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Summary: From the time Cassandra and Draco were four-years-old they have lived a life of expectations, rules and tradition. There was always some sort of danger, even lurking in their own house. By the time they left for Hogwarts they were clearly Malfoys not only in appearance but in their experiences. Nothing is as it seems with the Malfoys.

"Growing Up Malfoy,"

Chapter 1 "Lurking Danger,"

Laughter filled the upstairs hallway as two blond haired children ran down the hallway. Narcissa walked up the stairs her heals clicking on the stairs. She walked down the hallway and pushed open the playroom. She was stunned her four-year-old children were playing war with figurines they were making move with magic. She was too proud for words. She however wasn't too happy about the mess they were making.

"Mummy," said Cassandra. Her blue eyes lighting up with excitement.

"Me and Draco are playing war. Draco not good at war," giggled Casandra. Draco pouted as Cassandra decapitated another of his figurines.

"No fair," pouted Draco folding up his arms.

"Now Draco, that's not how a little boy acts," said Narcissa "and Cassandra war isn't really a girl's game."

"But I like war," said Cassandra. Narcissa rubbed her temple. Was she ever going to make a young lady out of her daughter?

"You play dolls, I play war," said Draco. Cassandra stuck out her tongue.

"Cassandra get that tongue back in your mouth," scolded Narcissa. Narcissa blames Bellatrix on that one. Bellatrix was the one who taught her to stick out her tongue back when she was just a toddler.

"We have to be done playing for now," said Narcissa. Both kids pouted. Narcissa sighed. They both had to be so obstinate.

"After we are done we can play snakes and ravens," said Narcissa. Draco and Cassandra raced each other down the stairs.

"Kids, stop! No running! Slow down!" yelled Narcissa. The twins kept running. No one got hurt but Narcissa knew one day they would. It was their fault they wouldn't listen.

"Draco dear, that's not how we write our letters," said Narcissa as Draco was drawing all over the paper. He was just so impatient. He wouldn't take the time to make the letters though Narcissa knew he could.

Cassandra could write 'Cass' but then she'd get distracted and started to draw. She liked drawing pictures. She liked given daddy picture when he came home from work. She liked drawing puppies, kitties, and flowers. Though to Lucius and Narcissa they looked like sticks with legs and big giant green circles.

"Mummy, I drew pretty drawing," said Cassandra pulling on Narcissa's green skirt.

"Not now, I'm helping Draco," said Narcissa. Cassandra frowned looking down put got distracted by a sound in the foyer.

It was several minute before Narcissa was able to get Draco to draw lines to make letters. He kept protesting doing so. Narcissa turned around to fin Cassandra gone. She picked up the drawing off of the flower. This drawing was full of orange and red. She scratched her head trying to figure it out.

"Cassandra, sweetie, come tell me about your drawing," called Narcissa.

There was no answer. The pit of Narcissa's stomach dropped. There were so many cursed objects still around the house. She begged Lucius to get rid of the them but he didn't see them as a threat if they were out of reach. Draco stopped writing his letters sensing his mother's anxiety.

"Mummy sad?" asked Draco.

"It's alright buddy. Just stay here," said Narcissa. Draco stretched out his neck until he couldn't anymore watching his mother walk away. He sat there nervously.

Narcissa wondered into the foyer. Her heart stopped when she saw her father with Cassandra in his lap. She pulled her wand out of strap. She glared at her father with her wand tightly gripped and aimed at her father.

"What the hell are you doing in my house," growled Narcissa.

"Now, now, Cissy, I'm just visiting my granddaughter and grandson," said Cygnus.

"Lucius and I made it clear you are not welcome in our home," said Narcissa. Cassandra looked confused on what to do. She didn't know why her mummy was so mad at the man. He was nice man. Cassandra leapt down from the man and ran to her mummy.

"They are my only grandchildren," said Cygnus.

"No they aren't. You are raising Celeste, she's your granddaughter too," said Narcissa.

"We all know she is going to turn out crazy like her mother," said Cygnus.

Narcissa gritted the urge to hex him. She could attack him in front of her daughter. She pushed Cassandra behind her. Cassandra wondered away into the entrance hallway. Narcissa had the chance to hex her father but couldn't do it.

"Narcissa, I'm home," called Lucius from the foyer as he brushed floo dust of his jacket.

Cassandra ploughed into Lucius's legs. Lucius stumbled back. Draco attached himself to Lucius as well. He had to pry them off his legs. He smiled at his children. He kissed the top of his daughter's forehead and the top of Draco's head.

"Where is your mummy?" asked Lucius.

Cassandra pulled Lucius to the foyer. She didn't know what was going on. She didn't know what to say. She just knew she had to take her daddy to her mummy. Lucius's blood nearly boiled when he saw a glimpse of Cygnus. Cygnus then disappeared with a pop.

