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Summary: Undercover FBI agents Rachel Berry and Norah Puckerman, are going after the world's biggest arms dealers, G!P Quinn and G!P Charlie Fabray. Every other attempt to get close to these two has failed miserably, but to bring the world's biggest criminals to justice they are going to need to find a way to get their hands on the ledger. How? By stealing their hearts of course. Will they manage to do it without falling in love with the two most dangerous women on the planet?

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William Schuester looked at the two women in front of him and prayed to god that they were ready for the assignment. The last two agents he had sent to try and infiltrate Fabray Industries had ended up dead in what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong, but he knew better. They had even caught the killer, a coke addict who had copped to killing two FBI agents but William Schuester didn't believe for a second that they had the right guy.

Rachel Berry and Norah Puckerman were cousins, and despite being the very young age of twenty-five they were already rising stars in the FBI. They were the best field operatives they currently had and even though they had never taken on two juggernauts such as this before, he had decided to try a different approach, and the two of them fit the bill perfectly. They were exactly what he was looking for. They were both beautiful women and he hoped that they would catch the eyes of the two most dangerous women he had ever come across.

"I'm sure you've heard of Fabray Industries," William begins and he looks as Rachel Berry holds her hand up, he sighs, he had heard that she was rather keen to be the center of attention but he ignores her. "They are the biggest Shipping and Logistics Company in the world. It all seems on the up and up, to the average person they are just a shipping company. However because they are involved in shipping they are also the world's biggest traffickers of everything that is illegal. Human trafficking, the drug trade, but most importantly—the arms trade. Fabray Industries is as corrupt as they come. They have contacts with nearly every criminal enterprise worldwide. From the Yakuza to the Mexican drug cartels, to Somali pirates. If we can take them down we can strike a decisive blow to all crime all across the world." William said passionately as he turned to the screen behind him.

Rachel spoke up, she hated being ignored. "If there is proof that they are involved and are dirty, why haven't we already dismantled the entire operation?"

"We have, but we're talking low level people and a few drug busts. Who we're after are these people on the board right here. The Fabray twins themselves, are two of the most dangerous people that I've ever come across in my entire life. Heirs to Russell Fabray's company they are also two of his best field operatives themselves. Lucy Quinn Fabray and Charlie Reagan Fabray. There isn't much known about their backgrounds but what we do know is that they are the best arms dealers that Russell Fabray has. Both are ruthless and efficient and incredibly tidy and they are probably the most notorious arms dealers in the world."

Rachel Berry stared at the identical twins on the screen they were flawless and she could see her cousin Norah shifting in her seat as she stared at them, "They look so—wholesome though," she states.

William Schuester snorts and shakes his head, "Don't let their faces fool you they are both stone called killers. And they are incredibly dangerous, as I've stated we don't know much about their backgrounds but we do know that they are both highly educated and incredibly dangerous. Lucy Quinn Fabray, also known as the Ice Queen, is generally seen as the more calculating between the two of them. Intel suggests that she personally prefers playing one side against another, and then she uses the conflict to continue selling more and more weapons. Charlie Reagan Fabray, also known as The Reaper, is the more ruthless between the two of them. It is believed that her body count is massive. It's rumored that she personally went after the De Luca family for not showing her the correct respect. That massacre earned her the nickname."

"Where do we come in?" Norah asked in a bored tone, "I heard the last two operatives got whacked."

"Norah! Have a bit of respect for our fallen agents. They were killed in the line of duty," Rachel admonished but Norah rolled her eyes. "However my cousin is correct, if they are as ruthless and as efficient as you say how are we supposed to get close to them?"

William nodded, "We've been trying to infiltrate them for years, they've been active since they both turned eighteen and that was seven years ago. We've tried everything from drivers, to random acquaintances. We've tried to infiltrate their guard detail—we've even tried to turn their bodyguards against them but nothing stuck. We finally thought we had it when two of our agents managed to get into the IT department at the company headquarters. That was last year, we couldn't find any trace of any illegal activity whatsoever on the company network. Two weeks after they started—they were killed. They said it was a robbery gone wrong, and we currently have an addict in jail who admitted to the killings. They found the weapon used and everything. This is our last chance the Bureau believes we've wasted enough time and resources on this fool's errand. Even if we do get them, they have an army of lawyers and they have been known to pay people off to get out of trouble, we need hard evidence. Which is where you two come in—next week, they will both be attending a gala in New York. It's one of their few public appearances a year, they've attended every year since they've become eighteen."

