What makes music? What makes a song?
Is it rising crescendos and falling allegros?
Is it sopranos, tenors, altos and bases?
Or can it be anything your heart translates?

I hear the music of the crashing waves:
Their crescendos and allegros are the same as music
I hear the rich baritone of the sea's voice
My heart translates this aqua rhapsody

Water and ice are my instruments
I am a composer of a glorious symphony
My harp of ice and water plays beautifully
As my heart leaps for the aqua rhapsody

My heart's voice sings out with the music
My soprano complements the rich baritone
I need no words to describe this feeling
As the aqua rhapsody plays on

My heart sings out the aqua rhapsody
Our sweet concert is heard by the sky.
Our duet is sung to the sun, moon, and stars
And though I leave, the music plays on

I still don't own Sailor Moon. There's my disclaimer. I think I'll put the disclaimers down here so I don't ruin the poems. Anyway, this was my view of Sailor Mercury and her Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.