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Piper knew what Alex was capable of and thinking about that made her body squirm in excitement. She could feel Alex's tongue roaming slowly through her folds. Every now and then, she let it bump against Piper's clit, causing her body to jerk a little. Piper's eyes were fixated on Alex - she loved to watch her girlfriend's actions between her legs, loved to see this hungry, wild look in her eyes.

Alex sucked Piper's pussy lips in her mouth and ran her tongue across them. She used her hands to spread Piper's legs wide open, taking a moment to revel in the deliciousness in front of her. They looked in each other's eyes as Alex lowered her head again and opened her mouth to take in as much as possible of Piper's pussy. She rubbed her lips across her folds, darting her tongue out every now and then.

Suddenly she raised her head and asked: "So, Piper, did you like tying me up?"

Only thinking about Alex with her wrists bound led to more wetness building between her thighs. She nodded.

Alex smirked at her and lowered her voice as she spoke again.

"Would you like me to show you tying up on an advanced level?"

Piper could feel her heartbeat getting faster as she wondered what Alex would be doing to her.

"Yes…", she whispered.

"Stay where you are", Alex ordered as she got up and left the room.

She returned shortly after with a long, silky scarf in her hand. She kneeled on the bed in front of Piper and looked at her, searching for reassurance. Piper nodded again and watched as Alex tied the ends of the scarf around her ankles. She still didn't know what Alex had in mind but she was positive she would find out soon. Alex made sure the knots weren't too tight or too loose, then motioned for Piper to sit up. As she did so, Alex lifted the scarf over Piper's head and adjusted it so it rested comfortably against Piper's neck.

She kissed Piper and gently pushed her back down, resulting in her legs being lifted up and remained hanging in the air as she was lying down again, her head resting on some pillows.

Immediately, heat was spreading through Piper's body, more so, as Alex broke their kiss and looked at her admiringly.

She was kneeling between Piper's legs, letting her gaze wander across her beautiful girlfriend, feeling a new rush of excitement as she took in the sight in front of her.

Piper was experiencing absolute lust and desire mixed with slight embarrassment of being so exposed to Alex.

Alex sensed Piper's self-consciousness and leaned down to her, caressing her breast and leaving hot, wet kisses on her neck.

"Don't be shy. I love to see you spread wide open for me…I'm gonna make you feel so good…", she whispered.

Piper relaxed as Alex continued to cover her in kisses and caresses, starting on her left ankle, pulling at the fabric of the scarf with her teeth, slowly moving up to her calf, across the ticklish skin of the backside of her knees and up to her thigh. She repeated this on the right side, ignoring Piper's throbbing need and instead proceeding to her thighs, kissing, licking and biting the delicate skin. Due to Piper's position, she could easily reach the beginning of her ass and gave it equal attention. When she finally made her way up again and let her tongue slide through Piper's slippery folds from the bottom up, a loud moan escaped Piper's mouth and one of her hands shot to Alex's head, grabbing her hair and trying to hold her in place.

Alex quickly pinned Piper's hands down on her sides.

"Patience, Pipes...Don't want me to punish you for your impatience, do you?", she said with a playful expression on her face.

To be frank, Piper was so intoxicated by Alex, she would probably do everything she demanded and the thought of Alex punishing her was one that seemed very pleasurable to her.

However, she tried to pull herself together and didn't move her hands as Alex let them go and resumed her teasing game between Piper's legs. She explored every part of her pussy, using only the tip of her tongue. Every touch made Piper's whole body tingle with lust and when her tongue finally reached her hard, swollen clit, Piper tried to push herself further in Alex's direction, pleading with her not to stop.

Needless to say it was useless as Alex was an even bigger tease than Piper. She withdrew her tongue completely and instead blew her warm breath against Piper's cunt, making her shudder and whimper.

Alex lifted her head and created a trail of kisses from Piper's stomach up to her ear.

"You are so beautiful…and your pussy is so delicious, so hot and wet and ready for my tongue and my lips and my fingers…Do you want that? Do you want to come on my fingers, on my face?", Alex moaned into Piper's ear.

