Chapter 22

Oh No

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Silence hung thick in the air as it swam around the whole room. It seemed to have turned everyone into statues. Solid statues as the light from the fire glowed on them. Illuminating them enough to see their emotion.

Their chief was in the same predicament.

His green eyes once narrowed into slits, now bigger than any owl in any forest.

The words, "Well… I shouldn't really be saying all of this when everyone thinks I'm dead…" swam in his head as it banged against it to play a scene of a distant memory he so desperately tried to forget.

Stoick the Vast stared in shock and disbelief. He had heard a shrilling shriek somewhere and new it was a child. And later after he heard a child call "daddy". When he realised that his son was sleeping in their house, he was going to run and get him out. But when he got there, his whole house was burnt.

The chief just stood in front of his house. His small green eyes reflecting the fire's flame. His legs unwilling to run in there to rescue his son. His legs knew that it would have been useless to go in there. His son. His only child. Was now dead in the hands of the fire.

He fell to the ground on his knees with a thump. His back crouched down as he leaned over. His brown bear cape loomed over him, making him look like a hairy boulder. He slammed his fists into the ground, making dirt fly out in different places. Tears threatening to fall. But failed as the chief made himself be strong. But he couldn't suppress a scream of agony.

He was huffing and puffing after the yell. While trying hard for the waterfall in his eyes to go away.

That same waterfall dared to come back again. Come back and make it's mark on the strong chief. The strong chief that held no fear and only desire to protect his village. But all that nonsense went away as quickly as the flames flickered.

Green met green in a silent battle to dare each other to speak first. On who is willing to believe that this is actually happening in the first place.

No Thor or Odin was going to help them in this one. The villagers knew that those who were up front were the only ones to be in the spotlight. For confusion and fear hung low in the villagers eyes as they stared in disbelief at the front.

The so called runt just managed to freeze time even though he seems to be only a hiccup. One that they never thought they would see again.

"H-Hiccup?", a voice asked.

The Dragon Riders green eyes widened and slowly turned his head to look at Gobber. You could see fear and confusion in his green eyes

The villagers gasped and started to murmur amongst each other. Asking things like: "Hiccup?" "The Hiccup?" "Impossible! He died in that fire!".

Hiccups green eyes looked around at every viking in the Great Hall. His mouth a little opened as his eyes darted everywhere. His heart pounding in his chest. He managed to swallow a lump in his throat, but he couldn't swallow the fear inside. He blinked a couple of times as he looked back at Gobber. His blue eyes staring into green ones.

Hiccup didn't dare look back at Stoick.

He took a couple small shaky steps backwards. He knew he couldn't go anywhere. Especially with his hands tied. If he was younger, he probably could be able to slip out of them. But now that he's 15 and managed to get a bit of muscle on him, he can't.

Everyone flinched when a loud vrooming noise was heard. Hiccups eyes grew wider than they were before. There was a lot of gasps heard amongst the vikings.

"NIGHT FURY!", someone shouted. Panic was heard from everyone as they started to shuffle around each other.

Stoick blinked as he managed to snap out of his trance. Gobber as well as he looked at his chief. Stoicks green eyes narrowed at the 5 children. Fishlegs flinched. The twins looked down on the ground as they found it interesting. Same with Astrid and Snotlout. "I'll deal with you lot later.", he growled. They all gulped as Fishlegs shivered. "How long will later be?", Tuffnut asked. His sister punched his arm.

A loud boom was heard as it blasted at the Great Hall making the whole room shake. Someone screamed at the noise.

"Protect the animals!", their chief yelled at his men. They all nodded as they all ran outside. Most forgetting about the boy and the other teens. "Keep your eye on 'em", Stoick ordered Gobber as he started to run out of the room with the rest of his village.

Another loud boom was heard as another blast crashed onto the Great Hall. All the kids looked up and then back at Hiccup. Hiccups eyes were wide and full of fear. "Toothless…", he mumbled. The teens gasped and looked at each other.

Hiccup figured that after he got captured that Toothless went back to the Ice Hold to get help. He gulped at the thought of who was with him.

The sound of someone walking up to him made him flinch and quickly turned to look at the person. Gobber waddled over to him as his blue eyes looked more closely into his green ones. Gobber could see fear in them. His heart melted when he saw the emotion. He's always known Hiccup to smile, even when things weren't so bright. Another boom was heard along with a screech as it made the room shake again.

