trick!", Gobber said as he looked away with a smirk. Hiccup gave up and made an exaggerated sigh. Gobber tapped his finger on his chin, "How 'bout I teach ya my blacksmith'en eh?". Hiccup gasped in excitement. Gobber chuckled as he went over to his shop.


Hiccup sat in the middle of the floor with his eyes big and round. They darted all over the shop as he tried to keep up with what Gobber was trying to say. He kept explaining about each weapon and how it's used for. A lot of other kids don't like to hear about all of this. Mostly because their parents think that they are too young to hear about all of the killing, just yet. And because they get bored of Gobber yapping all the time. But not Hiccup. He likes to listen to these types of things. Mostly because of his sharp curiosity and because he doesn't have anything else to do. Gobber is one of Hiccups close friends. And uncle in Hiccups case.

"And I also make other weapons to go on my hand, just for me!", Gobber chimed happily. Hiccup clapped as he saw all the different weapons on Gobbers hand. From a tiny butter knife, to a giant hammer. Whether it's steel or wooden.

After showing and telling all of Gobbers toys, there is a question he never thought he'd hear from anyone: "Can I be a bwacksmif wike you Wobber?", Hiccup asked. Blue eyes sparkled as he looked down at the big green ones. "Of COURSE you can laddie!", he chimed. Gobber never thought he could be so happy! Although it will take a long time for the kid to learn how to make a weapon and then actually making it. The boy is young, so he has lots of time to study. But then again, making the weapon might be kind of dangerous for little Hiccup. After all, he is smaller than most boys. He's even smaller than the girls. Most vikings that are born, are large and tough. Gobber thought for a moment. But if the kid learned how make these weapons, then he might get some strength in him. He smiled at that thought. Then he frowned as he realised that he'll have to get permission from his best friend. That wont be a very friendly chat that's for sure. Gobber shurgged. Oh well, he'll think about that later.

Once he was done spacing out, he looked back down at Hiccup. But he saw no Hiccup. "Oh great.", Gobber groaned.