Now, let's get Anna's baby out of her.

Chapter Twenty-Five – Welcome

After Elsa's party, everyone had heard of her engagement to Vergil. While they were truly flattering, Elsa and Vergil preferred the quiet.

Anna still couldn't believe it. Her sister was getting married! She had been pestering the elder sister about it. That is, until she experienced some mild contractions and had to be carried back to her and Kristoff's room to rest.

Elsa had been busy taking care of her not-so bed-ridden devil. Vergil was someone who would never admit defeat, especially to a cold like this. It was insulting but he had his fiancé there so no complaints from him.

Vergil had been recovering quickly but that was to be expected from a devil.

Weeks passed and the royal couple were enjoying themselves. Their friends had congratulated them profusely, more so for Anna. Though flattered, the two would rather things to settle down.

"Vergil, do you know what day it is?" Elsa asked. They were out in the gardens after a long days work. Elsa had some queenly duties while Vergil was being groomed on becoming the future king.

Which didn't take much because he and Elsa were practically equals when it came to grace.

Vergil thought about it, it was early May, the 3rd of May to be exact. "If I'm not mistaken, it is the first time we have met."

Elsa smiled and hugged her mate's arm. "Happy Anniversary, my love." She cooed and Vergil kissed the top of her head.

"Happy Anniversary to you as well, my snow angel."

The rest of the day was spent in celebration to their first anniversary. They didn't plan on anything spectacular, just a day dedicated to each other was enough.

From reading to napping, pretty much everything in between.

By nightfall, the two were ready for the embrace of sleep. "Anna's gonna be due in by June. She's such a nervous wreck." Elsa giggled.

"Very, by the time we are to be wed, she'll have her child either be the ring bearer of a flower girl." Vergil chuckled and laid down at their bed.

"Yeah, I can see that happening." Elsa laid her head on Vergil's strong chest and nuzzled him. "I'm gonna be an aunt and you an uncle." She sighed.

"Of course. Goodnight."

"Goodnight. But, first." She kissed him heatedly and them both fell asleep in each other's arm. Knowing full well that this is where both will belong soon.

The next coming weeks were hell for Anna. Swelled up ankles, back pains, mood swings were all rampant. And she was due this month of June.

"Anna, please calm down." Kristoff tried to calm his nervous wife down but being hormonal made women a little unreasonable at times.

"Calm down?! This is the most nerve-wracking thing in my life!" Anna screamed and sat down on her chair.

"I know but just relax. You know, breathe in, breathe out." Anna followed Kristoff's suggestion and it made her feel a little better.

"Thanks, honey." Anna smiled at her husband and kissed him. Elsa sighed in relief from the corner.

She really thought it was time, thankfully it wasn't. The queen wanted everything to be perfect for Anna's delivery. Elsa wasn't taking any chances because someday that might be her.

Elsa was walking down the halls, heading towards some meetings that had to be done. The council initially didn't like the announcement but they weren't complaining now.

Vergil was showing Emily the basics of swordplay, seeing as she was 6 years old now. Elsa always loved the way the two interacted. It was so cute, a bit unusual, but cute.

Looking out in the window, Elsa could see Vergil teaching Emily in the training ground. Emily was learning quick for her age. 'I swear, that kid takes after Vergil.'

Elsa smiled fondly at that and unconsciously laid a hand on her stomach before going about her duties

"Very good, Emily." Vergil smiled as Emily progressed further. Someday she would be a formidable warrior.

Emily held onto her katana, which she affectionately named Scarlet Hail. She had a tendency to attack wildly when the adrenaline was flowing so it stuck. Than and the sword was mostly red.

She performed slashes bordering from novice to apprentice. "Thank you, Mr. Vergil." She beamed at his praise and Vergil smirked.

"Now, follow my stance." She did as she was told in replicating the traditional Iado Style. Vergil gave her a few pointers here and there; she struggled a bit but got it down eventually.

"As I said before, the blade and sheathe are equal in terms of offensive and defensive tactics. Attack me." Vergil said and Emily hesitated a little but performed an upward slash which the devil easily blocked with Yamato's sheathe.

