Okay, this Devil May Cry - Frozen crossover is set after Devil May Cry 2 and two years after Frozen. Vergil has been restored after his encounter with his loudmouthed brother, Dante and has been transported through space and time and somehow landed in Arendelle – cold-hearted and all. Now he must make a decision of returning to his lust for power or find a new purpose.

Chapter One - Return The Dark Slayer

"Rest in peace, you cold-hearted bastard."

It was the last thing Vergil - Son of Sparda, The Dark Slayer, and The Dark Angel, heard as he fell through the endless Abyss. Unbeknownst to him, he was simply being transported to somewhere. Somewhere where he could find peace or his ultimate destruction.

"Ugh, what the hell happened?" Vergil said as he rose up from a pile of snow under a tree. 'The last thing I remember was fighting my oafish excuse of a brother after being controlled by that bastard Mundus.' The mere thought of being controlled by him was a thousand slaps to the face. Vergil, the Son of Sparda, controlled by his father's nemesis was one of the biggest fuck ups of his life. But the absolute worst fuck up of his life was being beaten by his brain damaged sibling, not once but twice. He growled at that memory as he dusted his aristocratic attire. Being made into a puppet by Mundus was one thing but being bested by his brother was quite another.

As humiliating as it sounds, he must give credit where credit is due. With a heavy and defeated sigh, he begrudgingly thanked his brother. He will give him the thanks he deserved for saving him, but that is it. "You may have saved me, Dante, and as utterly humiliating as it sounds, I will give my thanks where it is due. But once we face each other again, the end result will be in my favor." The Dark Slayer said with malice in his voice and ice in his eyes.

Once the two meet again, Vergil will not be so lenient. A rematch with his damned brother prospered in his dark mind as a devilish smirk graced his chiseled face. Vergil, now combat ready, surveyed his surroundings.

"Strange." He said as he scrutinized the land. In his line of sight, there was nothing but snow and trees, not even wild life, not that he cared for this wretched realm, it would be a nice reprieve to find something to kill to ease his rage. As he moved his right hand, he realized that his prized sword, the dark forged o-katana, Yamato, was at his possession. Vergil figured that his beloved heirloom was lost forever after his defeat at the hands of Mundus. He unsheathed the blade from its scabbard and examined his father's sword. His sword. The curvature of the blade, the cool mystical steel, and every ornate that graced his majestic blade. He smiled at his perfect weapon; but is saddened at the loss of his mother's amulet.

He looked down to the ground as a single tear escaped his steely eyes. "Mother." The word slipped his mouth without his knowledge because he could not help it. The memory of his mother's death was still fresh in his mind. Eva - his beloved mother; the only human he will ever truly love was taken from him by the same thing that shared his heritage - Demons. Vergil fought valiantly to protect his mother, and dare he say it his brother. Vergil sustained heavy damage and watched helplessly as they held his mother down and…ravaged her being. He could still see the tears escaping her eyes as those wretched demons had their way with her. Worse, still that he was powerless to protect her, his own mother, from them.

As they fulfilled their twisted desires, he could only watch in pain and horror as they tore her apart limb from limb. He cried out for her, tried to help her, but it was all for naught. Vergil watched as his own mother anointed him with one last beautiful smile.

"I love you, my precious Vergil." And with that, Eva shut her sky blue eyes shut in blissful peace. Vergil's grief quickly turned to unimaginable rage, enraged by the loss of his beloved mother and maddened by the pain he endured, he finally triggered. He slaughtered all those demons that violated his late mother but made sure to take his sweet time. He did not and will not care if his brother was able to witness this gruesome sight because Eva deserved and required vengeance. After that encounter, he buried his mother in full warrior honors.

She was the strongest person he ever knew, stronger than even him. But he could not help but wonder, why would she agree to be the friend, lover, and mate of The Legendary Dark Knight, bear twin sons, only to suffer a dishonorable end? She had no benefit in ever becoming a mate of a traitor so why, for the life of him, would she agree to be his mother. Was it planned from the beginning? Did Sparda only wanted to procreate with a human? Or was it love?

"Why? Why? WHYYYYYYYY?!" Vergil's scream of pain and anguish roared through the land as he fell to his knees. His soul and heart may be of ice but he too had a horrible past he so desperately desired to forget. Finally, Vergil composed himself enough to put up his facade of ice cold demeanor.

"Now to find out where I am. But I must first ascertain that I am still at my best." He got into his signature fighting stance, legs apart, shoulders squared, hands firmly on Yamato, and eyes deadly. He controlled his breathing to a steady pace as his focused on the trees surrounding him. It is as if everything slowed down around him just as he was familiar with.

