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17. It took me seventeen years to discover that my life had been meaningless. Those years were composed of me doing anything and everything I was told, never once questioning what they were doing. I lived this lie along with everyone else around me.

We had been told that routine was everything and that we must follow the orders instructed if our society were to thrive. We believed this lie. I believed this lie. They told us of a world that existed before our own. A world that perished because of humanly desires. They told us that the world had been run by a faulty government that allowed its people too much freedom, which in turn ultimately destroyed it.

Based on what brought the downfall of that world, our society created a system that they thought would bring peace and unity. In school they have explained to us what exactly wrought on their destruction. They told us that unnecessary creature comforts were the cause, such as: art, music, books, etc.

They emplaced rules that forbid us from doing any of those things. No one really even knows what those things look like or sound like. The only things we know about those objects is what we have been told in school. It doesn't matter though, because even if we wanted to give in to those creature comforts, we couldn't. Every last one of those objects has been destroyed.

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