"You see. And can be used as a means for counter-attacks." In a swift move, Vergil tripped Emily and she fell down on her bottom.

"Okay." Emily massaged her bottom and Vergil helped her up.

"Excellent work. But I expect you do as good in academics." Vergil said sternly. His training maybe important to her but Emily had a life ahead of her and Vergil didn't want her throwing it away for this.

Emily nodded and sheathed her sword. "I'll do my best." Vergil smiled and ruffled her hair, making her giggle.

"Remember, do not use this for personal gain."

"Only self-defense." Emily continued for him and Vergil chuckled.

"Run along now, child. Your grandparents may be worried. A little." The Dark Slayer smirked and Emily stuck her tongue out before running back home.

That child really did make Vergil smile. Not the way Elsa does it but it was close. A shame really that Emily was conceived by a sin. But she turned out better in the end.

Vergil breathed a sigh and went onto the fields to master his demon forms. He had been secretly doing this for a while, the only one who knew was Elsa and no one else.

Majin form was an unstable transformation and taxes his body and reserves. Though indeed immensely powerful, the drawbacks are severe in the long run.

Teleporting to his training dimension, Vergil tried once again to achieve his final form. He triggered and then to his Majin form.

The power felt incredible. A sudden wave of satisfaction filled him, but this wasn't the time for games, this was important.

'Let's take it slowly. Get used to the strain.' Vergil breathed steadily. Just like when he first triggered.

A few moments in and Vergil could feel the exhaustion setting in. He ignored it and kept his mind clear of pain. Thoughts of his beloved Elsa and their impending wedding brought a devilish smile on his face.

That tended to work.

The strain was bearable now and Vergil could feel his body finally getting used to it. It took a while than expected but Vergil approved nonetheless.

Spreading his black wings, Vergil gave them an experimental flap and a powerful gust of wind fired off, ripping trees out of their very roots.

Vergil flexed his talons and dark blue energy surged through him, illuminating his veins as they flowed.

'Now for the real test.' Vergil smirked and thrust his arms out. From his arms, two swords made of his very energy protruded. They were cold to the touch yet could burn the soul in hellfire.

He swung his twin swords with expert precision. This sort of technique was a little tricky since Vergil was more accustomed to his katana.

"Hyah!" Vergil used a combination of twin sword handling and martial arts to compensate.

After about two hours of training, Vergil subsided his transformation and sighed. Majin form was still taxing but manageable now.

Coming out of his training dimension, Vergil sighed and walked back to the castle. It was almost dusk when he entered town.

This was his home now. Arendelle was his home now. Vergil cared not in being a king, only with Elsa would he be happy.

The people smiled and gave him a curt bow. Vergil returned their gesture in turn.

As he entered the castle's threshold, a shrill scream erupted from the castle. Vergil instantly became alert and battle-ready. 'Elsa.' He thought and went into the castle.

The screams grew more louder and desperate as Vergil stormed through the castle. Servants were moving franticly around getting something and back again.

"Sir Vergil, hurry! Queen Elsa's been looking for you." Gerda guided him to Anna and Kristoff's room where the apparent screams came from.

"AAAAHHHHH! IT HURTS!" The all too familiar shrieks of Anna erupted and Gerda entered the room

A couple of seconds later, Elsa came out and smiled at Vergil. "Hey."

Vergil smiled as well and kissed her, slightly relieved that Elsa was never in any real danger. "Is it time?"

"Yeah. Anna's almost ready to push, said the midwife." Elsa said and then another scream.


"Go, your sister needs you. I shall remain here until I am needed." Vergil and Elsa shared a kiss before they parted. Him staring outside the window and Elsa back at her sister.

Anna was panting heavily and sweating buckets. She was on the bed and had a blanket over her spread out legs.

"Is she ready?" Elsa asked and the midwife, Gerda, nodded.

"Yes, she's ready. Princess Anna, whenever you're ready, you may start pushing."

Elsa and Kristoff took both of her hands and Anna held onto them like a vise from hell and started pushing.

