They call me the peacemaker, the dove,
The one who will avoid fighting at all costs
They call her the fighter, the hawk,
The one who will fight for all reasons
She's my opposite, yet my heart's desire

When a fight comes, she rushes in
I stay away as far as I can
I watch the battle while my partner begs,
Begs me to let him fight for what's right
But the kitsune's Tamer has finished it all

The kitsune's Tamer has a mask of ice,
But when snow and cold threaten her,
I abandon my white dove wings and don the brown of a hawk
I run into battle, to try to save her
But I myself freeze

In the end, it's always the same:
She fights, I run
One day though, I'll fight for her and win
I am Jenrya Lee, the hawk with dove's wings
Or I hope that's what Ruki will see

I know I promised I wouldn't do a romance, but this was the only way I could do a Jenruki. Plus I went overboard with my poetry that day. Review people, only don't flame. And if you have a request, please mention it. I'll see what I can do.