'Perfect. I have been itching for some exercise.' He thought plainly as he prepared himself for a little bit of workout. With blinding speed that would certainly leave humans and most demons in the dust, he unsheathed the dark blade and started making precision slashes to the surronding trees. As big chunks of wood and branches launched into the air, he somersaulted into the air and with the grace and precision of a ballerina and the deadly accuracy and balance of a true warrior, Vergil performed a beautiful combination of twists, turns, and blinding slashes.

The Dark Slayer landed with the elegance of a high diver and slowly sheathed the deadly blade back into its scabbard. With a resounding clink of the hilt and the scabbard, the trees, and boulders all fell to pieces. Vergil analyzed the destruction that was before him and couldn't help but scowl.

"Hmph, my timing is off." He growled to himself. "If I am to be able to best my brother I must return to my former glory and improve myself only then will I seek what is truly mine." With his mind made up, and his mission set, he was now ready to continue his quest for power and might.

"Now where am I?" He asked himself as he searched for a town, settlement, anything that resembled civilization. After a few minutes had passed, a castle and a small town came into view. With no other choice, he began his trek to this strange settlement with Yamato in hand, ready to lash out at anything foolish enough to challenge a restored Vergil Sparda.

"Sparda." That very name made Vergil's blood boil. It was because of that horrible excuse of a father, that his mother died and left him and his brother on their own. How dare he leave his family like that. How dare he let his wife die like that. How dare he call himself a father and a husband. He may be the savior of the humans, but he couldn't even protect his own blood.

Only until his cold eyes caught sight on the entrance of the quiet little town did his train of thoughts ceased. What he didn't realize that it was already dark but he did not fear it, being a creature of darkness from his father and of light from his mother, he had nothing to be afraid of because he is the one thing monsters dread when he hunts.

Vergil then came into view of a quaint inn from which he could decide to stay for the night. He looked down at himself and indeed he needed to clean himself up. "Very well. If I must stay here for one day then so be it." He said to himself as he entered the inn. He looked around the inn and inspected the interior design of this building.

He was impressed with the way these people chose their furniture and atmosphere. A soothing fire radiating a gentle warmth and the ornaments were something of his liking. The chairs and tables were lacquered pine with intricate designs which he figured were Norwegian in origin. The chairs looked comfortable to sit in and in the fire's warmth, would be an excellent location for Vergil to pass his time. The floors were fine glazed wood with a fine carpet of covering the surface near the flame. The walls were lined with different pieces of artwork that Vergil could appreciate in his free time and a collection of armaments that would make any warrior's mouth water but not him, his memento was enough.

Vergil praised the one who decorated and managed this quiet place with due respect all under his cold stare. Removed from his thoughts, he went up to the clerk in charge of this place. Though he loathes humans for being weak, his mother schooled him to be a gentleman and he will honor her teachings.

"Excuse me, ma'am. I would like to procure a room for this evening." His voice, refined and practiced yet still retaining his frozen persona.

"Oh, just a minute dear. I'll be with you in a bit." An elderly voice called out to Vergil. From the looks of it, she was having a bit of a problem at the back, as far as Vergil was concerned, he was never concerned.

The elderly woman entered with a smile on her aged face as she greeted a devil. "Good evening good sir. How may I be of service?" The woman asked in a professional yet gentle tone in such a way that Vergil had to fight back the urge to decapitate her here and now.

"May I request a room for a few nights?" Vergil said in his steely voice that would surely make anyone cringe but, surprisingly, not this creature. "Of course, anything specific that requires a man of your taste and caliber?" The woman was observant that Vergil was indeed a man of great caliber. If his attire did not justify that then his sword may very well persuade you.

"Just a bed and a washroom, if you will, I would like to clean myself up." Vergil said still in his steely voice, eyes scrutinizing the woman. The old lady was frail and appeared very aged. Maybe in her 60's or 70's, Vergil thought. "I have just the room for your Mister...?" The woman asked referring to Vergil's name "No names, I will be leaving soon afterwards." His voice with a hint of annoyance and rage but the woman did not detect his tone. "Alright well, here is your room key, sir, and would you like some dinner, you look famished."

"That would be much appreciated, thank you." With that, Vergil headed to the dining area where he was served a simple yet ambrosial roast stew. "It's fresh from the oven. I hope it serves you well." The elderly woman said. Vergil only nodded in return and began to eat his meal. He had to admit, the stew was filling but all under his ice. He finished his meal, and thanked the manager for the meal. But something occurred to him, where was he exactly?

"Excuse me, but where am I?" Vergil questioned the manager curiously.

"Oh, you're new here? Well let me be the first to welcome you here." The elderly woman stood up and faced Vergil, a feat that would definitely leave anyone dead at his feet.

"Welcome to Arendelle."