Two hours of screaming and pushing and the baby was barely crowning. "A little more, your highness. You're nearly there!" Gerda encouraged and Anna let out another scream.

Kristoff had to fight back a yelp from his wife's crushing grip, but still gave Anna his comfort. "C'mon, honey. You can do it."

"I...don't think...I...can...Kristoff." Anna panted. she was clearly exhausted from this.

Even though Elsa felt her hand was no more than broken glass, she caressed her sisters head. "Yes you can. Just think, you and Kristoff will have a little bundle of joy. Think about holding the baby as it opened its eyes and smile at you."

Anna smiled gratefully at her husband and sister. With renewed vigor, Anna screamed and pushed her hardest. Determined to hold her child for the first time.

"AAAHHHHH!" Anna all but crushed Kristoff and Elsa's hand. The two cringed in pain but kept a straight face for Anna's sake.

Vergil stood at where he did just hours ago, by the window. Olaf had joined him only moments ago and he was waddling back and forth.

"You think Anna'll be alright?" Olaf asked with a little concern in his voice.

Vergil peered over the city and nodded. "Anna is a strong woman. Childbirth is only a minor inconvenience for her. The rewards will be..."

Before he could finish, they heard an infants crying and the devil smiled. "...worth it."

Olaf listened to the baby's crying as servants came in to help. "She did it. She really did it!" The snowman jumped up and down in joy that a new member of the family was here.

Vergil smirked and saw Elsa coming out of the door. She was massaging her hand, clearly sore but she was smiling. And she had every right to be.

"I assume Anna did well." Vergil said as Olaf raced through the door.

"Hi, little guy. I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!" The royal couple chuckled at the snowman and hugged each other.

"Yeah, she did great." Elsa nuzzled into his chest. "It's a boy. He's beautiful." She lead him inside and Vergil saw a little bundle around Anna's arm.

Anna had tears for joy flowing down her face, the same could be said for Kristoff who had an arm around his new family.

"Oh, Anna. He's gorgeous." The Ice Master said as he caressed his son's head. The infant had blonde hair like his father.

"And he's our little baby boy." Anna smiled and hugged her son close. She had dreamt for this day, the feeling of her own flesh and blood. But to feel it for real...was indescribable.

Gerda, Elsa, Vergil, and Olaf watched the new family with smiles on their faces. Elsa smiled at her new nephew and laid her head on Vergil's shoulder.

"What's the child's name?" Vergil asked.

Anna and Kristoff looked at each other with wide eyes. They haven't decided on a name and smiled sheepishly at them.

Elsa face-palmed, Gerda sighed, and Olaf and Vergil shook their heads. "Well, get to thinking." Olaf said.

After a few minutes of classic Anna and Kristoff arguing, they had finally decided. "Brian. He's name is Brian Heindrik Bjordman."

'Better late than never.' Elsa and Vergil thought as Elsa came up to the little infant. "Hey little Brian. I'm your auntie Elsa, me and your other aunts are gonna spoil you rotten." She cooed and Brian smiled in his sleep.

"Awww, he's so cute." Olaf giggled and waddled over to the baby. "Hey little guy, we're gonna have so much fun together. You have to meet Emily, she's my friend and she'll be your friend too. She's really fun, maybe one day Vergil will train you just like her."

Vergil raised an amused eyebrow at Kristoff and Anna's concerned face. "I'm sorry Olaf but I cannot train Brian." The couple breathed a sigh of relief. "Perhaps Emily will be more than willing to train him."

Anna scrunched her nose. "Yeah, no."

Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Gerda laughed. "Congratulations, your highness. I'll be on my way. I'm sure the others will be overjoyed." Gerda bowed and went out the door.

Brian yawned and opened his eyes. He had his mother's shade of blue. Anna and Kristoff chuckled when he sneezed.

"Elsa, want to hold him?" Anna asked and Elsa hesitantly nodded. "Meet your aunt Elsa." She handed him into Elsa's waiting arms.

Elsa felt her heart swell when Brian smiled at her. "He's pretty cute, you guys." She said and wiggled a finger in front of his face, which Brian tried to grab.