"Still haven't answered the question. Where exactly do we come in? If they are the most suspicious people on the planet. How the fuck are we supposed to get close to them—" Norah asks again getting irritated all this talking and still they didn't know what they were supposed to be doing.

"By playing on their weakness. Intel has it that the twins both have a very specific type of woman that they are interested in—"

"You want us to become their whores?" Rachel asked horrified.

William Schuester winced at Rachel's tone of voice, it was more dangerous than that. "I'm sorry but it's more dangerous than that and considerably more risky. They aren't stupid, they wouldn't discuss business with you if you were just paid to be there, and neither of them—they don't have a thing for prostitutes to begin with. We need you two to make a deeper connection than just sex. This mission will be nearly completely dark, you won't be checking in with the Bureau every few days. You can't. We believe that they may have a mole in the FBI, we've already started to scrub your records."

"You do realize that I like dick right?" Norah says giving Will a look and the man flushes immediately. It's a cross between amusement and lust. "Rae is the one that's bisexual, can't you find another lesbian in the ranks—this place is probably teaming with—"

"Norah!" Rachel hisses and shoots Will an apologetic look, "Stop being unprofessional."

"Being unprofessional? They're asking for us to make two women fall in love with us—there's going to be sex. We're going to have to have sex with them and I'm saying –" Norah begins her voice raising a bit.

Rachel smiles at Will and leans in and whispers to Norah, "You have sex with anything with a pulse, no one is going to think you're a lesbian, you're doing a job. These twins are hardened criminals it's not like I'm going to be enjoying the act. It's a job, it's just another job. It is a few months of discomfort, but think of the people we'll be saving if we do this?"

Norah muttered under her breath, and flicked her eyes toward the board the board at least they weren't horrendous to look at. Not like she could tell them apart from the pictures, "How long is this mission anyway? And what are our cover's going to be."

"You're going to be keeping your names, and you're going to be keeping most of your history intact. Two small-town kids from Lima, Ohio? We're terribly sorry but they have some of the best people looking after them, they can spot a fake identity. We're erasing your time in Quantico, and you aren't even going to be in the database. When we said that you're going to be going to dark we mean it, there won't be much backup, you will have some emergency contacts in case you two ever need it and we will be there to extract you. You two will pose as two members of the catering staff. It's up to you how to get their individual attention. Rachel due to your ability to sing are going undercover as a struggling actor looking to make it big on Broadway. We're assuming that will attract the attention of Lucy Quinn Fabray, it is rumored she is a big supporter of the arts." William sees Rachel light up at this, while Norah rolls her eyes.

"If you try to make me sing some god damn show tunes, it's bad enough that I have to listen to her belt it out every other day—"

William shakes his head, Norah Puckerman would have a harder time infiltrating the group. But he needed them both to manage it or the whole thing would be off. "You're a bartender—"

"What the fuck man! Why does Rachel get to have this big glamourous career on Broadway? At least let me be a rock star or something epic like that. I can jam out pretty hard on my guitar."

Will rolled his eyes it didn't actually matter what Norah Puckerman wanted to do, "Fine you can be a struggling musician, you have the music capability, and there is more information on your 'covers' in the portfolios in front of you. This isn't just going to be a couple of months. The two of them are extremely cautious of the people they let into their web. It's a two-year operation, we don't want you to rush things and get caught. It will be better if you build a level of trust. You will be watched from a distance of course, you're not completely without backup but you need to have each other's backs. I know it's a long time but if you can bring light to their criminal activities—there is a promotion for the two of you."

Rachel stares a two year operation is the longest operation they've ever been on, one without backup, but the thought of being hailed as heroes and bringing down a criminal enterprise—the promotion alone. "How many people know about this mission?"

