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The Hidden Prince
Chapter 1
Don: "Man, am I running late? I am a 19-year-old boy and a 2nd year collage kid runs late!" I happen to say. I rushed out the door as fast as I can. I had to get to collage as fast as I could. I hopped on my motorcycle and sped off to the campus. I remember that I have no classes on Saturday. Man, I guess I forgot to look at my computer.
"The Kid returns of not realizing it is Saturday," A friend of mine yelled as I passed his dorm.
"I know! That is my 15th time I did that," I told him while entering my own personal dome. I can't believe that I forgot that it was Saturday. "Oh well!"

Queen Serenity: "Any luck with the chibi scout training, Renie?" I asked Renie.
"They are actually getting to work with each other."Renie told me, "except for Gloria and Daisy. They are fighting a lot."
"I know how they fill." I said vagley remembering how Renie and I were back in the 20th century. We were fight for Darien in that time. "I gotta have a talk with Venus." I said finally as Renie left for her room.

Don: "Let's see what I have for e-mail." I said as I entered my dorm. I logged onto my computer and got on the Internet. I typed in and pressed enter. Thus, I entered my user name and password.
"You got one new message, Don." It was one of those speaking computers.
"From Moon Queen:
Well. Your collage-life must be boring. It must be even boring that you don't know your parents, dude. But you got two more years and a week to go of this collage to do whatever you like! Just hang tight and focus. That is the only way that you are going to succeed. So how are the States this time of year? The water must be great for water sports. I know you can blow the other guys out of the water.
The queen of the Moon"
"I wonder."I typed in an address to the secret files to the palace in Japan. I pressed on a button that had personal access only. I had all the requirements to enter the data banks. They scanned my finger and it matched to the king's. I was a little confused about this. "Please enter voice."
"This is the king," I said in my high voice.
"You are accepted, welcome King." This was farther than I ever went before. I could pass as the king but I wondered why. I keyed in Sailor Scouts, and got two entries. The Chibi Scouts and the Sailor Scouts. I pushed the Chibi Scouts. Two more buttons came up; The Inner and The Outer. I chose Inner and decided to chose Outer later.
"Sailor Chibi Mars, the daughter of Sailor Mars and Mars Knight. Real name is Annika, age eight. School Level 3rd. Hair Color: Purple. Eyes: Purple.
Sailor Chibi Venus, the daughter of Sailor Venus and Venus Knight. Real name is Gloria, age nine. School Level-3rd. Hair Color: Red. Eyes: Blue.
Sailor Chibi Jupiter, the daughter of Sailor Jupiter and Jupiter Knight. Real name is Daisy. School Level- 3rd. Hair Color: Green. Eyes: Green.
Sailor Chibi Mercury-The daughter of Sailor Mercury and Mercury Knight. Real name is Ariel. School Level-3rd. Hair Color: Blue. Eyes: Blue.
Sailor Chibi Moon-The daughter of King and Queen. Real name is Serenity(Renie for short). School Level- Freshmen, High School. Hair Color: Pink. Eyes: Pink. Renie is Leader of the chibi scouts. More to come." I decided to log off since I knew that they would be looking for me.

King: A servant came to me while I was looking at Renie's face as I left the room to let her sleep.
"Sir, Can I speak freely?" He asked me.
"Go ahead."I faced the servant.
"Did you sir, log on to the main memory?" He asked me.
"No I didn't, why?" I countered his question.
"Then we got a hijacker that can log into you, sir."
"WHAT!" I yelled then Renie came walking in the room. I forgot about Renie. "Wait one minute." I said to him as I motioned the servant to wait out in the corridor. I tucked Renie back into bed and told her about the sailor scout while knowing that it is Serena. I came back out of the bed room.
"Someone has tapped into the memory banks, sir."He was shaking with fear.
"Set a detector in the memory banks and when he enters it again, it will give his location. Ok?"I told him.
He left me confused. A person who can log in as me? There is only one person who can get in while being me and he is dead. My son is dead.

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