Hiccup looked up and then back at Gobber. His green eyes pleading at him. Gobbers lips turned into a frown. He knew he would be disobeying orders from his best friend, but something inside of him told him to do this.

He grabbed some keys on the side of his belt and unlocked the wooden cuffs around the boys wrists. Hiccups green eyes looked at him with shock. But the boy didn't take a moment to hesitate. He dashed around the blacksmith and made his way over to the door. He didn't bother to look back. Gobber made a small smile and turned around to look at the teens. "Well?", he asked them. The teens eyes widened. "Get going!", he ordered. The teens blinked a couple of times and quickly nodded. "Oh, r-right!", "On it!", they mumbled. They dashed after Hiccup.


Once the kids got outside, they saw Hiccup standing there in front of the doors. He was looking up at the black sky.

All different types of dragons were flying around in the sky. More than just Nightmares, Nadders, Gronkles, and Zipplebacks. But what was even more weird is that they were all flying in a circle. In a circle around the village.

Something black dashed past their eyes. The teens eyes widened when a black dragon pounced on Hiccup. Hiccup started to laugh a bit. "Toothless! I'm ok! I'm ok!", he said. You could see a small smile creep on his face. The black dragons pupils widened as it made a gummy smile at the boy while shaking it's long tail back and forth. Hiccup put a hand under it's chin and a hand on its muzzle. The dragon went into the touch. "I missed you bud.", he said.

"Hiccup whats going on?", Astrid broke the silence. Hiccup and Toothless's green eyes looked at the blonde girl. Her blue eyes full of worry. Hiccups eyes held the same worry as he looked back at his dragon. Toothless made a soft cooing noise as he nudged Hiccups arm for comfort. "Did you bring them bud?", he asked. Toothless squeaked as he nudged his riders arm some more. Hiccup made a small smile at that. Toothless was just worried that the village might've done something horrible to his rider if they ever found out who he really is. "Thank you Toothless.", Hiccup mumbled as he put his forehead against his dragons. Toothless did the same as they closed their eyes at the contact.

A battle cry was heard as it snapped them out of their moment. The teens gasped when they saw their chief charging at Toothless with an ax.

Hiccups eyes widened. Toothless was quick and jumped in front of hiccup to protect him, getting ready for the attack.

As Stoick neared the two with his ax raised high, Toothless was about to pounce on him when he heard a loud roar from above.

Hiccup, Toothless, and the teens all looked up and gasped.

Stoick charged at the black dragon and swung his ax downward with great speed.

But the attack was stopped by a long staff. A long wooden staff that was being held by a skinny person.

That person was wearing blue and orange with a half of skirt on her side. Stick like long horns stuck out from the top of her blue helmet. Small narrow holes were on the mask as well so that she could see.

The lady twisted her staff around the ax as she hit Stoick twice on the side and stomach, pushing him backwards. Stoick grunted a little at the force the woman had. He narrowed his eyes as he swung his ax again to aim at her staff. The woman lowers her staff and bends backwards to dodge the ax as it glided in the air, just over her face. Stoick swung the ax down toward her legs. With quick like reflexes, she put her hands on the ground behind her and pushed her legs upwards as she twisted her hands to twist her body around and push herself off of the ground. She landed with her feet on the ax as the ax slammed to the ground. Stoick tried to get the ax out from under her feet, but the lady put all of her weight onto her feet so the ax wouldn't move. Stoick gritted his teeth as he used his right hand and made an uppercut to her chin. The lady gasped at the surprise attack and flew backwards. Landing on her back on the ground with a loud 'thump' echoed with a grunt.

"Mom!", the Dragon Rider shouted. The boy ran over to the lady to help her as he grabbed her shoulders to lift her up gently. Stoick noticed that her mask fell off when he hit her.

Stoicks green eyes widened when he saw the ladies face.

The lady had one of her green eyes closed. The one that was closed was on the side where Stoick hit her. Her long brown hair was pulled back into three braids behind her back. She slowly lifted her hand up to her left cheek as she panted a bit. The boy looked at her with scared and worried eyes. Then the boy looked at Stoick and narrowed his eyes in anger. He was about to go to Stoick when the woman put her hand that was on her cheek, onto the boys arm. The boy stopped and looked at her with concern.

The lady looked into Stoicks wide eyes. Stoick looks as if he's seen a ghost. He's just standing there. Staring at both the lady and the boy. His mind blank as he tried to think of what is going on here. And of why do they look so much like his lost family?

