Authors Notes: Ok This is the last installment of The Hidden Prince Series. DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Chibi or The Regular Scouts. This last one is going to be called ALPHA's REVENGE.


'I will enjoy your death, kid!' Alpha's voice said laughing.
'I don't think so, ALPHA IDIOT!' I yelled back at him, 'MOONBRIGHT BASH!' Alpha's body started to be destroyed.
'AHHHHH!' Alpha yelled as he disappeared for good.
'What happened?' The girl said coming out of a trance.
'Alpha is now dead!' I told him. I snapped out of my memory.
"Alpha, I got a score to settle with you!" I said as I punched the cage and it busted open. (AN: The Moon Kid has an Irish temper) "Mike, come with me. Nate, make sure that no one from this group follows us!"
"Sure. Don, please destroy Alpha this time!" Nate told me.
"He's good as dead now!" I said looking furious.
"Well, lets kill him now!" Mike said as we walked into the room where Marie was tied up. "Now I going to kill Alpha!"
"How do you like her there? Or how about over there by the fire?" A shivel voice asked.
"Neither. Alpha!" I said quietly.
"Moon Kid and Jupiter Kid, nice to see you," Alpha said.
"Well I would say the same thing but I know for a fact that you are dead!" I told him.
"Electricity is very valuable to waste!" Alpha said with a evil grin.
"Alpha calls Crime!" Alpha yelled. Crime appeared in front of Alpha, "Kill them!" Jupiter and I took out our swords.
"Are you ready?" Jupiter asked me as he stepped on Crime's foot.
"You got him while I got Alpha!" I yelled over Crime's whinning.
"Rogar!" Jupiter lead Crime out of my way and I ran to Alpha.
"Can you get enough of me?" Alpha asked me laughing histerically.
"Like my good friend said, 'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.' Your pain begins now!" I swung my sword. (AN: The 'Pain is inevitable' is a phrase that my friend uses)
"NO, YOURS BEGIN!" Alpha yelled.
Both attacks collided and sent me flying to almost hit Marie which was still tied up. I untied her and struggled to get up.
"Don, you can't take much more of this!" Marie told me as I struggled to get up.
"I know and my sword can't either." I said finally getting up.
"WELL, ARE YOU JUST GOING TO STAND THERE ALL DAY?" Alpha yelled. I limped towards him sword raised. He charged at me.
"NOOOO!" Marie yelled.
"You're not mightly without your sword, are you?" Alpha asked.
'What am I going to do without my sword? I'm good as dead! What did that tamplet say me? The Moon Kid with find his real form when his sword is broken while still in battle. He will yell out moon knight come forth... That's it!' I thought, "MOON KNIGHT COME FORTH!" My body felt weird as my armor melted into armor that covered my whole back and chest. I had metal wrist bands form where it stopped about 1" from my elbow. My sword regained it's pieces and grew about 2 inches. 'I'm the Moon Kid Knight!'
"Now try me!" I said as I heard a plump in the other room and Jupiter Kid walked into the room which we were in.
"Hi..." Jupiter Kid's jaw dropped. Alpha charged at me and I blocked him.
"MOON DESTRUCTION STRIKE!" Alpha tried his might against the attack but finally died.
"What should we do?" Jupiter Kid asked.
"Get the prisoners through the portal right by the cage and back to Crystal Tokyo. Marie, you're with him. I'll stay behind and blow this piece of junk up for good!" I instructed them, "Marie, borrow my bike for a while."
"Ok," Marie said as Jupiter Kid and she ran out the door. I walked to the control panel and hacked into the computer.
"Computer, listen to my voice only!"
"Is all life-forms except me gone?"
'Come on, guys'
"Computer, don't fire!" I said, "Oh no, my comp is broken."
"Computer, do a 5 minute silent countdown to self detentation. Starting now!" I ran to the portal and got there when I heard smashing. I turned around to find the lights smashing one by one followed closely by flames, "Death is coming. Really close." I saw one way out through the portal. I jumped head first through and found myself falling into a lake of some kind. Flames followed me through the portal but they stopped when the portal closed. I swam to a dock and hang on one of the pulls.
"I got to give this up!" I said breathing hard, "My opponent is now die! Let's just hope about his daughter!"
A womanish form was running from something... it was Marie!
"WHY, DON? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!" she said with something wrong with her voice, "Why did you have to die?"
'Die, me? She should know better. I escape very mission that I have done.' I thought.
"Why cry over spilt milk?" I asked out loud. She looked around and finally spotted me.
"Why you!" She said now angry, "how long did you stay there?"
"A couple of minutes to be precise," I told her while I got out of the water.
