Height Disparity

Weiss frowned. She wasn't sure when it had happened, but Ruby was now taller than her. And it wasn't by just a little bit either. No, the last time they had kissed, Weiss had been forced to go up onto the tips of her toes.

It couldn't be because she was short. No, Weiss was hardly the tallest person in the world, but she didn't feel short next to most other women. She certainly didn't feel short when she went into meetings that included other women. This had to be Ruby's fault.

Yes, that was it.

Weiss wasn't short. Ruby was simply obnoxiously tall.

Luckily, however, Ruby hadn't seemed to notice the apparent reversal in their fortunes. That luck, unfortunately, did not last.


"Hey, Weiss." Ruby ambled into the kitchen of their apartment. "What are you doing?"

"I am attempting to make those cookies you like."

"Cool." Ruby paused. "Oh, the flour is way up there on the shelf. Let me get that for you."

Weiss stopped what she was doing and turned. "I can get the flour, Ruby."

Ruby's lips twitched. "Can you?"

Weiss's eyes widened. Ruby had finally noticed. Well, she'd show Ruby Rose that Weiss Schnee needed no help from some obnoxiously tall woman! "I most certainly can!"

She couldn't.

Even standing on the tips of her toes, Weiss was agonisingly close to reaching the flour. "Not one word…" she growled.

Ruby smiled and didn't say a word. Instead, she vanished in a blur of motion and then reappeared with a stepladder.



Weiss glared at the busted lighted bulb. Thanks to the high ceilings of her apartment, she couldn't reach the bulb even when she was standing on a chair. No, she'd have to use her glyphs to give her an extra few inches of height.

And Ruby was right there watching because Weiss had insisted that she could do it without her help.

"You know," Ruby drawled. "I could probably reach that if I stood on the chair –"

"No!" Weiss snapped. "I can handle it."

"Okay…" Ruby said. "If you say so."

Weiss took a deep breath. Was she really going to use her Semblance for this when Ruby was right there? That was crazy. She was more mature than that. She was a bigger person than – no. She wasn't. She was absolutely going to use her Semblance.


"Does it bother you that I'm taller than you now?" Ruby murmured. They were curled up together on the couch watching one of those ridiculously saccharine romantic comedies that Ruby enjoyed when she wasn't advocating the latest action blockbuster.

Weiss huffed. "No."


"Maybe a little," Weiss admitted. "I just… I didn't even notice that you were taller than me until recently. What sort of person doesn't notice something like that?"

"To be fair," Ruby replied. "I didn't notice I was taller than you until I realised how much fun it was to lift you off your feet when we kissed."

Weiss found herself chuckling. "It is nice when you do that."

"It is, right?" Ruby gave Weiss a very Yang-like smirk. "And thinks of it this way. I can help you reach things that are way up high, and the next time we have to wander around in a cave or something, you won't have to worry about hitting your head."

"Ruby, I love you, but I will totally stab you if you keep making fun of me."

"And our being together makes even more sense now. If we have kids maybe they'll inherit my tall genes and –"

"Ruby." Weiss pushed Ruby onto her back and loomed over her. "I would hate to murder you before we can have kids, so please, stop talking."


Author's Notes

As always, I do not own RWBY. I'm not making any money off of this either.

Not dead, just busy. But, anyway, we return to your scheduled RWBY fluff and humour programming. In case you're wondering, I really do think that Weiss will end up the shortest in Team RWBY. And Ruby will always sort of tease her about it (it goes without saying that Yang will whereas Blake will just smile and stand next to Weiss while looking down at her).

As always, I appreciate feedback. Reviews and comments are welcome.