I am the lone guardian of Time and Space
I am Sailor Pluto
My Garnet Scepter is my only ally
I stand alone at my gate

I was called long ago to protect this gate
I've sworn to Queen Serenity to remain at my post
For all eternity
Funny, Eternity seems longer when time is irrelevant

I stood at that gate alone all my life
But a small princess came to my aid—
The first friend I'd ever had
But I still had to stand at my post

During my watch, I'd watch Time—
Time on Earth, destinies unraveling
I saw her and I envied her
Setsuna Meioh—Pluto's incarnation

Setsuna was popular; I stood alone
She could visit our Pluto castle when she desired
Worst of all, she'd stolen Small Lady—
She had stolen my daughter of the heart

Finally I was called on to fight Nemesis
I'd broken the third taboo, and I paid with my life
I awoke in the form of Setsuna Meioh
I was the lone guardian of Time and Space no more

Does it look like I own Sailor Moon? Come on, people! And this is based on the manga, where Pluto had to follow those three taboos. I know it's an interesting picture I painted, but I thought it might work. Tell me what you think, only don't flame!