"Three people in total—this is a need to know mission, it's not even on the books. I know about it, Figgins knows and Emma knows," William says crossing his arms. "You will find all the necessary emergency contact information in the files. Memorize it and throw it away, you are not to have any trace of your life as an FBI agent, when you move into your Bushwick apartment. We still have no idea how they figured it out to begin with."

"Of course, this isn't our first undercover operation," Rachel says slightly insulted that he was talking to them like they were children.

"I know but we lost two good guys—and we still haven't figured out how they knew. I'm trying to tell you that these aren't just your arrogant drug cartels, the total net worth of the twins is in the billions. Their father is the third richest man in the world and that's just his legitimate business wealth. They are incredibly well protected. You have to do this right—you need to find their ledger. It has all the information—all the names of the criminals that they've done business with the amounts paid. We thought it was digital to stop a paper trail but it seems that like it's not. You need to find that ledger—in whatever form they're keeping it. Once you have it—we will extract you immediately."

William turns to the board and pushes a button on and another set of pictures appear on the screen, "When I say that the twins are relatively well protected—I wasn't simply talking about their legal representation. These four are their main bodyguards, they are considered family to the twins so I suggest that you quickly become friends with them—we tried to turn some of them but they are loyal to the twins and only to the twins. Santana Diablo Lopez, is currently protecting Lucy Quinn Fabray. She used to be working with Charlie Fabray however after the De Luca incident—there was a change-up. Then also protecting Quinn is the Asian Michael Chang—"

"Dude that's incredibly racist. Can't you think of something else?" Norah piped up, shaking her head.

William flushed, "I didn't—the FBI didn't come up with their aliases," he sputtered. "Santana Lopez—is a hot head and it's probably why she was separated from Charlie Fabray—to begin with. She's more likely to put a bullet in you quicker than anyone else if she doesn't like you or trust you. Not much is known about Michael, he's quiet but he's just as heavily trained as everyone else and we can imagine that he is just as lethal."

William pointed to the next set of pictures, "Then there is Brittany S. Pierce also known as the Dancer. Who is currently paired with Charlie Fabray, rumor has it of course that the switch was done because Russell Fabray ordered it in an attempt to curb Charlie's—body count. While she might be a calming influence. Then there is Samuel Evans also known as—"

"Lips?" Norah asks. "God look at the size of them Rachel."

Rachel nods, "His mouth to face ratio is incredibly off," she admits.

"Lips, who is currently Charlie's munitions expert. Each of these four individuals were trained to protect the twins at any cost. We believe they may even sacrifice their own lives in order to do so. You cannot let them see you as a possible threat or they will eliminate you with or without the express permission of the twins. We have no idea why they are so loyal—we believe they grew up together, but there isn't much known about where the twins were born. There isn't much information about their family either. They work closely with other people as well. But these four are their main bodyguards, they seem to be the most important to the twins. Any questions?"

Neither Rachel nor Norah said anything and William let out a sigh of relief. "This is a dangerous mission—and we need you to establish a relationship with the two of them to start off. If you can't do it on the night of the gala then the mission will be a failure. If they break up with you—the mission is a failure. You need them to both need you like they need oxygen. It's the only way they'll let you into their world."

Rachel frowned, because that was asking for a lot. Even though she was twenty-five—she hadn't a lot of experience she'd always been so focused on her career. All of her previous boyfriends and girlfriends had been epic failures. She looked over at her cousin, it wasn't like Norah fared any better, neither of them had ever had someone fall in love with them.

"Falling in love with your target is common especially in long operations like this," William lectures. "But you need to never forget who these two are. They are murderers, they are killers. They are responsible for the deaths of thousands if not millions of people. I doubt very much if they have a moral code of any kind, and if they have no problem selling weapons that are used to kill innocent civilians what else could they be into. They were trained to be sociopaths, to be unfeeling and unkind. I'm sure they will have their moments, I'm sure that you will be on the receiving end of kindness from them but at the core they are evil. As long as you never forget that core fact then you will protect your heart. Remember it's just a job." William Schuester couldn't lose two more agents, especially not ones with promising careers.

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