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A/N: Written for three sentence day at Comment Fic for Leni_Ba who prompted, "Buffy/Angel, cold."

1.19 "Sanctuary" with references to 1.08 "I Will Remember You."

For a second, as her fist connects with his cheek, she thinks—not even thinks, feels, way, way down in some deep inner part of herself and her mind and herself beyond her mind—that the coldness is wrong.

Of course it isn't wrong, it's never been wrong, his cheek (with a brief, poison-induced interlude) has been cold for as long as she's known him and then for much, much longer before that.

But still, for a flash, for a moment, for an instant a second a heartbeat—a heartbeat, a heartbeat, thump thump, thump thump thump why is it important that it's a heartbeat?—she expects something other than the cold and the disappointment and betrayal that rears up inside her when he strikes her back isn't fuelled by her surprise at his raised first alone.