"Are you okay?" asked Lucius hugging his wife tightly. He hated that man more than any other man on the planet. Anyone who hurts his wife is good as dead. One of these days he might just be the one that kills him.

"We have to get Celeste away from him," whispered Narcissa her voice uneven and frightened. The idea of raising Bellatrix's kid wasn't too enticing but Lucius knew Narcissa was right. If she stayed with that man she would become her mother. He also knew how much Narcissa loved Bellatrix, despite the fact she was a raving lunatic. To this day he couldn't figure out how two sisters growing up in the same damned house turn out so well.

"We will," whispered Lucius.

"He was holding Cassy. I was so scared. She didn't know any better. But Lucius," said Narcissa. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks. The fact her father had even been anywhere near Cassandra let alone holding her.

"Shhh, it is okay Cissy. No one is going to hurt her. I promise," said Lucius.

"Mummy sad," said Narcissa.

"It's alright Cassy, mummy isn't sad anymore," said Narcissa picking up Cassandra. Cassandra was still light enough for Narcissa to pick up. She was such a petite thing. The healers said it was nothing to worry about. She didn't remember any girl in the Black family being so petite.

Lucius pecked Narcissa on lips. Cassandra squealed trying not to get squashed. "Ewe, gross. No kissy," complained Cassandra. Lucius chucked patting Cassandra's head.

"I want to go play," said Cassandra trying to get away from her mother.

"Fine, go play. No more playing war," said Narcissa putting Cassandra down. Cassandra ran away from the foyer.

"War?" asked Lucius.

"Draco and Cassandra were playing war with figures earlier. Let's just say Cassandra is very good at it and Draco doesn't like losing," said Narcissa.

"No problem with that. Let the kids be kids. From what my father told me Malfoy woman historical have been strong-willed. Nearly started a revaluation in France," chuckled Lucius.

"This isn't France," said Narcissa. Lucius just shook his head. Narcissa could be so uptight about what young woman and men should be. Narcissa seemed to forget the twins were only four years old.

"She'll turn out just fine, don't worry so much," said Lucius.

Later that night Narcissa had turned in early. Lucius had insisted that she had. He took care of the twins. They weren't that much of a hassle. Well, getting them in bed was but he was able to handle them.

Draco fell asleep to the 'Babbitty Rabbitty And Her Crackling Stump' but Cassandra was wide away. She kept bouncing on Draco's bed threatening to wake up Draco again. Lucius scooped up Cassandra and carried her to her bedroom.

"Daddy, tell me another story," yawned Cassandra.

"One more story," said Lucius. He couldn't resist those bright blue eyes. Those eyes got him every time.

"Let me tell you a story about a young man that couldn't accept no," said Lucius.

"A long time ago there were two very powerful old wizarding family, purebloods. One family had a beautiful young lady with many suitors looking for her hand in marriage," said Lucius.

"Those are silly words," giggled Cassandra.

"Shh, Cassy, if you keep talking I can't tell my story and it's a very important story," said Lucius. Cassandra went quite but kept bouncing on her bed.

"Well the other family had a young gentleman that was attractive but impatient. This young gentleman was in love with the young lady but she was already courting another man. This young gentleman kept offering for a hand in marriage. The young lady's family kept turning him down but he wouldn't stop. The young man become angry and took the young lady. Her family demanded her return and for a consequence for the young man's action. Inside of sending the young man to Azkaban the young man's family paid a heavy fee. The young man's family went broke. The young lady's suitor didn't care about what the young man did and still married her. But the reputation of the young man's family was destroyed and they would become blood traitors. This made the leader of the young man's family very made and they put a curse on the young woman's family where they would only have one child, a boy. The young woman's family thought it was just a threat when they found out it wasn't they took it to trial and it cost the young man's family so much they lost all they went broke. The curse seemed unbreakable even the most talented wizards and witches of the ages tried with no progress. But one day there was a surprise. They family finally had a little girl," told Lucius.

Cassandra stared at her father. She didn't really understand the story quite yet. But that didn't matter that much. Lucius knew she wouldn't understand it but maybe it would imprint in her mind. He didn't want anything to happen to Cassandra. She must know about the past to prevent it from repeating.

"Now it's time for bed," said Lucius. Cassandra crawled into bed. Lucius tucked her in. He kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight my angel," said Lucius.

"Nite-nite daddy," said Cassandra.

"I love you daddy," said Cassandra just as Lucius was about to turn off the light and leave. Lucius smiled back at Cassandra. She was his little princess. No matter how big she got she'd always be his little girl.

"I love you too Cassy," said Lucius turning off the light.

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