"V-valka?", Stoick just barely whispered. The boys eyes widened and gasped. The lady just sat there as her green eyes turned to sadness.

She slowly got to her feet as she kept looking at Stoick.

Stoick couldn't move. His green eyes were glued onto hers. Everything around him seemed to have disappeared into blackness as it was just him, her, and the boy. He wanted to move. To do something! But the woman just kept getting closer and closer to him. Until she stopped just a foot away from him. The boy that was a few feet from the woman looked at the lady and then at Stoick repeatedly with worried mixed in his green eyes. There was only one thing on Stoicks mind as he watched the woman.

The ladies head looked downwards at the ground. Her hand went up to her other arm and held it nervously. She opened her mouth as she was going to say something, "I-", "-Your just as beautiful as the day I lost you…". The lady gasped.

She just now noticed a soft and gentle big muscled hand on her left cheek. She looked into the mans soft green eyes as she played those soft loving words in her head repeatedly.

The boy in the back just looked at them confused as he looked at the lady and back at the man repeatedly. Just now, the lady was fighting Stoick to protect the boy, then Stoick had slapped her, and now their acting like… this, all of a sudden.

A loud boom was heard as a couple of the teens in the back screamed.

Hiccup flinched when he heard Astrid scream. He looked over and saw smoke slowly fading away as a blast was hit very close to them. But not close enough to hurt them.

Hiccup looked up at the sky and saw a lot of dragons circling the island. As well as seeing some attacking some of the villagers. Hiccups eyes widened.

He had to stop this.

The boy quickly turned to Toothless and ran up to him. He reached out on the side where the saddle is on the dragon, and grabbed his black helmet. He quickly put it on as he put his hand on Toothless's nose. Toothless purred and went into the touch. Hiccup nodded and grabbed his Inferno on the side as well. He quickly looked at his mom and ran towards the dragons circling in the night sky.

All the dragons were roaring and blasting their flame on the ground to shed light as it exploded around the vikings. The vikings ran around wildly as they helped each other to defend their village from the surprise attack. Some were actually happy with having this raid. It has been a while since their has been one and most were getting bored because of it.

Valka quickly averted her gaze from Stoick as she looked at her son. There was worry in her green eyes. She looked back at Stoick. His green eyes looking at hers knowingly. "I have to help him.", she said softly. Stoick nodded in understanding. There was really nothing more for him to do. He was still stunned by what had just occurred. But he is willing to help either way. So he nodded.

Valka quickly went and grabbed her helmet as well and put it on. The mask hiding her face once more. She gripped tightly on her staff as she rushed over to her son.

All Stoick could do was stand back with the other teens and just stare in shock and confusion.


Once Valka got to her sons side, they both looked at each other and nodded.

Hiccup pressed a button on his Inferno. A long stick like staff emerged from it. If you looked closely at it, it was very similar to Valka's.

They both raised their staff in the air, just above their heads.

Simultaneously, they flicked their staff around them in a circle. You could hear a vibrated noise. It was almost like a growling sound.

A few of the dragons managed to perk their ears up when they heard the noise. But some were too busy dealing with stubborn vikings and flying around to do anything about it.

After a few more times of flicking their staffs, they slammed it on the ground as hard as they could. An even louder vibrate noise erupted from the staffs. Just like a dragon roar.

This is what got all of the dragons attentions. All of their eyes widened and pupils narrowed halfway. They flapped their wings as they flew away from some of the shocked vikings and to the two humans.

They all landed in front of the two. Both Valka and Hiccup slowly walked in front of the dragons. They extended their hands up toward them as if telling them to stop.

All of the dragons slowly bowed their heads but kept their eyes glued on them.

The two humans then, clenched their hands into fists and swooshed them into the air as they pointed diagonally into the sky.

The dragons ears perked again as they read the signal. Most of them looked into the sky and most of them tilted their heads. It didn't take long for the message to sink in as they all started to flap their wings and take off in the direction of the humans signals.


Once the dragons all left, most of the vikings started to slowly walk towards the two. They surrounded them in a circle as they stared at them with wide eyes and jaws on the ground. You could even hear a few of their weapons have dropped on the ground.

A viking with a blonde mustache braided in two, waddled up to the chief, "Ehh… What jus' happen'?", he asked his friend.

"That…", a voice started as all the teens looked at Tuffnut.

"Was…", Ruffnut said.