Elsa looked at Vergil and went towards him. "Want to hold him?"

Vergil raised an eyebrow at her and looked at the baby. They locked eyes for a second before the Brian held out his chubby hands at Vergil, as if wanting to be held by him.

Tying Yamato to his belt, Vergil cradled Brian in his arms. "You will be a trouble maker. Your parents will make sure of it." Vergil chuckled which gained an audible "Hey!" from his parents.

Brian giggled at the quip and burrowed into Vergil's chest. The devil slowly rocked back and forth as he held the infant, lulling him to sleep.

Elsa watched the scene with a smile

Anna and Kristoff looked between Vergil and Elsa with a smile. Vergil handled their son like he was of precious material and Elsa looked on with longing in her eyes.

Brian fell asleep and Vergil smiled. "I'm your uncle Vergil Sparda. Future husband of your aunt Elsa. Rest well, little one." The way Vergil said that made Elsa's heart melt.

Placing Brian back into his mother's arms, Vergil and Elsa left so that the new family could have a moment for themselves.

While Anna and Kristoff were tending to their new born son, Elsa and Vergil were making plans for their wedding day in her study. Well, Elsa did the planning while Vergil gave suggestions here and there.

"Maybe we should be married in September?" Elsa smiled as they laid by the fire.

"September 13, maybe?" Vergil chuckled.

"Of course." They stayed like that until the dead of night.

"Vergil, could you kiss my hand? I think Anna broke it." Elsa giggled as they lay on the sofa.

"Aw, is my queen in pain? Let me remedy that." Vergil said seductively and took Elsa's hand and began kissing it.

Elsa shivered at this and it got even more luscious when Vergil trailed kisses up her arm to her neck.

Her lust was growing and Vergil knew it. He bit her neck and she moaned at this.

"Is the pain relieved?" Vergil smirked and got his answer when Elsa tackled him to the sofa and began taking off their clothes.

Vergil and Elsa lay on their bed, half-awake. It was morning and even though they were partly awake, they didn't want to move just yet.

The baby's crying could be heard all night as Anna and Kristoff ran frantically to appease their son.

The royal couple chuckled slightly during their love session for it.

"Even just a day old, Brian's already the trouble maker." Elsa giggled.

"As I said before, my love, not our problem." Vergil nuzzled her and Elsa sighed in contentment.

Opting to get up for the day, the two walked out of their room and moved about. It was about mid morning and everyone was abuzz with activity.

They got into the dining hall and there was Anna and Kristoff feeding Brian some fruits with Olaf playing peek-a-boo with him.

"Where's the baby? There he is!" Olaf covered his eyes and then looked at Brian with wide eyes, much to Brian's giggling.

"Hello, everyone." Elsa and Vergil greeted. They all smiled at the two and greeted back.

"Say hello to Elsa and Vergil." Anna waved Brian's arm towards them. "Hello aunt Elsa, hello uncle Vergil." She said in a baby voice.

"Good morning to you too, Brian." Vergil said and Brian smiled as if understanding him.

"Aw, hey, how come he doesn't have teeth?" Olaf asked curiously as he looked inside Brian's mouth. The jolly snowman always thought baby's had teeth.

This caused everyone to chuckle at his naive innocence. "Olaf, buddy, baby's don't grow their teeth until after a couple of months." Kristoff said, kissing his son's cheek.


"Yeah, really."

"Okay." Olaf giggled and continued to play with Brian.

They ate their breakfast whilst talking about Elsa and Vergil's wedding.

"So when's the big day?" Anna asked as she fed Brian some mashed apples which he gladly ate.

"September 13." Elsa smiled and leaned her head on Vergil's shoulder.

Kristoff, Anna and Olaf smiled. "Aw, and how about the pitter patter of little feet coming along?" Kristoff snickered and saw Elsa blush.

"We'll get there." Vergil said and Elsa nodded.

"Yeah, so any plans for you birthday, Anna?" Elsa asked, ever since they were close again Elsa made Anna's birthday memorable each year and this time it would be the best.

"We'll get there."