"What happened to your comp?"
"Broke it while I battled."
"Let's get you back to the palace," she escorted me back to the palace.
"Look at the warrior!" Tina yelled out loud.
"Let's get to the office," Miss Ami told me. She joined the escort and we round up at the office.
"Hey, thank you!" Sailor Jupiter thanked me as I walked passed her.
"No problem," I told her.
"Let me have a look..." Miss Ami said as she took photographs of my body, "Nothing but pressure on your leg. That's not a problem. Prince."
"Thanks doctor. If I'm the prince then..." I nearly fainted.
"Marie is the doctor's daughter. Mike belongs to Sailor Jupiter and Jupiter Knight. Tina goes out to Sailor Venus and Knight. Nate is a real priest so he belongs to Sailor Mars and Mars Knight." Kyle errupted me.
"What about Brian and you?" Marie asked.
"I am the son of Sailor Pluto and I knew that for a couple years. Brian is from the way-old Moon Kingdom that fell to the Negaforce." Kyle answered, "Before I forget, The king and queen are throwing a party in all the kid's honor."
"Wow! Food!" I said eagerly.
"You are the queen's son," Miss Ami said.
"How can you tell?" I asked.
"The queen had an appetite as you have now." I thought of something, I had nothing to wear.
"Where is the best taylor in town?" I asked.
"The mall," Miss Ami said.
"The Mall? You got be kidding me! I dislike malls." I said.
"I'll take him!" Marie said. She grabbed me by the ear and dragged me out.
"Stop it, that hurts! Stop it!" I yelled. She let go after dragging me outside where my bike was.
"Get on!" She ordered. I got on and she climbed on and we were off. By no time, we were at the mall. I sighed a great sigh and walked in with Marie dragging me by the arm. We looked and looked until we found Aisha's Taylors.
"Do I have to?" I asked.
"Yes, now come on!" Marie said pushing me in.
"You talk!" I told her.
"Ok," She said back.
"Hello, Hello. How may I help you today?" The man asked.
"We need a suit for him," Marie said quickly.
"Ok. Right this way, please," The man told us, "Now we will measure. Ah, now stick out your arms. Good, we are done. Sir, what will the suit color be? Black or white," The man asked.
"Let's go with white!" Marie said delightfully. I had lump in my throat. The man walked away then came back with a white suit that cost 400 yen. I paid the man and we were out of the shop. "Now let's go get a dress for me."
"Don't you have plenty of those?" I asked.
"Those are every day dresses," Marie told me. We found a shop that sold dresses and went in.
"May I help you?" The saleswoman asked.
"We need a dress for formal occations," Marie to the saleswoman.
"Right this way," The saleswoman led us to the back of the store. Marie chose a blue dress with fringes on the collar. She went to try it on in the dressing rooms and I got sit down with my new tuxedo. She came out and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.
"How does this look?" Marie asked but no answer came out of my mouth. "Maybe this is a bad dress?"
"No, it looks great!" I finally said.
"Thanks," Marie said as she headed back into the dressing rooms and changed back.
"That will be 405 yen please," THe saleswoman told Marie. Marie took out her purse and paid the saleswoman. "Excuse me, miss, but you are 105 yen short," The saleswoman said. I took out my wallet and paid the rest.
Once we got out of the shop, "Thanks Don."
"Don't mention it!" I told her, " You want to play the virtual reality game?"
"Sure," she said. We walked up to the area where the games were and I paid the way in for both of us. We heard the rules and started playing. A beautiful girl was my partner in this game. We had to get the grail of maturmony before the androids did.
"Marie, is that you?" I asked the girl.
"Yes, it is. Now let's find the grail."
"Yes mam!" I said. We ran down the corridor to find the androids looking at us. "Attack method 55. Go!" Marie drew her sword and went after the the girl android and I drew my sword and attacked the guy android. I jumped up in the air and twisted around the android to stick the sword through. I sliced him in half and Marie did the same. They regenerated and stabbed us in the back. The game was over.
"We got to get back!" I said picking up the box that had the tuxedo and Marie picked up her book. We took off and arrived at the castle a few minutes later.
"We are back," Marie said.
"Oh, do you too mind bunking in with each other?" Tina asked.
"I don't know..."
"You'll sleep in your own rooms."
"Sure!" Marie said. Tina showed us our room.
An hour later, they took off to the ball room. They danced the night away.
(AN: A little Kid's POV)

'The moon kid killed my father and he will pay dearly!' Castri thought.

Author's Notes
This story is done. Hope that you enjoyed it.