Piper felt a new rush of wetness between her legs as she heard Alex's words.

"Yes…I want you…Please make me come…", Piper answered with a shaky voice.

Alex's face was in very close proximity to Piper's now. She held herself up on one hand while the other one slowly traveled down Piper's body. Her fingers easily slid through her folds and found her entrance. Alex took Piper's bottom lip between her teeth, lightly pulling at it and at the same time, she plunged three of her fingers inside of her girlfriend.

Piper screamed with pleasure and Alex captured her lips in a rough kiss as she started to move her fingers. She slowly pulled them out only to push them right back in. After repeating this a few times she found a rhythm that had Piper moaning loudly. Every now and then, she curled her fingers, reaching that sweet spot that drove Piper insane. She could feel that her motions were drawing more and more of Piper's tasty juices out of her. She needed to taste them. She kissed her way back down, quickly reaching her destination. She pulled her fingers out and sucked at them greedily. Piper's taste turned her on so much. She didn't waste anymore time and buried her face between her lover's thighs. Piper's legs jerked at the sudden force of Alex's mouth on her sensitive pussy. She could feel her tongue pushing its way inside of her throbbing pussy. Alex tried to push it in as deep as possible, her sweet taste covering her tongue immediately. Piper tried to watch Alex. She could see that the brunette was incredible turned on herself, she moaned against her pussy and as her eyes met Piper's she noted her dilated pupils.

Alex pulled her tongue out and without losing touch, she started to lick her pussy with abandon. Piper began to touch her own breast. She squeezed them, twisted and pinched her nipples. As Alex saw that, her eyes nearly rolled in the back of her head and a low groan left her mouth. She felt like she was in some kind of rush, never getting enough. She wrapped her lips around Piper's clit, sucking at it, while watching Piper play with her tits.

"Please…don't stop, Alex…I'm…so...close…so close", Piper stammered out.

Hearing this only encouraged Alex to increase her efforts. She sucked harder, then flicked the swollen nub with her tongue a few times before she sucked it back in her warm mouth.

She entered her again with three of her fingers and moved them skillfully inside of her.

It took only a few seconds after that before Piper arched her back and screamed so loud, Alex was sure the whole neighborhood could hear her. Alex steadied Piper with her free hand, as she had no intention at all to stop what she was doing. She kept on sucking her clit and thrusting her fingers inside of her. Piper's body jerked, her muscles were contracting around Alex's fingers. It seemed like this wave of pleasure she was riding on, would never end. She couldn't tell if her orgasm lasted that long or if she came again. Suddenly, her eyes shot open wide as the pleasure she was feeling reached a new peak and Alex felt a stream of wetness gushing out of Piper's pussy, covering her hand and parts of her face. As she realized what was going on, she pulled out her fingers and started to lap up as much as she could. Only one time before she had managed to make Piper squirt and while Piper was slightly embarrassed at first, she found it unbelievable hot.

"Al..ex…I can't…take..more…", Piper's voice was ragged with moans.

"Yes, you can…one more time, babe"

With that Alex let her tongue draw tight circles around Piper's clit, sucked it in her mouth again and let her teeth brush against it. Piper felt like she was on fire. She knew she would feel Alex for the next few days after this. After a few more licks and flicks with her tongue Alex could feel Piper explode again. Her clit pulsated inside of her mouth and her screaming and moaning filled her ears.

She began to slow down and placed soft kisses on and around Piper's pussy. After a few minutes she moved up and removed the scarf from Piper's neck. Piper pulled Alex down again to lie on her chest. Alex could hear that Piper's heartbeat was still racing. She gently stroked her shoulders and arms, giving her time to regain her breath and come down completely.

After a while, Piper took Alex's head between her hands and pulled her up, so she was facing her.

"You are insane, Alex Vause."

Alex couldn't help the cocky grin spreading on her face.

"Well, first off you started all of this and secondly you loved it, admit it."

Piper smiled and kissed Alex.

"You're right. I loved it. And I love you. So much."

"I love you too, Pipes."