The sight is burned into my head:
Two lives connected to mine
Both twins were with me at all times
If only it was that way for all of our lives

The afterimage still burns me:
Losing one to the unknown
If I could only do more,
These burning tears would not exist

The thought is impressed into my brain:
Will both twins be united again?
I run with one away from the other—
These tears are not from the sun's glare

The battle blazes in my mind:
Watching one fight, watching one die
Have I lost it all forever?
Or will these burning tears finally cease?

The image is burned into my head:
The twins are playing once again
The tears are gone from my eyes
And the afterimage no longer burns

Hopefully, that's the last of my sister's requests. No offense, sis, but you're the only one requesting. Are there any others that want a poem? And I think it's gotten downright ridiculous for me to give a disclaimer at this point. Review, but don't flame.