Piper pulled back from the kiss and looked at Alex seductively. "We're going to play with new rules today. You're going to do exactly as I tell you and nothing else. I want you to be completely mine tonight", she whispered. Alex felt lust rush through her body. Though usually she was the one in control she enjoyed it very much when Piper was being dominant. So she just nodded. "Good girl", Piper said as she sat down on the couch. Alex wanted to follow her but Piper told her to stay where she was. "Take off your clothes", she said. Alex had to swallow hard, the rough and demanding tone in Piper's voice made her knees go weak. Slowly she pulled her shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor. Then she unbuttoned her skinny jeans and pulled it down her long legs. She felt Piper watching her every move.

When she stood there in just her bra and panties Piper came over to her, opened the clasp of her bra and let it slide slowly down Alex's body. Alex's breathing became heavier as she noticed the lustful gaze Piper gave to her boobs. Piper came closer to Alex and whispered in her ear "I love your tits. They are so perfect, so soft and heavy…and those nipples…I love how hard they become when I take them in my mouth."

Alex moaned at this and started to pull Piper in for a passionate kiss, but Piper stopped her and said: "No, Alex. You're not allowed to touch me until I tell you so." Piper went back to the couch, smirking playfully. She enjoyed it to see Alex this flustered. She wanted to push the tall brunette to her absolute bounds of pleasure tonight.

"I want you to touch yourself Alex. Touch your gorgeous tits. Show me how you do it", Piper demanded. Alex felt like she was going crazy, she was so turned on. She cupped both her breasts in her hands and kneaded them, all the while holding eye contact with Piper. She saw Piper's eyes get dark with lust when she proceeded to pinching her nipples between her fingers. Pleasure filled her and she couldn't hold back another moan.

"Alex…are you already wet for me? Show me…Put your hand in your panties…" Piper said. Alex did as she was told. She let her right hand slide down into her panties while her other hand continued to play with her nipples. She let her fingers slide through her dripping wet folds, her breathing getting even heavier. Piper began to speak again: "So, are you wet for me, Alex?" "Yes…", Alex groaned, "Yes, I'm fucking soaked for you." Piper once again stepped over to Alex and said: "Show me your hand." Alex reluctantly pulled her hand out of her panties and showed Piper her fingers which were coated in her pussy juices. "Suck them clean", Piper commanded. Alex felt heat rise to her cheeks as hardly bearable lust rushed through her once more. She put one finger after another in her mouth and did as Piper told her. She could taste herself and felt even more wetness building up between her thighs.

And as Piper took a scarf and bound her wrists together tightly she thought she was going to faint due to her horniness.

Suddenly Piper pressed her lips on Alex's. She kissed her hard and passionately while pushing her until her back made contact with the living room table. Piper turned Alex around and pressed her back down, so Alex stood bend with her bound wrists on the table, trying to catch her breath. Piper got more and more aroused herself, seeing Alex in this position before her, taking in her perfect, round ass. Piper pulled Alex's panties down and after lightly stroking her ass, sending shivers over the brunette; she slapped her ass with her flat hand. Alex was taken by surprise and let out a yelp. Piper chuckled and bent down to whisper in Alex's ear while caressing the reddening flesh of her ass: "Do you like that? Does that turn you on? Do you want it again?" Alex was barely capable of forming words. "Fuck Piper…I…" she stuttered, but whatever she wanted to say turned into a pleasure filled outcry, as Piper brought her hand down on Alex's ass cheek again, harder this time. Piper didn't stop at this, she smacked Alex's ass again and again, revelling in Alex's cries of pain and lust. When she found it was enough she decided to drive Alex even wilder by slowly pushing one finger between her thighs from behind. Alex held her breath. Piper brought her finger to Alex's pussy and gasped in surprise.

"You're so fucking wet; I think I've never felt you so soaked. Who would have thought that being submissive could be such a turn on for you, naughty girl?"

Alex could only make sounds of pleasure as Piper began to rub her finger across her slit.

"Do you like it when I touch your pussy, Alex? Do you want to feel my fingers inside of you? Do you want me to push them in and out of you again and again, harder with every thrust? Tell me, Alex, do you want that?" Piper asked.

"Y…Yes…please…", Alex managed to say between her groans.

"Yes, please what?" Piper wanted Alex to say it, wanted her to beg for it. "Piper…please fuck me, do it how you want but please fuck me, I need you so bad", Alex nearly screamed. She wanted Piper to touch her so much that she didn't even care that she was begging. Something she normally wouldn't do.

Piper chuckled and said: "I will. I will fuck you so good that you will forget your name. But not yet." With that she pulled her fingers away from Alex's pussy. Alex growled in frustration, but Piper just took her by the scarf around her wrists and pulled her with her to the bedroom.

"Lie down on your back", she told her. When Alex did as she was told Piper undressed herself quickly and lay down next to Alex, teasingly stroking her thighs. "You look so fucking sexy, all tied up and at my mercy", she told Alex. Alex quivered and nodded as she heard Piper say: "I'm going to sit on your face now and you're going to eat my pussy. Understood?"

Instantly Alex could feel Piper's pussy on her mouth. She noticed that Piper was ridiculously wet, too. She began to slowly lick up and down Piper's slit, moaning at the fantastic taste of hers. Piper let out soft groans. Alex sucked Piper's pussy lips in her mouth, teasing them with her tongue. She felt Piper's arousal rise with every second and when Alex plunged her tongue into Piper's hot, wet hole Piper couldn't hold back but moan loudly. Alex pushed her tongue in and out, getting faster and harder. She felt Piper's hips starting to rock and couldn't help but moan at the thought of how they must look – Herself tied up and Piper rubbing her pussy on her mouth.

Alex knew how much Piper loved to get tongue fucked by her, but she also knew what she loved even more and so Alex let her tongue slide over Piper's clit, making the blonde scream and curse.

"Fuck Alex…Suck it!" Alex wasted no time and closed her lips around Piper's pink button. She sucked it hard and licked it with her talented tongue. Piper felt herself coming close and though she was incredibly aroused she still managed to keep up the demand and dominance in her voice when she told Alex: "I'm going to come. And I'm going to come all over your face. And you're going to love it." Alex didn't think it was possible but Piper's words got her even more hot and bothered and she increased her efforts, now only wanting to get Piper off hard, feeling her pussy getting pushed even more down on her mouth. It didn't take her much longer to push Piper over the edge. The blonde cried out in pleasure and she pressed her thighs against Alex face as she rocked out the waves of lust rushing through her. Alex felt Piper's tasty pussy overflowing, lapping greedily at all the wetness.

Hey guys, just wanted to say that English isn't my first language, so sorry for any mistakes!