Disclaimer: Not mine, not the characters, not the setting, not the nothing.

A/N: Fill for three sentence day at Comment Fic for Marlex who prompted, "the last one they expected to die."

The body is finally as still as it should be; still as it should have been months ago when the brown first became blue; still as it had only been in brief moments, long stares, and tight, poised poses waiting for the sudden flipped switch that brings on the motions of flying punches that hit like a collision with a fighter jet and kicks that shatter ribs and throw bodies across the room; still as what had been inside had been for millennia.

"Didn't think it'd be her," says Spike, collapsed, battered, and bleeding against the desk where Fred used to sit before she was blue and wasn't Fred at all, "out of all of us, she was the only one I really didn't think it would be."

Angel, burned and bleeding too, sits on the bottom stair and stares at the shell that's now really, truly empty, and says, "I just thought it would be us too."