"AWESOME!", the twins shouted as they banged their heads together. "I've never seen so much destruction in my life!", chirped Ruffnut. "A-and that thing with the dragons! Oh man!", said Tuffnut. "It was like magic!", shouted Ruffnut. "I feel like I'm dreaming! Hey, pinch me to see if I'm dreaming!", said Tuffnut as he looked at his sister. Instead of pinching him, she punched his arm. "Yes! I'm not dreaming!", he said as they grinned.

Everyone ignored them.

Gobbers brow went up as his blue eyes went wide as he looked at the two.

"Get them!", someone shouted. The boy and the lady both looked around. But it was too late.

Some of Erets men managed to push the Dragon Rider boy on the ground, flat on his stomach. They grabbed both of his arms and locked them behind his back. The boy grunted and winced. Another hand slammed his head in the ground as his face was consumed by green grass.

The lady shouted a battle cry as she tried to use her staff and push the men off of the boy. But some other men swiped a hammer under feet and made her trip and fall to the ground. Some other men did the same to her as they did to the boy.

That is when something snapped inside the chief. His green eyes narrowed once more as his hands clenched together.

Stoick stomped over to the group of men as they were about to tie the two's hands together. "Enough!", he shouted. Everyone flinched. The two just moved their eyes upwards since they can't move their heads. "Release them!", he ordered.

"Why should we?", someone shouted, "You saw the destruction they caused! You saw what they can do for us!".

Stoick and everyone else turned their heads to look at Eret. Erets eyebrows knitted together as he narrowed his eyes. His teeth clenched together as he stomped closer to the Dragon Rider. Once he got to the boy, he bent down and grabbed the boy by his front collar. The boy grunted as he was lifted easily in the air. His short brown hair covering his green eyes as Eret's brown ones glared into them.

"I SAID ENOUGH!", the chief of Berk bellowed over everyone. Everyone could have sworn that the earth shook when he yelled.

Everyone looked at the chief with wide eyes as he march over to Eret. Eret never left his gaze and kept glaring at the boy. Eret gritted his teeth as if he was growling and let go of the boys collar. The boy fell to the ground with a 'thump' as he used his hands to stop the fall. He was panting a bit as his hair still covered his eyes.

The lady next to him started to struggle.

Stoick looked over at the lady as some of the men started to tighten their grip on her. "Let. Her. Go.", he ordered. Some of the men looked at each other and then at Eret. Eret grimaced and nodded. The men let the lady go.

The lady scrambled over to the boy with her staff. She put her hand on his shoulder as she crouched down next to him with her staff in her other hand.

Stoick slowly walked up to the two.

"We need to talk.", he ordered in a low voice.

The lady nodded her head. She turned her head to the boy and rubbed his back in small circles. The boy nodded slowly and got up.

Stoick looked at both of them before turning around and heading towards his house.

Before he keeps walking, he looks back to make sure that the two were following him. Then he turned and looked at Gobber, "Clean up this mess.", he ordered his friend and stomped to his house, with the other two following him.

Gobber nodded, "You heard the chief! Let's clean up this mess!", he shouted to get everyones attention as the three walked into the big house and the door closed.


The sun slowly rose above the ground to make everything glow. The rays of light jumped from ice pillar to ice pillar as it blinded who ever layed it's eyes on it.

Pillars of ice surround a giant body of water.

Thousands of ships were packed in that water. Each one close to each other as they were all anchored. They were in a circle. In the middle of that circle, the water was bubbling.

One ship that was bigger than the others, was the closests to the bubbles.

A long gray chain was connected from deep within the water to the head of the ship.

A big man was perched on the end of that ship. A dark black cloak wrapped around him as a shield. His black wavy hair glided down his back as it turned invisible in the cloak. His mouth made a thin line across his face as his black eyes narrowed in the water dangerously. If looks could kill, the water would have evaporated a long time ago.

"Drago!", the man growled as he heard his name and slowly turned around. His cloak of scales flowing a bit as he turned.

One of his guards rushed up to him and panted a bit to catch his breath. Drago didn't have any patients so he glared at the man. The man gasped, "We got new about the Dragon Riders!", he said very fast.

The bigger man narrowed his eyes. The other man continued, "They were found and captured by a village. A village called Berk.".

Drago kept his same expression as he turned towards the bubbling water as a low growl erupted threw it.

"What do you want us to do sir?", the guard asked.

"Get everyone prepared! We will get rid of those Riders once and for all! Then, we will take down their Alpha!", he ordered.

The guard quickly nodded and dashed off as he spread the word.

The big black man glared at the water as he waited for his men to prepare.

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