May I ask you what "hotaru" means?
It is my name, that is true,
But "firefly" is its translation

Some female fireflies, just after mating
Will eat their husbands out of cold blood
Hotaru sounds too true a name for me

I am Hotaru Tomoe,
Sailor Saturn of Destruction,
Firefly of Destruction

Fireflies are beauties, but can be cold killers
I spent years in a false body
While an evil sovereign made me that firefly

I did many things I am not proud of
I truly was a hotaru
But as Sailor Saturn, I shall not destroy

Sailor Saturn, senshi of destruction
I will not kill, but bring forth life
Am I a senshi of destruction now?

Perhaps Hotaru is not my heart's name
Perhaps Sailor Saturn proves not my fate
Perhaps I am not a firefly of destruction.

It is true that in at least one species of fireflies, the female will eat the male. I'm sorry if this offends Hotaru fans, but I thought her name matched the senshi of destruction image a little too well. Review, but don't flame!